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Obri Alsvik खुला
Obri Alsvik
Birth: Eleventh of November
Sun: Scorpio
Moon: Kumbha Rasi
Age: Twenty Four
Occupation: University Student
Yoga Instructor
Part-Time Plastic-Shammanista
Virtue: Burning the candle at both ends
Vice: Little Miss Know-it-all
Themesong: "California Dreaming-Endless Summer

Shadow Name: ((Kaushiki))
Awakened: 2014
Path: Acanthus
Order: Silver Ladder
Legacy: Roses of Eden

Unluckily Lucky

Unluckily-Lucky : Sometimes Luck has to take a detour, or suffer through a few flight delays to get to her on time but It always does.

Skilled but Naive

Skilled but Naive : Obri Is good at what she does,and that's about it. She's fairly new to being Awakened, but her upbringing makes her think she knows more then she does. This could be a problem... Not all Fairy Tales are accurate.

Wide Eyed Idealist

Wide Eyed Idealist : Obri is deeply optimistic when it comes to the future. She believes that no matter what happens, that everything will work out well in the end. This could be a handicap in a place like FallCoast, where even if everything does go acording to plan, the results are often less then positive.

You Can't Fight Fate

You Cant Fight Fate : Try to change the past or the Future, and Fate adjusts accordingly. Go ahead and get yourself stuck in your own grandfather paradox. Step on a few butterflies, You might make things harder for yourself, but you wont change a thing.

Beware The Nice Ones

Beware The Nice Ones : Even Pacifists have limits. It's not Wise to Pick on the peaceful ones, they often hit the hardest.

Granola Girl

Granola-Girl :Like a Hippie girl, but cleaner, with a Love of electronic music, and Fair Trade Lattes. Obri is a New-Age-Woo girl, and not afraid to show it with as many store-baught accessories as possible. Her CoExist bumpersticker on the back of her eco-friendly European car is proof.






 Student at St. Johns University, Fallcoast Maine. studying Comparitive Religion, Anthropology, and Occult Science. Obri is a dedicated Student. If you are looking for a Study Group, or just an indepth academic conversation, Obri is your girl.

Awakened Mage

Time & Fate are not your toys.
They are hers.


Obri comes from a long line of Seidrs, Mystics, and Fortunetellers. She knows the ways of the wyrrd, and is more then willing to tap the well.



Obri Teaches Kundalini Yoga, And hopes to one day open her own studio. When she isn't teaching people the proper Mudras, Mantras, and Poses, She moonlights as a part time metaphysical consultant,for both Sleepers and Other Awakened.

Star Crossed: Obri Loves everyone, But she's Not going to date you, not even if you ask real nicely. Having Relationships is hard enough for Sleepers, Its a downright Liability for mages.


RP Partners:Cool Folks Obri Knows

Keval Orthopraxis http://fallcoast.net/wiki/Hollister
Its not his fault, he's Texan.

Master Seeker.

Knows how to throw a good party


The Magic by Macklemore
What I went through felt as though I dreamt it. Through my experience, became aware of my breath, then Began to cultivate my art with the intention of the heart, Started to use my sentences as reflections. And what I saw was God was in all of us and we all come to be interconnected.

Wake me Up by Avicci
Feeling my way through the darkness Guided by a beating heart I can't tell where the journey will end But I know where to start

Better by Sweater Beats
loved you in a place where there was no space and time Yeah, we came alive Our souls intertwined when we kissed the sky, yeah

Beautiful People by Sia
This is the high life, nothing dragging us through the thorns This is the best time to be young and then reborn

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