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Scientist - Hacker - Chemist - Obrimos

Data-directed programming is the continual unfolding
within the mind and on the labour
that I had wings like the wings of the cherubims.

-King James Programming

Path rune obrimos.pngOrder rune free council.png

Fullname: Lesley Ashfield
Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Vice: Greed
Virtue: Faith
Occupation: Freelance computer, Street Chemist
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium

Interpol - Rest My Chemistry

I live my life in no pain
Just some rage and three kinds of yes
And I've made stairways
Such scenes for things that I regret
Oh, those days in the sun
They bring a tear to my eye
Tonight I'm going to rest my chemistry



xxxxxLesley Ashfield was born and raised in Fallcoast. She was the girl that went to the science fair, the spelling bee, the girl that would remind the teacher that homework had not been assigned, in other words..far from popular. Before graduation, her sister was kidnapped but found a month later. No clue as to what happened but something was always different with her after that. Lesley continued on to MIT, focusing on computers. While there, she met Harrison and they both fell in love. Colaborating on several projects, they proceeded through their graduate work and both completed doctorates with much alacrity. Harrison proposed and they went on a four month trip to visit research facilities to consider where to continue their work. After a breakthrough neither would talk about, they focused in at a lab near Oxford. Several weeks later there was a tragic accident, taking Harrison's life. Crushed, Lesley returned to Fallcoast to be with her family. She started, doing lectures at the University and doing freelance computer encryption jobs however she never really got over Harry. Eventually she stopped going to the University and started working out of the basement of her home. At this point, she has found an apartment that she rents from month to month, with freelance work and pushing cooked meds that she modifies with techniques she has developed. She goes by the hacker name of Pixel, not even seen by her family much.


  • Doctorate in Computer Engineering & Chemistry- She has been published in several journals with discoveries in computer algorithms and papers on chemical compound synthesis. She has spoken at the university at least once or twice.
  • Street Chem cook - She has come up with her own brand of enlightenment through chemistry, which she occasionally sells
  • Mage - Free Council Obrimos.
  • Fishing - She used to do it a lot in the past and still finds it a way to think, maybe you will run into her
  • Computers - This is where she truly shines. Get her infront of a computer and she can make anything happen.
  • Astronomy - She often can be found doing a bit of stargazing at night.


Bits - corresponding magicks
  • Yossarian - Has a great mind for great equipment. Might need to cross wires with him.
  • Jeanine - Wine shipper and collector of mysterious things. Interfaces well.
  • Cassiopeia - Legal precedent and all, has much to teach, and some to collaborate on. Need to modify query.
Bytes - other close constellations
  • Eve - Pint sized woman with important words ... if I can translate the meaning.
  • Rebecca - Classy and a kind heart, likes astronomy as well.
  • Brianna - Therapist and all around interesting one
  • Lex - Brother. Putting the past behind us. Need to spend more time and repair what time has wounded.

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