Perfide Electis

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Perfide Electis

A collection of elite individuals with ancient, powerful beings inside them with designs on affecting, influencing, and changing the world.

Members: Existing Members

Bedelia de Rothschild

King Cavanaugh

Probationary Members

None, currently.

Contact: King

Recruiting Status: If the concept fits.


xxxxxThe Mystery Cult of 'Perfide Electis' represents a small network of high society associates and ivy league alumni that are spread up and down the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, though one or two might be found in London or Paris. There are perhaps, no more than a couple dozen active at any given time. Unlike a typical secret society, Perfide Electis is actually bound through the hidden world of infernalism and demonkind. Perfide Electis truly represents a complex pact of some several dozen or so demonic manipulators, that have been cooperating with each other to corrupt and misdirect human society. This would mean that they are primarily populated by Subversive Dominions and Institutional Demons.
xxxxxHierarchy and rank is largely informal, though an unspoken accord is determined more by the demon's rank and influence, more than the host's. This could result in potentially surreal scenarios, though for the most part, the Cult functions more like an alumni network, revolving around favors owed and granted.

Purpose and Doctrine

xxxxxTo feed fuel into the roaring furnace of the Military Industrial Complex, instigate geopolitical crises and reshape Western society as one increasingly dominated by faceless globalist elites. This is accomplished by any number of venues, such as via entertainment, taste setting, or something as unsubtle as co-opting - or creating - an influential senator. This might be intended to ultimately set the stage for some kind of Anti-Christ figure. It might also be because this activity is simply deeply rewarding to Subversive and Institutional demons.
xxxxxThe 'Perfide Electis' doctrine is one of elitism, privilege, and the careful maintenance of global geopolitical conflict and the manipulation of mass media/entertainment to stave off (or trigger!) class warfare. They are the demonic 1% of the 1% that seeks to turn honest capitalism and democracy into exploitation and mob rule, driven by fear and greed. Of the dozen or so 'greater' demons who are involved in this little network, themes of Greed, Pride, Sloth, Envy and Wrath are all surprisingly well represented. They are adept at networking in the shadows and have infiltrated other 'secret' societies in the past, such as Skull & Bones. In recent years, one or two of the more forward thinking and progressive members have breached the 'online' sphere as well, such as via games or social media.


Each member of Perfide Electis wears some small and discreet piece of jewelry, marked with a hidden eye-watering arcane, infernal sigil somewhere on their body. It might be the hidden underside of a pendant, class ring, or kept inside a locket. They use these symbols to acknowledge and recognize each other.

Special Rules



• RANK 1: Politics: Secret Societies or Socialize (Infiltration)

•• RANK 2: Incarnation of Vice (••) if Possessed, or +1 dot to Resources or one professional-level group of Contacts of your choice.

••• RANK 3: +1 to Politics, Athletics, or Persuasion

•••• RANK 4: Gain a choice of either two Innate Vestments (to show Possessed/demons learning little tracks or gaining favors from one another) OR gain 3 dots which can be distributed among Staff, Indomitable, or Professional Training.

••••• RANK 5: Allow one extra Demonic Pact over the normal maximum, so long as it is made and roleplayed with the assistance of Cult members, AND either 1 free Vice dot to show a demon's greater might from being immersed in its chosen milieu OR gaining Demonic Familiar, Imp (which would imply being given a direct represenative to assist you, due to your place).

Joining the Elect
The requirement for joining....

Inactive Practitioners

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Mycroft Cavanaugh

Nomi McClain