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Demons of Fallcoast

xxxxxThis page is for listing the Demons players have made. Due to the theme and mechanics of the game often these amazing beings that have been created are never seen. So here is a gallery for your OOC enjoyment of the monsters within on Fallcoast, and as a resource for new players to help design their own. Players are encouraged to add their own Demons. Please keep things in alphabetical order.

xxxxxDemons of Inactive or deceased players can be found here.


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  • Possessed: Name
  • Demon Name:
  • Primary Vice:
  • Dominion:
  • Malapraxis:
  • Relationship with Possessed:


xxxxxAgrat was one of the nephilim, a sacred prostitute, before the time of the Great Flood. When the flood came she called out to be saved, for she was too beautiful to drown. And if Heaven would not give her passage to safety, then Hell could have her... and it did.

  • Possessed: Chantal
  • Agrat, Maiden of Milk and Honey:
  • Primary Vice: Pride
  • Malapraxis: Midnight Declarations. Agrat feeds on proud declarations made at the midnight hour. Boasts that beget violence, bragging overheard that ends relationships, etc
  • Relationship with Possessed: Chantal still resists more than she gives in, yet finds her life constantly influenced by Agrat. Her tattoos are marks of pride. Her cheering at games are marks of pride.


xxxxxHe once fought beneath the Gate of Solace, alongside the Dawn Breaker and the Earth Shaker. He can remember when the Sphere of Tranquility was pierced by Veil Render. He felt the ruin of ambition when the Mournstar fell from the heavens, and the War was lost. He was once numbered among the Princes of Hell, but was driven out into exile long ago. At a much later date, he took an interest in the Cavanaugh family. His demonic rolodex reads like something out of Milton's Paradise Lost, and he is among the leaders of a small band of fellow demonic exiles who have conspired with and against each other to ensure a steady supply of hosts throughout the ages.
  • Possessed: King
  • Demon Name: Ashramel, Lord of Ashes, Tyrant of Dusk
  • Primary Vice: Wrath
  • Malapraxis: Imperious Rage - Ashramel feeds on the rage engendered in a superior by an inferior refusing to know their place. This could be as banal as a bully getting angry at a kid for not giving up his lunch money - to at the apogee of Ashramel's previous success - the potential for nuclear annihilation during the Cold War.
  • Relationship with Possessed: Ashramel is a powerful and sophisticated Subversive Dominion, who craves the intrigue and glory of dominating worthy rivals. He can sometimes find King infuriatingly short-sighted or stubborn in taking his advice. Like all demons however, he knows exactly how to present himself to get what he wants - and that is to portray himself as a quasi paternal/coach like figure who is leading King towards some ultimate apotheosis.


The Untamed.jpg
xxxxxThe Untamed, the whisper that willed the Bannock tribe into existence; in times past, its influence stretched outwards in the shape of animal, human and machine. A wanderer of the untouched northwest, no testament or history is known to be recorded of the buffalo with the breath of the rattle snake, or the Indian stargazer with the green eyes, that poisoned both flesh and soul, before the eighteen hundreds. Bane of Esa and Ejupa, wolf and coyote, The Untamed is the silhouette; the enemy of life, that subtly corrupts, spreading its disease of wither and death.
  • Possessed: Ciera
  • Demon Name: Fraraahn, The Untamed, The Fog that Feeds, Steel Rider and Reaper
  • Primary Vice: Gluttony
  • Malapraxis: Sickening Pride - the demon feeds when someone over-indulges in a poison of its own making.
  • Relationship with Possessed: The Untamed is hiding from the ancestors of its ancient enemy, and in a city that acts as a nexus for the supernatural, there is a lot to learn and a lot to fear. As long as proper respect is shown by its host, its whispering caress in return is silk; not a whip.


xxxxxA faceless crusader, Ingelrii is a blackness under a hood, a soft, cultured and learned voice with dry humor and wry comments. Tireless, his hosts over the centuries have displayed martial skill and murdered angels and skinsuits alike. The right to choose, he insists, is key, and angels allow no choice, and a skinsuit has none left.
  • Possessed: Emily
  • Demon Name: Ingelrii, Ulfberht
  • Primary Vice: Pride
  • Malapraxis: Shattered Righteousness
  • Relationship with Possessed: Complicated. He clearly wants to help Emily be all she can be, but extracts prices the Prideful might find uncomfortable in return


xxxxx"She hides and takes no risks. She attacks only where she sees weakness, and moves only in shadows. If she fears defeat, she will run; she is not one to fight to the last, even when doing so has the chance of victory. A chance is not good enough for Rahbohn."
  • Possessed: Carmen
  • Demon Name: Rahbohn, Baroness of the Silken Web. She who Craves. The Poison Whore of Demetheriia. Mistress of the Emerald Chamber.
  • Primary Vice: Envy
  • Dominion: Defiler
  • Malapraxis: Poisonous Resentment
  • Relationship with Possessed: Carmen and Rahbohn have been bonded a long, long time and though at times their relationship has been acrimonious, it has evolved into something more symbiotic over the centuries. While Rahbohn is far from being strong enough to utterly seize control, she exerts her influence in myriad, subtle ways. At this point it is hard to tell where one stops and the other begins.


xxxxxAn incredibly patient demon, S'zazra loves turning the active into the lazy, the virtuous into the apathetic, and the chaste into the lustful. Simple inactivity and distraction is the only tool needed to cause society to collapse. A CEO's apathy can collapse an entire business. A detective's absentmindedness can cause an entire crime syndicate to go unnoticed. Even better, condition the humans into acting this way, and S'zazra won't have to lift a finger to watch humanity crumble.

