Old Harvest Fairgrounds

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“75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it.”

– Baron von Munchausen


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xxxxxOnce, this was simply an open field where tents and tables could be put out, and fair games could be placed. Over the years, it has adapted and expanded: now there are a few permanent buildings which, even during the winter, serve as a farmer's market and craft fair, or host local events. Those buildings are simple white-sided metal affairs, but their fans and rudimentary heating and air conditioning make them prime real estate for long-term merchants. Paved paths have also been added to make the grounds more accessible.

xxxxxOff to one side of the field, there's an old Victorian house, listing subtly to one side, which has been converted into a haunted house; there are Edgar Allen Poe events during the months of October and early November, and an old-school jump-scare haunted house run for most of the rest of the year.

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Old Harvest Fairgrounds
Location: F02
Owner: NPC
  • (2017.02.26)
LONE Wrestling Arrives
  • (2017.07.22)
Supremacy: Lone 2
  • (2017.08.25)
Supremacy: LONE 3
  • (2017.09.29)
Supremacy: LONE 4
  • (2017.10.27)
Supremacy: LONE 5 Halloween Edition
  • (2017.11.24)
Supremacy: LONE 6 ThanksBEATING!
  • (2017.12.29)
Supremacy: LONE 7 Holiday Hell
  • (2018.01.26)
Supremacy: LONE 8 New Years Rising
  • (2018.02.23)
Supremacy: LONE 9 Fallcoast Fallout
  • (2018.03.30)
Supremacy: LONE 10 Tag Team Classic Night 1
  • (2018.04.27)
Supremacy: LONE 11 Tag Team Classic Night 2
  • (2018.05.25)
Supremacy: LONE 12 The Rumble
  • (2018.06.29)
Supremacy: LONE 13 Power Trip
  • (2018.07.27)
Supremacy: LONE 14 2 Year Anniversary: Redemption
  • (2018.09.28)
Supremacy: LONE 15 Retribution
  • (2018.10.26)
Supremacy: LONE 16 Halloween II
  • (2018.11.30)
Supremacy: LONE 17 ThanksBEATING! 2: Ungrateful
  • (2018.12.28)
Supremacy: LONE 18 Holiday Hell 2
  • (2019.01.25)
Supremacy: LONE 19 New Years Rising 2
  • (2019.02.22)
Supremacy: LONE 20 Fallcoast Fallout 2
  • (2019.03.29)
Supremacy: LONE 21 Opportunity
  • (2019.04.26)
Supremacy: LONE 22 Retribution 2
  • (2019.05.31)
Supremacy: LONE 23 Consequences
  • (2019.06.28)
Supremacy: LONE 24 Celebration
  • (2019.07.26)
Supremacy: LONE 25 3 Year Anniversary
  • (2019.08.30)
Supremacy: LONE 26 August Assault
  • (2019.09.27)
Supremacy: LONE 27 The Rumble 2
  • (2019.10.25)
Supremacy: LONE 28 Halloween III