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“I see your soul, traveler. It screams, tattered and spent. Do you feel its pull? Do you hear its wailing?”

– Kerghan


xxxxxAt eighteen years old, Paige can already be said to have had enough suffering for a lifetime. At St. John's Hospital she is recognized by quite a few, known as the girl who miraculously survived what looked to be a terminal case of cancer. Three years it claimed from her life, three years of suffering, but she did her best to power through it, trying to remain active with school, even playing soccer. As the disease progressed, though, she had to give up more and more. Soccer was obviously the first one to go, but soon after there started coming more and more sick days from school, less hanging out with friends, until eventually it was almost only time spent either in her own bed or a hospital one.

xxxxxWhen she finally slipped away, she thought that it was finally over, that she was free from her suffering, but her luck had it that something even better would happen. While the creature she met in the void looked more monstrous than angelic, it was an angel to her. It would cure her body and let her have a chance at life, for the small price of her sharing her mind and body. She couldn't understand what it truly meant, or if it really was in fact real, but she agreed. Who would not take such an opportunity?

xxxxxWith her body cured and her whole life now ahead of her, most likely a very long life due to the presence of her "angel", Paige felt like a million bucks. The effects of her illness were still felt in every part of her life, but just the sensation of not feeling like a prisoner in her own decaying body anymore had her feeling so very excited about nearly every little thing. She never even thought she'd get the chance to go to college, so it was with almost gleeful that she signed up for courses to become an EMT. She'd always been interested in medicine, a curiosity coming much from the failing of her own body, and she wanted to help people.

RP Hooks
  • EMT Student - Paige is enrolled at St. John's University, studying to become an EMT, and looking for new friends.
  • Soccer Hooligan - Not really, but Paige has a huge love for the sport. She used to play it a lot when she was younger and is only now starting to come back to it again, playing games with other students once a week.
  • Hospital Kid - Even with her now being healthy, Paige still visits the hospital now and then, sometimes just to talk to the staff there, sometimes to talk to the other patients, but sometimes also because a newfound and rather morbid curiosity about those with terminal illnesses just like the one she had.

Some Subsection

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Paige002.jpg Paige003.jpg

Paige Evans
Date of Birth: 19th May 1998
Apparent Age: Late teens
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Archetype: Necromancer
Threshold: Stricken
Geist: Vulture
Krewe: None
Voice: Example
Soundtrack: Peter McConnell - Ninth Heaven

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