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“Chaos was the law of nature; Order was the dream of man.”
Henry Adams

xxxxxA very old and powerful Centimanus calling itself The Great Designer is seeking to make Flux a virus transmitted through humanity, essentially turning humans into Pandorans. This is the current Sphere-wide plot for Promethean.

What Every PC Promethean Would Know

Every Promethean PC that's been around even a few days would have been filled in by other NPC Prometheans. Here's what's commonly known so far:

  • The Great Designer is a Galateid Centimanus (follower of the Path of Flux), and is far older and more powerful than even the founders of the Gethrang. Tall, elongated and attenuated, it is androgynous and terrifyingly beautiful, with alabaster skin and golden hair. It's voice is heartbreakingly pretty. It is genderless as far as anyone can tell.
  • They were a member of the very first Throng of Prometheans to excavate and settle the Sanitarium in 1967, well before the Gethrang. It was thought that they all died at the hands of Pandorans following a botched group Creation, but it has since been discovered that one member survived - The Great Designer. Did it betray the others or just get lucky?
  • It has shown the ability to create Construct Pandorans - Pandorans made from things other than dead human bodies. Wooden soldier Pandorans attacked members of the Gethrang on an outing.
  • It is currently trying to turn Flux into a virus that can infect living humans and turn them into hordes of Pandorans. If successful, it could wipe out humanity.
  • At present, it can't get the alchemy to stablize. It can infect a human, but the resulting Pandorans die withing seconds of their creation, making it unable to spread.
Getting Involved

xxxxxThe Founders have asked all members of the Gethrang to try and find other supernatural allies. Mages, Changelings - anyone that can help. Try and establish contact and build relationships. When they seem friendly or open enough to approach, ask a Founder (page/mail Mazikeen) about how to proceed. Essentially, go out and meet people. If you have anything specific you want to do - research, etc. - feel free to put in +jobs!

The Great Designer
Storyteller: Mazikeen
Setting: Game-wide
Timeframe: Long-term
Status: Ongoing