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Before you get into setting your stats, you should have a good idea of who your character is. We suggest breaking your background into sections (+help bg shows you how to set them) as numbered below. This will make it easier for you to give us all the details we want in a format that's consistent for us to read through. The answers don't need to be lengthy paragraphs - even just a few sentences per section can get the point across.

1. History: When were you Created and what Lineage are you*? Who Created you, and why did they do it? Did they stick around and raise you at all, and if so, how did/do you get along? Are you still in contact? If you were abandoned, how did you get by? Did you have help? These are the kinds of things you should put in your first BG section. If you have residual memories, you should include a bit about who your body was before you were Created and what kinds of memories you have. If your body has living family that might crop up later, you should also tell us here. While the age of your body isn't as important as one of the Created as it was in life, we require all PCs to have physically mature bodies - no children or young adolescents.

We only allow the five basic Lineages from the core book, and do not allow Constructs.

2. Philosophy: What Refinement do you study*? What drew you to it? Was it your first/only one? If not, what others did you study, what attracted you to them, and why did you switch? How do you view Humanity, and why do you want it? If you've resigned yourself to not attaining mortality, what made you give up? What are you trying to do with your life now?

We allow the five basic Refinements from the core book as well as the four minor Refinements from Magnum Opus. We do not allow PC Centimani.

3. Personality: How have you developed? What things in life do you like the most? The least? How do you treat others? How do others see you? Are you always serious? Do you have a sense of humor? Give us an idea of who you are.

4. Gethrang: When did you join the Gethrang? What brought you? What role do you perform, or do you hope to perform?

5. Milestones: Give us some ideas of what you think might make good milestones for your character. There's no guarantee we'll use them, but it helps us get an idea of what kind of growth and journey you want to go have. What kinds of stories do you hope to experience?

6. Notes: Anything else we should know? Any details that didn't quite fit in above? Put them here.

When applying for a new Promethean character, please use the template below when sending in your XP spend after completing basic chargen. This will allow staff to process your application faster and get you out on the grid!

Please include all of the following information:

Template: Promethean

Lineage: Choose from one of the 5 Lineages.

Refinement: Choose from one of the 9 Refinements.

Bestowment: Choose your Bestowment.

Merit Points Not Spent in Chargen: If you did not spend all of your merit points in character generation, specify where those points should be assigned here, such as Azoth.

Humanity: Your starting Humanity.

Starting XP: If you are making a standard Tier 1 character this is 50xp. If you have additional incentives/tier xp/transfer xp, specify that here.

  • Example: 50xp Tier 1 + 2xp Local Body Parts + 1xp Wiki Page = 53xp Total
  • Then you will submit your list of XP expenditures.
  • For help with XP spending see this handy chart: XP Chart

See Examples:


Handy Reminders: Before you submit your application, make sure that it is as complete as possible. Check your math. Review the info below.

Good luck! We look forward to receiving your app!