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"I think that the ideal space must contain elements of magic, serenity, sorcery and mystery."
~◉ Luis Barragan ◉~
Scholar ◉ Treasure Hunter ◉ Theif

Mortal Info:

xxxxxDate of Birth: August 15, 1985
xxxxxFamily: Abernathy (Status *)
xxxxxProfession: Graduate student & Research Assistant
xxxxxVirtue: Courage
xxxxxVice: Covetousness

Changeling the lost2.pngxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCourt autumn.pngxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxSeeming fairest.png

Hidden Info:

xxxxxDate of Birth: 06 September 1956
xxxxxDate of Missing: 05 April 1974
xxxxxSeeming: Fairest
xxxxxKith: Telluric/Larcenist
xxxxxCourt: Autumn Court
xxxxxKeeper: The Dæmon of the Darkest Waters


The History of....

Something about my past:
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Something about my Durance:
xxxxxPercival was 18 when he was taken. His grandfather and he were on their way to visit a friend in Dublin by way of ferry. The ferry was taken over by a fringe group of soldiers to the IRA. They wanted to use the ferry as a means of bringing soldiers to and from the UK. Some sort of incident (it's uncertain if caused by English citizens on the ferry, Irish non-confrontational citizens, or trigger happy IRA teenagers), but in the end--several travellers ended up dead and thrown overboard as a symbol to the UK. Including Percival and his grandfather. His grandfather was later recovered, and given a proper burial. Percival was never found, expected to have been taken by the undertow of the Irish Sea. The truth is way more tragic. Seven days and seven nights, Percival was floating through the Irish Sea, the Sea of Voices, and the Lake of Blood, Sweat, and Tears. On the 13th hour in the darkest night, Percival was collected with other crew replacements aboard Murdhuacha's Madness, the Dreadnaught of Ravenous Emptiness, captained by Muirn "Red Hat" Scoresby, known more by his Gentrified title--The Dæmon of the Darkest Waters and Ruler of the 7 Million Seas.

Something about my present:
xxxxxRecently, Perry is at St. John's University pursuing a M.A. in Classical/Mediterranean Archaeology. But Perry also leads a double life even as the friendly grad student and research assistant at the Chelsea Dunlin Library. By day, he is a student who attends classes, participates in some of the college events at St. John's University, and has an on-again-off-again job at the library on campus. By night (or whenever the call arises), he is travelling from one country to another as a hired...procurer. Not of people, but of things. Sometimes the items he obtains have some strangeness behind them. Perry asks little questions, and so far, has not died for any of these items or travels.

RP Hooks....

Abernathy: Perry was (and still is) a part of the family associated with all things strange and weird. He's been living back in town for the last few months. Are we family? How are we related? Have we met before? Are we BFFs?

College bound: Perry is working on his masters in Archeology. He's got something of a thing for ancient civilizations, customs from bygone days, and researching the past. Have we taken classes together? When he's not in class, you can find Perry working as a research assistant in the library on campus. Has he helped you find a particular piece for your Western Civilization paper? Are we classmates? Co-workers?

Changeling: Perry is one of the Lost. His time in Faerie is hazy and unbeknownst to him. His time with his Keeper is a distant dream/nightmare that remains far, far, far away from his conscious mind. He is also a member of the Autumn Court.

Occult: Perry's shadowed focus tends to be more on the occult side of things. In the Autumn Court, he is more focused on the magical/mystery slant of the court's philosophies, and he possesses something of a gift for identifying objects of the strange and unusual. Has he analyzed something for you? Do you need someone to look at a shrunken head that you believe to be more than just a set piece found at Pier-1? (Merit: Relic Analyst).

"Treasure" Hunter: When Perry is not attending classes, or working in the university's library--he might be somewhere else. Someplace far, far away. He dosen't consider himself a thief (not in the derogatory sense, at least), but more of a procurer of rare antiquities. Do you need someone to obtain that rare scalpel that you're almost certain belonged to Jack the Ripper? Has he come looking to see if anyone might be in the market for a blue Ioun Stone he found while travelling through India? Have we crossed paths?



Friends & Colleagues

Distant Aqauaintances

Mentor: Asar Constantinus

"...I am smiling." ~ Asar
Asar met Perry some months after finding his way out of the Hedge back in 2009. He helped get Perry reaquainted with the mortal world (if indirectly at first). Finding that Perry had the ability to understand relics caught Asar's. Finding the means to make sure that Perry had means and the flexibility to help out whenever Asar needed, he's there for Perry. The mentor/mentee bond is still rather pretty thin at best--not asking for much when Perry has needed to outreach to him. Perhaps Asar is looking to save these favors for one large payout, or perhaps priming Perry up for greater destinies.


Reading the Tea Leaves (Logs)

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Dream Cheat-Sheet


The Plunge: 1 Glamour allows the oneirophysic to plunge immediately into a lucid dream state, entering the dreams of a sleeper she is in physical contact with.

  • If contact is broken or the oneiropomp's body disturbed, roll res + comp + wyrd at the beginning of each turn to maintain the dream
  • Exceptional success = dream maintained for full scene
  • Failure = she awakens and is at -2 for all actions for the remainder of the scene due to disorientation

Dream Invading - The old fashioned way.

  • 1 Glamour (with an active dreamwork pledge)
  • Extended res + comp roll (16 succs needed)
  • Res + Comp again to awaken (for oneiropomp)
  • Lucid Dreamers can try to awaken (their Res + Comp VS my Wits + Emp + Wyrd)
  • Non-lucud dreamers are stuck for it.

Dream Intensity

  • Dreamer's wits + resolve
  • 9/again on Recurring & Memory dreams
  • 8/again Recurring Memory dreams
  • Wits + Occult + Wyrd + Intensity to determine if prophetic (only an exceptional grants knowledge of how likely it is to happened and how to avoid it. Changes to a prophetic dream end it immediately; considered unlucky by dreamworkers).
  • Scouring intensity is wits + emp + wyrd - intensity. Dropping below 1 ends the dream (oneiropomp can spend a WP to maintain)


  • If the Intensity is higher than the dreamer's WP, no WP regain upon awakening/wake screaming.
  • The # of Derangements subtract from WP requirement (2 derangements = 5WP dreamer needing only a 3 Intensity dream) and nightmares generally focus on aspects of their derangements.

Dream Analysis

  • Wits + emp - intensity

Implant Subliminals

  • Wits + emp + intensity
  • 1 succ = 1 trigger.
  • 1 week effect
  • For that week, oneiropomp has total succs as bonus dice to all manip rolls against dreamer.

Learn the Dreamer

  • Wits + Emp + Wyrd
  • Extended, 1 roll per night.
  • Each five succs = learning 1 detail about the dreamer (virtue, vice, derangement, WP, mental/social merit, mental/social flaw)

Dream Therapy

  • Wits + emp + wyrd
  • Each night of dream work = 1 week of psychotherapy


  • 1 Glamour, Wits + Emp + Wyrd VS dreamer's Wits + Resolve
  • Intensity of resulting dream is net succs of contested roll
  • Or lazy way is scour to 0, pay 2 Glamour.