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“It was an evil house from the beginning - a house that was born bad.”
Dr. John Markway

xxxxxThe Fallcoast Paranormal Society do their research and come up with a potential witness to the horrific past of the house.

xxxxxLeslie investigates rumors of a haunted house on Sorority Row. They don't stay rumors for long.

Leslie, Mortal
Amanda, Hunter, Network Zero
Aniella, Hunter, Lucifuge
Dorthy, Immortal, Purified
Jalal, Changing Breeds, Laughing Strangers
Nonomi, Immortal, Purified
Cissy, Geist, Forgotten
Aisling, Immortal, Purified

The house was originally built in 1932 as a residence for the Dean of the Science Department (Dr Herbert Lyttleton) and he and his family resided there until the end of World War 2 when Dr Lyttleton died on the premises after falling from a ladder. The next dean moved in, Dr Benjamin Wilson, but he was fired in 1950 for ‘inappropriate behavior with the student body’. No one knows where he went.

The house was then used as a communal dwelling for nursing staff/students. Students would come and go over this period and there are at least three cases where someone is officially listed as missing. In 1969 it was turned over to the Alpha Rho Pi sorority. It was not one of the most prestigious of sororities and the girls there had a ‘reputation’. More and more of the house was considered unlivable as maintenance was left to chance and emergencies. Finally, in 1982, the sorority was disbanded amid claims of Satanic rituals and orgies. The house lay disused since then. It became a source of rumor and innuendo. A place where you were dared to spend the night. In 1998, Melinda Cartwright disappeared after one of those dares though the official report stated that she ran off with her boyfriend.

The house was repaired in 2015 as space was running out for students. Not an official sorority yet, the girls moved in a few months ago and almost immediately complained of strange goings-on. College administration dismissed these reports and since the students had nowhere else to go, they’re stuck there with whatever it is that they share the house with.

However the Satanic rituals did not start in the late 70s. There were rumors that Dr Lyttleton was also a practitioner and he would mesmerize students into taking part. It was said that the basement, now sealed off, was covered with sigils and markings written in blood. There are some who claim that Lyttleton was dragged to Hell when a ritual went wrong and that there is even a witness. Maureen Price, now 83, was a student at the time and currently residing in an old person’s home in Hanging Hills.

The Ghost on Sorority Row
Storyteller: Darwin
Setting: St. John's University
Timeframe: July 2016 - Feb 2017
Status: Completed