Amelia is certainly no CEO or detective, but she's still the perfect vessel for him to bide his time, until he can unleash his full form onto the world. While he longs to watch humanity lose all will to keep civilization running, he's enjoying his time turning a former MMA fighter into a lazy, apathetic couch potato.

  • Possessed: Amelia Brigham
  • Demon Name: S'zazra, Bringer of Collapse
  • Primary Vice: Sloth
  • Dominion: Tempter
  • Malapraxis: Indulgence
  • Relationship with Possessed: Pretty good, all things considered. Amelia wanted an easier life, and that's exactly what S'zazra has given her. Of course, she's lost her muscle tone and replaced it with a layer of fat and rarely does much besides eat, sleep, and watch Netflix, but she enjoys it. Occasionally, Amelia may feel the urge to go out to eat, and S'zazra resists, so long as they still have food at the house, but aside from moments like that, she's pretty content with her life. It's not glamorous, it's not exciting, and it's sure as hell not productive, but she's okay with that.


xxxxx It is doubtful that Tanha is the original demon that tempted Buddha with Avarice but she certainly likes to tell Tanya she is. Even making her host pick names that are similar when she takes on new identities. She is, in fact, a version of a Fox demon – cunning and eager to play tricks to serve its purpose. The two of them work together in the field of politics to amass wealth and power. Being from peasant stock, Tanya does have some sympathies for the poor, but Tanha manages to help make the exploitation legal – it may not be moral or ethical but it is legal. One day the host will be President of the United States – though not the first possessed to be since that honor was taken in 2016 – but for now she and her demon are wheeling, dealing, exploiting and corrupting as best they can in local government. Tanya, to paraphrase a classic, ‘As God is her witness, she will never be hungry again’ and Tanha is here to help.
  • Possessed: Tanya
  • Demon Name: Tanha
  • Primary Vice: Greed
  • Dominion: Subversive
  • Malapraxis: Lawful Greed – Tanha feeds when someone uses the law to exploit and subdue others for the sake of greed. She is getting rather plump.
  • Relationship with Possessed: Supportive...for the most part.


xxxxx“There is nothing inherently sacred about moral codes. Like the wooden idols of long ago, they are the work of human hands, and what man has made, man can destroy!”
  • Possessed: Whiskey
  • Demon Name: Belphragor The Fallen, He Who Mounts The World, Breaker of Lives
  • Primary Vice: Lust
  • Dominion: Tempter
  • Malapraxis: Inappropriate Lust
  • Relationship with Possessed: Complicated. They have been struggling against eachother for a LONG time. It has been give and taken over the years. He gives to the demon and the demon gives back, and at other times they really struggle. His intense willpower has kept him going for this long, but has also stopped his Demon from becoming as powerful as it might otherwise have become.


xxxxxSamyaza is an ancient creature that wears many forms. Sometimes, it comes as an angel with six resplendent wings made of ice, fire, light, shadow, metal and bone, each bearing 100 eyes. In this form, it has the proportions of a man, but larger, and has three faces and a crown of smoke and shadow. Other times, it comes as a woman riding on the back of a camel, speaking through a great horn. Another of its forms is that of a great stag with raven feathers in place of fur. Lastly, it comes as man, with inky black skin, and a desiccated body, with glowing white eyes and stag horns. It claims to be one of the Grigori, Watcher angels who descended from Heaven and taught Man the secrets of the universe and were punished for this act of mercy. It claims to have birthed Nephilim into the world, and to have knowledge of great magical power and innumerable secrets. All it wants in return for its great benevolence is complete and utter submission.
  • Possessed: Elijah
  • Demon Name: Samyaza, the Unconquered Star, the Watcher of the Nine Eastern Gates, Dominion Qliphoth of Thagirion, The First Among Equals, The Glory of Man, The Black Huntsman, The Endless Subjugation
  • Primary Vice: Superbia (Pride)
  • Dominion: Subversive
  • Malapraxis: Dominating Vainglory
  • Relationship with Possessed: So far, Samyaza has very little need to push Elijah into any course of action. On some level, Elijah is addicted to the feeling of his soul hollowing itself out to make more room for the demon. On others, Elijah is awed by the creature, and is just another supplicant, same as any other, beholden to the will of his better. Lastly, there is a true, deep core of Elijah that simply yearns to not be alone. With all of these factors combined, there is seldom conflict between Demon and Man, with the two acting as partners and nearly operating in synch with one another.


xxxxxSince his Possession of Amenset, he goes by Rothramok. A new name for a new lease on life. He was summoned into his vessel by error of the ritual caster that was trying to sacrifice her. While it wasn't something that either of them wanted, Rothramok took the opportunity and ran with it.
  • Possessed: Amenset
  • Demon Name: Etheriamora the Keeper of Shadows, Harbinger of Secrets, Manipulator of Mankind
  • Primary Vice: Wrath
  • Dominion: Slayer
  • Malapraxis: Vengeful Wrath
  • Relationship with Possessed: Amenset and Rothramok have a very love/hate relationship. They are either in a tug of war or symbiosis, there is no in between. Neither will admit it, but there is definitely of sense of not thinking they could survive without the other.