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“Life is too important to be taken seriously.”
- Oscar Wilde

xxxxxNerd. Gay. Bright hair. Short. Also, lowkey predicts the future.

RP Hooks
  • Causing Trouble: Pia isn't exactly the best when it comes to obeying the rules any more.
  • Hacking: Pia can break into anything if you need something done. Some say she can even hack time, to some extent.
  • Learnin: Pia is actually pretty smart, thank you. She's going to college at St. John's for game development.
How She Got Here:

xxxxxPia is coming to fallcoast after feeling like nowhere else accepts her. Coming from a very religious family, the discovery that she was gay led her to find the only other person in her family that may have understood: Rona. Now, she's looking to set up a life in this new environment, and is eager to start making new friends and discover what happens from there.


Pia3.jpg Pia2.jpg Pia4.jpg

Pia Lykke
Date of Birth: 28th of May, 1997
Apparent Age: 18
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Sloth


Metric - Help I'm Alive

If we're still alive,
xxxxxMy regrets are few.
If my life is mine,
xxxxxWhat shouldn't I do?
  • (2016.06.04)
Zoombie Holocaust