Noah Ravenwood

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From the Words of Helions
Sol Invictus
Name Noah Ravenwood
Apparent Age Mid Twenties
Occupation Student
Breed Bastet
Species Hatara
Accord Wind-Dancer
In Brilliance

Adopted: Noah's father died when he was a baby, and his mother ran out before he turned 2. He's still on the lookout for his mom, and occasionally contracts private eyes to go on the hunt.

Bastet: Everybody wants to be a cat.

Hatara: Like every other Golden Danger before him, Noah is a proud, boastful hunter of the sun.

Wind-Dancer: For a short time after his change Noah functioned as a Heart-Ripper, but his true calling was that of a Wind-Dancer. Maybe it's just the general strangeness...

Helions: He works with them, and often works for them.

The Shadow: Noah loves it there, and it's where he can most easily be found.

Uni: He attends St. John's, and is attempting to gain a bachelor's in Occult Studies.

Returned: Noah is returning to Fallcoast after searching for his mom, and trying to get back into the vibes of the city.

Bathed in the Sun

Saoshi: Bitched Do Voodoo

Buck: Amazing Horse

Liliana: Descansar

The Roar of the Lion

Pac-Man — Gorillaz, ScHoolboy Q

How can I trust truth
When I ain't got nothin' to sell?
I shattered my thoughts to get out my shell.
Why would I hold my tongue to tuck in my tails?
Can't dream if my ego was broke, nah.
The jokes to try to find the answer to nope.
My type of drive, you can't buy this shit.
You got a heart but it don't beat like this.
I had a spark in my mind went trip:
Create the wave so the vibe all mix.

Ready to Die — EarthGang

Are we born to live?
Do we live to die?
Will our soul survive?
What's beyond the sky?
Tell me why we're here,
Nobody knows why
Will our soul survive?
What's beyond the sky?

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