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Full Name Paloma "Kat" Katayeva
Apparent Age 25
Virtue Conviction
Vice Epicurean
Occupation Criminal Profiler
Sphere Changeling
Seeming Fairest
Kiths Flowering / Apollonian / Shadowsoul
Freehold Sentinel Rock
Court Court of Dusk
Motley None
Entitlement None

Prime Attributes
Dexterity ●●●●○○
Wits ●●●●○
Presence ●●●●○

Major Skills
Intimidation ●●●●○
Investigation ●●●●○
Firearms ●●●●○

Noteworthy Merits
Arcadian Body ●●●●
Triple Kith ●●●
Striking Looks ●●

Investigation Crime Scenes
Drive Helicopters
Intimidation Interrogation

Vainglory ●●●○○
Dreams ●●○○○


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Paloma Katayeva


Paloma Katayeva, known as Kat to her friends, has been through a lot in her relatively short life. Until her senior year in high school, she was a normal, albeit particularly talented and intelligent, young girl. Perhaps that is why she was taken. Her durance was, as for any Changeling, difficult. Her keeper, Szerach the Infinite, was a harsh task master who craved nothing less than perfection. Those who were not perfect, or at least more perfect than the competition, were devoured without mercy. As the Master of Competitions, Szerach tempted other keepers with the promise of untold power if any could defeat him. Though ancient even among the Fae, he has been able to maintain his undefeated status thusfar, mostly due to those like Paloma.

She was, in many ways, one of the brightest and strongest of Szerach's toys. Strong, fast, smart, beautiful, and devious. Every day she was pit against her fellow captives to strength herself and them, in battles of mind and body. It made her into something she never would have become without such horrific guidance. Paloma was close to becoming some sort of perfect monster.

Eventually, at the culmination of one competition against another Keeper, Szerach's prized pupil was nearly defeated thanks to the cheating of the opposing keeper who was inevitably devoured by Szerach. This pupil wielded a tiny fragment of Szerach that had been cast off at some point to tear a hole in his realm and lead several, like Paloma, to safety. However, safety was all it was, for returning to her old life was not a readily available option for Paloma.

A fetch had taken her place and gone off to serve in the United States military. Ironically, both of them were returning at the same time. Through a series of hardships together, the fetch and Paloma eventually merged, allowing Paloma to return to her old life with a fairly sizable heap of baggage and mental instability. The part of her soul used to create the fetch, while still her own, had differed enough from Paloma that when the two merged it retained its individuality and thus Paloma and the Paloma-fetch share the same body, with a few side affects and a handful of bonuses, too. But nothing is every perfectly convenient.



Paloma Katayeva is a tall blonde woman who stands out as being almost unrealistically beautiful. No matter how long one looks at her she is never overwhelmingly attractive enough to inspire desire but has that quality of beauty that cannot be denied as being nigh-perfect. She is not very old, perhaps in her mid twenties, but there is something about the way she carries herself that belies a mind that is far more wizened and aged through some means or another than would normally fit a lovely young lady like herself.

While she is tall, Paloma is equally slender, making her appear as rather dainty and vulnerable, but on the occasion that she wears something a little more revealing, Paloma's musculature is that of a seasoned athlete. Her figure is a tall, particularly narrow hourglass; narrow waist, slightly less narrow hips with long, shapely legs, a plush, firm backside, and a modest, supple bust that is perfect for her size. She has definitely taken care of herself and the results show.


Paloma Katayeva is a tall, slender woman who has seen some rather dire situations by the look of her. Though she is undamaged and unbroken, the way she carries herself says she has suffered and persevered through unspeakable hardship. There is also something else about her. Some... ethereal quality, as if she is extremely delicate and almost too perfect for the world; like a beautiful flower that blooms only once a year for a very short spell. However, there is nothing else noticeably off about her.

Like the flower that she resembles, Paloma is an exceptional beauty of a caliber that puts her in a league of her own; the sort of beauty that only a handful of people will ever really be able to gaze upon in their lifetime. While it is probably that much of this comes from her being a changeling, she likely started off as a particularly beautiful young girl.


RP Hooks

Local Girl - Paloma is the daughter of Russian immigrants who moved into Fallcoast almost thirty years ago. Initially, they lived in Pigeon Hill, but after becoming citizens and saving up some money through fairly successful jobs, they moved into a larger, fancier house in Hyacinth Ridge. She would have lived in Pigeon hill between 1992 and 1997, and then Hyacinth Ridge between 1998 and 2009.
Fallcoast High School - Paloma attended Fallcoast High School as part of the class of 2009. She was a successful student, graduating in the top ten of her class, a prolific athlete in volleyball, soccer, and basketball. While Paloma was not a queen bee, she was a social butterfly and could fit into basically any social group or clique, save some of the more extreme groups; goths, for example. She might stick out there a bit.
Military Girl - Extremely unexpected by everyone who knew Paloma at the end of her high school years was her move to get into the military instead of becoming a doctor like she had planned. No one knew that it was because it was not really Paloma anymore, but a fetch in her place. While the fetch was extremely similar to Paloma, it did send her off in a suspicious direction for unknown reasons. During the time in the military, Paloma's fetch became a Warrant Officer and a pilot of an Apache Longbow in Afghanistan and other parts of the middle east for a couple of years. She was in the military from after graduating high school in 2009 until 2012, when she returned home.
The One - Coinciding with Paloma-fetch's return from her final tour in the military, Paloma escaped from her durance. Though exceedingly rare for a changeling to do so, Paloma befriended, bonded with, and eventually merged with her fetch. This allowed Paloma to acquire the fetch's memories and return to her life - but with a few setbacks. Her fetch was not gone, and nor was Paloma in total contol. Since then, Paloma has suffered from a functional multiple-personality disorder, in which both her fetch and herself, two similar but noticeably different individuals, take turns (at random) piloting the body around. While they each get the memories of the other when they take over, it still has its kinks as neither can accurately utilize the skills of the other despite remembering learning it, as if the muscle memory was not learned. Therefore, despite being a changeling, Paloma spends at least six hours a day as roughly a normal human. They also forget a lot of things that the other experiences while in control as its not always important.
St John's Alumni - After returning from her military stint, Paloma enrolled at St John's University for a time. By using AP-class credits from high school and some online work she had done previously, Paloma was able to knock out a psychology degree rather quickly. Some may know her from the two and a half years she spent at the university. ⚛ The FBI - As odd as the move to join the military was, Paloma went on to join the FBI academy at Quantico, which again baffled family and friends. Though she was a rather exceptional individual and has stellar marks, her suspicious mental issues kept her from becoming a full agent. Thus, after her rejection as a special agent, she re-focused harder as a profiler and graduated the program towards the top of her class.
Fallcoast Law - Towards the end of 2017, Paloma was interviewed by Fallcoast PD as a criminal profiler to help their detectives better understand and analyze difficult criminals and cases. While this works for Paloma, she has her goal set on becoming part of SWAT as a negotiator. Being she is a changeling... it may not work out.
Sentinel Rock - Shortly after returning from her Durance, Paloma was inducted into the Freehold of Sentinel Rock. However, during her travels to the FBI academy, Paloma spent time with another freehold before returning later. She is not a particularly well-known or involved member currently. This is primarily due to her traveling.
The Court of Dusk - There is not a lot that frightens Paloma any longer. She is convinced, and rightly so, that if her Keeper ever felt the desire to take her back or worse he could do so without any shred of difficulty. Not only that, but he might swallow the entire city for good measure. It is no secret that Paloma sees the world differently than a lot of other people and feeds of fatalism. Conveniently, there is a lot of that found in the police department!


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