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'The Who --

We are all lost.. Even if you never step into the hedge.. I think thats the big part of life we forget. We are all just trying to find our way somewhere.. And not always sure how to get there.


xxxxx'MEIN:Eyes Captured your attention first. Blood red pupils looking out in heavy dark lined lids. Her lips were a natural crimson color and beneath those full red lips you could see the sharp fangs there. Her slender figure is a bit more accurate. The long limbs pale and perfect. Her limbs looked as if they were dipped in the darkness. From a bit above her elbow to her fingers were a gradient from gray to black that ended at her sharp claws. her legs were much the same. Starting at the top blending the pale into the darkness that ended at her toes. but none of this took away from her startling dark beauty.

xxxxx'MASK:A Dark beauty. Pale skin, midnight hair that falls half way down her back. Full pink lips that curl into a becoming smile. Her skin is rather pale and perfect like porcelain with soft touches of pink in her cheeks. Heavy perfectly sculpted brows over dark grey blue eyes that some days are more grey then blue.. Sometimes so Dark that they appear black. Standing at 5'4 112lbs. Style of dress tends to be more Goth,Ripped Jeans. Converse, Hoodies, Skirts, leather and silver. She is always dressed in her favorite color.. black. Several Tattoos Line her arms and abs ( more photos to come on Wiki) A Septum Piercing of Gold in her nose. Striking Looks 2: Coquettish Goth Striking Voice 2:Haunting ( when singing)

RP Hooks
Spring/Darkness/Fairest OH MY
She has been Lost for a bit over a year.. But in that time she has become not an expert on anything. But has learned enough to keep herself out of to much harms way but there is much to learn. She is a Succubus and a Night Singer.. Just imagine how awesome that is!
Nyxie has a beautiful voice.. Its almost haunting to hear she love singing though she usually totes her Guitar along with her. You Might catch her on the boardwalk or somewhere trying to earn some coin. Or Amateur nights that allow the 18+ Crowd. ( Striking Voice 2)
College and Lost!
Having no fetch and just bieng a lost girl Had advantages and disadvantages. One positive was after alot of therapy and finishing high school her parents allowed her to go to college. After graduating late she is now in Fallcoast to attend school. Maybe you see her on campus? She is looking for a Dorm at the moment.. Late in the term its hard to find one.
The Details

Her Keeper was The Conductor: One sick Bastard who enjoyed kidnapping young girls and putting them in cages.. Only to drag them out for Concerts and the such then Throw them back into the dark cages until the Next Performance. Her Big Break. Came When she continued to pay attention to the Schedule of Performances and guard Changes and things and was able to overcome the Guards with the help of other girls.. Sadly out of all the girls who attempted to escape only 2 live to tell the tale. Her Life now has been a constant Adjustment to the world around her.. To life with her parents that became so stiffling that she had to escape to Fall coast to get free.

Fallcoast and New Beginnings

Before coming to Fallcoast she joined the Spring Court and really has every hope and dream of coming to a New City and starting over.. And being a normal college student. As Normal as you can be when your a part time Succubus full time University Student and a Part time Darkling!


The Beats!
Chainsmokers - Roses
Deep in my bones, I can feel you
Take me back to a time only we knew
We could waste the night with an old film
Smoke a little weed on the couch in the back room

Daya - Hide Away
Boys seem to like the girls
Who laugh at anything
The ones who get undressed
Before the second date
Girls seem to like the boys
Who don't appreciate
All the money and the time that it takes
To be fly as a mother
Kari Kimmel - Nothing left to Loose.
Now everyday seems longer than the last
And all the faces come and go
But nothing heals the past

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Nyx3.jpg Nyx4.jpg NyxieInk.png

Nicole Nyxie James
Date of Birth
September 24, 1996
Apparent Age
Late Teens
Guitar, singing, Slanging coffee at a coffee Shop near you!
Played By
Ashley Holat
The Conductor
Striking Looks
Coquettish Goth
Bloody lips.jpg
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