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The Founders are that old, powerful Throng that created the Brand and made the Gethrang possible. Four of the five are usually away in the Wastes, burning off Azoth and Torment, but one is always present at the Sanitarium to Brand newcomers and settle disputes as needed. Each of the five are of different Lineages, and each is of a different Refinement. They are detailed below.

Algernon.jpgFrankensteinSymbol.jpgRefinement Cobalus symbol.jpg
Algernon - Wretched on the path of Cobalt
Part gutterpunk, part gonzo scientist, all attitude. As a student of the Refinement of Cobalus, she probably knows more about Torment and its corrupting nature than just about anyone else in the Gethrang. As one of the Founders, she's the one responsible for using that knowledge to ease the effects of the Wastes as a part of the unique alchemical pact that is the Brand.

EvePromethean.jpgOsirisSymbol.jpgRefinement Plumbum symbol.jpg
Eve - Nepri on the path of Lead
Eve is the Founder who keeps the most secrets, as the expert on the unique alchemical pact that binds the Brand. While she's reclusive like the rest of her Throng, when active acts as a kind of mother hen to the unfortunate wanderers that the Gethrang takes in.

Gatsby.jpgGalateaSymbol.jpgRefinement Mercurius.jpg
Gatsby - Muse on the path of Quicksilver
Many see the one known as Gatsby as the de facto leader, or at the very least the face and voice. Rumor has it that he was the one who came up with the idea for the Brand in the first place. As a student of Mercurius, it makes sense that he would fuel the flames and inspire others to do something so grand. He is also the most active and outgoing member of the Throng, though in recent times he has become more withdrawn and elusive along with the rest of them. His Refinement fits him as mercurial is probably the best word to describe his personality.

Rasputin.jpgUlganSymbol.jpgRefinement Argentum symbol.jpg
Rasputin - Riven on the path of Silver
Even before the Founders began to withdraw from the rest of the Gethrang, Rasputin was an enigma. Perhaps it has something to do with his Refinement, Argentum, leading him to study the rest of the supernatural world for the answers that elude the Created. Or perhaps he's just a strange, crazy bastard. Whatever the case, he's rarely seen. Some say he's often away dealing with the other supernatural. When he is around, he's known to be quite temperamental and not just a little unhinged. His frequent eruptions at other members of his Throng lead many to wonder just why they put up with him and how much longer they'll be willing to.

Slate.jpgTammuzSymbol.jpgRefinement Bronze symbol.jpg
Slate - Golem on the path of Bronze
If Gatsby is the face of the Founders, then Slate is the foundation. The stoic giant says little because he rarely needs to. People either stay out of his way, or they don't need to be told what to do a second time. While he isn't mean or even terribly harsh, neither is he friendly or outgoing. Despite this there is a clear air of sacrifice and selflessness to him that makes many feel safer just knowing he's around.