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Current Plot

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xxxxxIn the early Spring of 1913, a massive rockslide and avalanche buried almost all of Fallcoast County Sanitarium, leaving only a section of the uppermost third floor at what was now ground level and injuring or killing most of the patients and staff. It was closed off and condemned, never to open again. Out of the way, even for the nearest hamlets, it remained untouched for decades.
xxxxxIn 1967, a Promethean Throng moved in and dug much of the lower two levels out, reinforcing the structure from within, and called it home. In the years that followed, their Disquiet shuttered what few local hamlets were within range, though the Throng itself rarely ventured out. They were even more isolated than before. In 1970 they performed a group Creation, each member trying to spark new life at the same time. It went horribly wrong, and a swarm of Pandorans spawned and devoured them before scattering.
xxxxxIn 2015 a new Throng, old, powerful, and nearing Azothic engulfment, came across the place while looking for somewhere to burn off Azoth in slumber. They accidentally awakened those dormant Pandorans that had stayed, and killed or drove all of them off. They had long talked about trying to create a stable home one day, and using the vast knowledge they had gathered together created a new Brand even stronger than that of a Throng, establishing the first brand that would allow a collection of Throngs that they called a Gethrang. Being branded as a part of the Gethrang gives Throngs further protection from Disquet and Wastes. Four of the five Founders went to the Wastes to burn off Azoth, but one always remains awake, waiting for newcomers - alone or in Throngs - to brand as a member of the Gethrang and welcome to their new home.

What's Allowed and What Isn't


  • At this time, the only lineage not approved is Zeka. This means that you can't get Flux or Centimani too. You also cannot have Irradiation.
    • That being said, not all of the powers in irradiation are crazy. I'm willing to negotiate if there's one you want.
  • In fact, pretty much everything in Saturnine Night is Right Out. (Note from teuts: I don't want to remove this yet, but I'm pretty sure this won't be true for much longer.)
  • All Major and Minor Refinements are allowed EXCEPT for Flux.
  • All Bestowments, Transmutations, and Athanors are good until further notice.
  • Pandoran Transmutations are by approval only, and must be well justified in your BG.
  • There is no +3XP cost for buying non-stepped Transmutations.
  • Fighting Style: Brute Force is allowed.
  • No Contacts or Fame.
  • You can have mentors but they must be scions or other prometheans. (For example, the leaders of the gethrang)
  • I don't have any issue with resources really, I mean you could just have a shit load of gold or something. Even junk has value to someone.
  • No Status, Allies or Retainers. (Note from teuts: You may notice Lairs is gone from here. Please wait as I write up rules for this.)
  • Azothic Objects can be bought. (Note from teuts: That's a silly rule. I'm gonna write up rules for acquiring them.)
  • All PCs MUST be Branded in the Gethrang. No loners.
    • Since this a crossphere game, you can't be antagonistic. You can however run NPCs for plots that refused the brand so it gives our enforcers something to do.
  • Scions - the human descendants of the Redeemed, can be played as a minor template.


  • We are not using Reagent here. Athanors can convert VP to non-Promethean stuff, but no Reagent pools.
  • If you change Refinements IC, your Affinities change going forward. Ask Staff if you decide to change.
  • New Bestowments must be learned IC as they dramatically alter your personality. A Staff-run NPC can teach it if necessary.
  • Pandoran Transmutations can be learned IC from others as well. NPCs will not teach them.
  • Creating offspring must be pre-approved by Staff. You are not required to have a player lined up to play it, offspring can be off-screen. A player can apply to play it if you like, however.
  • Offspring are made with a corpse - Created do not get pregnant or get others pregnant. Again, no Constructs.

Disquiet and Wastes

The Gethrang Brand grants bonuses beyond those of a typical Throng. As all PCs are so Branded, and since we share the game with other Spheres, we are handling Disquiet and Wastes a bit differently.

Disquiet rolls, when required, are contested. The Created rolls their Azoth vs. the other character's Composure+Resolve as in the books, but any character with a Powerstat adds that Powerstat to the roll. Mages, for example, would roll Com+Res+Gnosis. This reflects the fact that they are more aware of and attuned to the abnormal. Should the roll go against them, they may spend 1WP to ignore the effects of Disquiet for the scene, but they still gain Disquiet. Future encounters can make it worse, though again, they can spend WP to ignore it.

