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“It's only water, it's only fire, it's only love
It's only slaughter, we're only liars, it's only blood”

– Odesza - It's Only
RP Hooks
  • St. John's University - Peri is a professor of surgery at ARU, or will be starting with the summer term of 2016.
  • St. John's Hospital - Additionally, Peri works in the radiology department at St. John's Hospital.
  • Sin-Eater - Having died, decided that she had reason to live after all, and returned to the world of the living through a bargain with a Geist, Peri now ranks among the Sin-Eaters of the world. Most specifically she's one of the Torn, for while it took some time to finally kill her, it was great violence that lead to her death. She's also a Reaper, one of those who works to be sure those who are more harm to the living than they are a benefit are helped along to a state where they're not likely to continue to be a problem. Dead, in other words.
  • Boston - Other Sin-Eaters from Boston might have met Peri at one point or another in the last year or so. People who paid a lot of attention to the news and have good memories might remember her face from news stories five years ago or so, as well -- stories that involve the way that she got her scars and other injuries. If you think any of this might apply to you, feel free to ask for more detail.
  • Scars - The scars on Peri's face are pretty hard to miss. It's a little easier not to notice that she's missing the ring finger on her left hand, and even more so that she doesn't have the best fine motor control with either of her hands any more. More observant people might take notice of some of the more obscure signs of past injuries, though.
  • Underground Physician - In the past, Peri has been known to provide covert medical care to people who are in need of it and don't really want to show up at hospitals. She doesn't currently have proper facilities, but she'll still often do what she can.
  • Abernathy - Even if she didn't grow up with the local Abernathy family, Peri has known that her father was a an Abernathy since she was young. She was the product of a brief fling rather than a stable relationship, though, and grew up with her mother in northern Maine with only occasional trips to Fallcoast to see her father's side of the family. She's not a total stranger to the local Abernathy clan, but a somewhat distant relative before now.
Dr. Periwinkle Dolittle
Date of Birth: 10 May, 1975
Age: 40
Occupation: Professor of Surgery
Virtue: Justice
Vice: Wrath

Archetype: Reaper
Threshold: Torn
Krewe: None

Aesthetic Perfection - All Beauty Destroyed

And everyone is so kind
With the lies that they tell themselves
cause everyone is so blind
To the truth that they're ugly inside
When the mirror's laughing time takes over
You should know we're slowly rotting away

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - O Children

The cleaners have done their job on you
They're hip to it, man, they're in the groove
They've hosed you down, you're good as new
They're lining up to inspect you

Arianne - Komm, süßer Tod

It all returns to nothing, it all comes
Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down
It all returns to nothing, I just keep
Letting me down, letting me down, letting me down
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