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Demon Guides, A Guide


xxxxxPortraying a character is a full time commitment on your part. But what about when you have a second character inside yours, one that can take over and push your character in unexpected ways? A lot of players play down the demon (and some play it up too far). They have a tough time striking a balance with it. The same holds true when Staff moves to step in and urge the character through their demon. Players can get upset and feel uncomfortable with someone manhandling what they perceive to be their character. So what, then, do you do to bring the demon forward, without it becoming the character? After all, you're a Possessed, and not playing your demon!

xxxxxThis page is built to help you find a Demon Guide to take on the responsibility of playing your demon in Scenes so that you can feel a differentiation between your character and your passenger.


  • Choosing a Demon Guide - You can choose 1, 2, or more Demon Guides. Making a choice to use a Demon Guide will net you 1 XP.
  • Choosing an Outsider - You can choose a person outside of your Sphere, Clutch, or extended clique. Doing so will net you 1 XP, but only one, not one per chosen outsider.
  • Choosing to Be Thorough - You can choose to be thorough and provide a complete history and background, along with a personality for your demon. Doing so will net you 1 XP if it is used in tandem with choosing a Demon Guide.
  • Choosing to Roleplay - You can choose to roleplay with your Demon Guide present in a Scene. If this results in at least one Contest of Wills, once a month you may claim an additional 1 XP over and above what you earned. By the reverse, your Demon Guide's presence in a Scene will net them 1 XP just as any player present with a character of their own.
Where's My Demon Guide?

What To Look For!

xxxxxTrust. Above everything else you want to trust a player/or players to authentically portray your demon. For a new player this can be easy. You have not yet played your demon and it has no entrenched story. For an older player, switching over to a Demon Guide can be a tough choice, because so much of your character history is already wrapped up in how the demon has already been portrayed.

xxxxxConsider, in both cases, that demons lie. They can act differently from day-to-day, adopting new personalities. They may not care what happened last year, and their memories may be long, but even a demon can forget the details of every single little thing that has taken place in its presence. When adopting a Demon Guide, consider untethering yourself to the idea that your demon is immutable.

A Trust Exercise

xxxxxIf taking a Demon Guide could be considered an exercise in trust, you should also free to put a stop to the exercise. Does your demon now make you uncomfortable? Do you want to stop playing in this way? You are absolutely free to. The goal of the Demon Guide is to embody the demon as written, urging the character. You are the whisper, the implicit sin, and sometimes the Contest of Wills.

xxxxxTrust is super critical and players - both the Demon Guide and the Possessed - must remain sensitive to one another. If at any time you think that a player in any other circumstance might be uncomfortable with an idea you just had, take a moment to talk it out. Communication is super important.

Stop At Any Time

xxxxxIf you, or your Demon Guide, at any point become unwilling to continue the commitment: no hard feelings! Say so, and have the Demon Note changed to reflect, deleting the copy of the note off the Guide's note list.

The Rules

What Can My Demon Guide Do?

xxxxxFirst and foremost, your Demon Guide has access to your entire Demon Note and can choose to interpret anything out of that material. This can mean they know anything from the Myths and origin story of your demon, to its Secret Name.

Contest of Wills

As your Demon Guide, a player can play your demon as a demanding, active urger that wants thing. The demon wants the protection of your character's flesh, but it also wants to claim power over its Malapraxis, to spend Infernal Will, and to feed on people to replenish it. It wants stories about it to spread. A lot of the time, you and your Demon Guide will be playing in concert, host and demon, engaging in all manner of activities gladly that follow the same course.

xxxxxWhen you want to resist, a Contest of Wills takes place. You haver the free will to say no! And the Demon Guide should have the option to try and press the issue.

xxxxxPerhaps your Demon Guide wants you to engage in a Vice inappropriate to your safety, or put you in danger. Maybe you are afraid and your Demon Guide decides to push you into battle. "We can take them!" Your Demon Guide could just be bored, much like the demon itself. "I just want something to happen!"

Infernal Rank

xxxxxInfernal Rank plays an enormous role in a Contest of Wills. It can be literally a pitched battle for a lower Rank demon, or it can be a monumental feat to resist your Demon Guide. The Demon Guide is doing her job when she chooses to pick her battles, letting you have control and waiting for the perfect time to pull Rank and take over charge of the situation.

Suicide is Forbidden

xxxxxThe cardinal rule, even for a Demon Guide, is that suicide is not an option. As a Demon Guide you cannot press a player, even under a Contest of Wills, to take an action that is clearly suicidal, and the player can overrule you if they feel what you are asking to do is suicide.

  • Suicide - This can be defined as any action or inaction which can incur lethal or aggravated damage either directly or indirectly, which can threaten the character with a stabilization roll.


xxxxxOne thing that the Demon Guide can do is withhold Infernal Will and encourage you to use the rules for Burnout to activate your Vestments. So, too, can your Demon Guide make a Contest of Wills to create the opportunity to do the same. Infernal Will and Burnout are a give and take system involving a big carrot at a big risk.

Demon Guides

Active Demon Guides

xxxxxThe following is a list of current Demon Guides that are active on Fallcoast. You may try approaching them about playing the role of your demon!

Active Demon Guides
Demon Guide


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