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Custom Vestments

xxxxxWhat follows is a list of homebrewed Vestments created by Possessed players and staff.









Object of Desire

Description: Lust is the pursuit of desire above all else: above profit, above propriety, above self-control and shame. This Vestment makes the Possessed the incarnation of that principle. The Possessed nominates one person within eyesight. The target of the Vestment loses their inhibitions and is compelled to act on their desires for the duration of the Vestment Vice: Lust
Rating: 3
Resistance: If the target wishes to resist the power, they may do so for a turn by spending a willpower and rolling Resolve+Composure-3, achieving at least one success on the roll.
Action: Instant and Resisted.



Back-Seat Driver

Description: Sometimes it isn’t enough to convince someone to do something, it isn’t enough to command them to do it...You want them to feel helpless before you, you want them to feel powerless against you. The envious want to be others, the lustful want to be with others, but the Prideful want to control others, Animal and Man alike. This vestment permits the user to essentially possess an animal or human for one scene, their body going into a coma-like state for the duration.
Vice: Pride
Rating: 3
Resistance: Resolve + Powerstat (if any)
Action: Instant and Resisted.
Notes: The user must touch the subject upon which she wishes to perform this Greater Vestment. Once the Possessed leaves the host, they immediately roll for Contest of Wills at a -2 penalty due to not being in their own body. If they fail, the demon takes control of the subject's body and the Possessed is shunted into watching things proceed. Any situation that would cause a Morality check with the subject's body is taken as normal. Instead of most Greater Vestments which are much shorter in duration, once per (10 - Subject's Willpower) minutes, the subject has the opportunity to reroll their resistance against this; if they succeed, they shake off control of the Possessed. Regardless of whether the action to shake off control is successful, after the scene is over the power ends.





Ashes to Ashes

Description: Ashes to Ashes (Wrath Greater Vestment) A Demon of Wrath is often imagined as a creature of rage, fire and brimstone - quick and unnatural in its movements. The Possessed can now emulate such infernal agility to a more limited degree.
'Vice: Wrath Rating: 3 Resistance: N/A Action: Reflexive Notes: Once per round, the Possessed may spend a point of Willpower to disappear and then reappear in a swirling cloud of ash - up to their Vice dots in yards away. This may be done reflexively to avoid an attack, but only if moving would make them an invalid target - such as reappearing out of melee range or on the other side of a door, etc.


Description: There are countless myths all over the world and found in all cultures, that speak of evil spirits assuming the shapes of horrifying creatures that prey on the innocent or unwary. In some traditions, they are malevolent or rabid animals, such as man-eating tigers or starving wolves. Among Native American peoples, they are the vengeful spirits of dead animals, returning in the night to wreak grotesque revenge.

The Possessed allows the demonic, infernal energies within their soul to become manifest, temporarily shaping their visage into one of primordial horror. Spend two Infernal Willpower. The transformation requires three turns and is only possible at night.
Vice: Wrath
Rating: 3
Resistance: N/A
Action: Instant
Notes: The Possessed assumes a monstrous shape (the exact nature of which is left for the player to describe). In order to represent this monstrous, bestial form, the Possessed may allocate a number dots to their Physical Attributes equal to their Primary Vice dots + (10 - Morality). Once allocated for the first time, the Possessed will always assume the same form with the same attributes in the future.

In this form, all rolls involving Mental or Social Skills excepting Intimidation are automatically reduced to a chance die. Nor can the Possessed benefit from any Fighting Style merit or specialty. However they do gain a +5 circumstantial bonus to Stealth rolls.

If the Possessed enters any area with more than incidental artificial light (anything more illuminated than sparsely placed street lamps) or enters under any roof, the Vestment will fade in three turns. If the Possessed remains outdoors, and away from well-lit areas, it may persist for as long as a scene.

Finally, the Possessed will suffer their Primary Vice in Lethal damage, if they fail to shed the blood of an 'innocent', (in this case, a human with Morality 7 or higher) during their transformation, as the demon within them lashes out in frustration at stymied bloodlust.