The first time you meet someone IC, no Disquiet roll is needed. You SHOULD include a mention in early poses of feeling something unsettling with regards to your character, however. It's there, they feel it, but it can be handled IC. When you meet them again, a roll is made. At this point it becomes more clear to them that it's definitely YOU. Your existence is wrong, you shouldn't BE. The roll then determines how they handle this revelation. They roll Res+Com(+power stat) vs your Azoth. If they win, they can deal with it rationally as they like IC. If they lose, Disquiet sets in. I will also be calling for random Disquiet rolls from people I see you interact with on a regular basis.

There is no such thing as max Disquiet here. Even at the highest level it can cool down, and it is not infectious.

The Wastes grow smaller and slower thanks to the Brand. It takes a week to establish a Stage 1 Waste instead of a day. It takes a month to reach Stage Two. Each Stage after takes two months. The wastes only spread at half the distance as well. This makes things far more manageable as long as everyone keeps track of time.

NOTE: The Sanitarium and the mile around it is in a permanent Stage Three Waste. It does not grow or worsen, due to the Brand. For three miles around it, a Stage Two Waste exists. It is also static.

Local Prometheans

Current Promethean Characters
PCs by Lineage
Frankenstein Galatea Osiris


Tammuz Ulgan Scions


PCs by Refinement


Argentum Aurum




Mercurius Plumbum


Notable Promethean NPCs (Can be emitted by players as needed, or used to add flavor to scenes.)

Promethean Society

All PCs are members of the Gethrang, the name for Promethean society in the Fallcoast area. By taking the Brand, they agree to observe and uphold The Ways:

  • All Shall Wear The Brand - All Created are members of the Gethrang, whether you already start Branded or get Branded IC. Lone wanderers are brought in if possible and driven off if not. No exceptions.
  • Mutual Sacrifice And Respect Shall Be The Whole Of The Law - Everyone is expected to co-exist, to look out for and support each other. Everyone carries their own weight. There are no political structures beyond individual Throngs, so work together.
  • Founders Retain The Last Word - In the event of a situation that cannot be resolved amicably, the active Founder will arbitrate. Their word is final.
  • The Brand Shall Be Enforced - Those who wish to protect the weak, hunt Pandorans and take care of the general welfare of the Gethrang may join the Enforcers of the Brand. They are the ones who keep the peace, bring in the wayward, and protect their fellows. (Enforcers are not necessarily combat-oriented or physical. Anyone can join.)
  • Dwell Only Within The Brand, Spread Not The Wastes - Created must reside in the Sanitarium. You may venture into town as you like, but must not stay longer than three nights. On the fourth night, the Enforcers come looking to bring you back. Violation carries consequences. You've been warned.
  • Tread Lightly, Do Not Bring Disquiet To Our Door - Created are expected to keep a low profile and not go gathering Disquiet willy-nilly. Be careful what you share about yourself, and with whom. Violation carries consequences. You've been warned.


Staff will determine the number, value, and details of your milestones based on your character concept as presented in your BG and any suggestions or requests you have. We're setting the rough total of Vitriol at 60VP. How this gets broken up over your milestones will differ from PC to PC, but it gives you a fair way to guess at how far along the path you are and how big a milestone is when you accomplish it.

To help us keep track of your milestones, it's important to post logs of RP as often as you can, and to let Staff know when things happen in your character's life that might be a milestone. It's not our fault if we don't know about it. We don't need to read your TS logs, but knowing when your PC falls in love might be useful.

XP Incentives

CG XP Incentives

ALL new Prometheans get a +10xp bonus!
ALL new Scions get a +10xp bonus!
Least Represented Refinement: 5xp
Least Represented Lineage: 5xp
Local Body Parts: 2xp

General XP Incentives

Descriptions including your disfigurement (one time, any time): +1
Including your disfigurement in RP: +2
RP with other prometheans about your torment: +1
RP with non prometheans about your torment: +2
About alchemy: +1
About your magnum opus: +2
RP about the pilgrimage with other Prometheans: +1
Actively attempting to act like a mortal: +2
Joining a Throng (One Time at any time): +5

App Guidelines

Important Notes

  • Promethean is currently open.
  • Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.
  • Please use the following Template when submitting your application after character generation.
  • Please check out our House Rules for more potential information on Transmutations and other things specific to the sphere.
  • No Azoth higher than 4 out of CG. You must buy the 4th level with XP.
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