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Hunter.    Lucifuge.   Porn Star.   Hedonist.
Nikolai Cvetkov
“One day you fall for this boy. And he touches you with his fingers. And he burns holes in your skin with his mouth.
And it hurts when you look at him. And it hurts when you don’t. And it feels like someone’s cut you open with a jagged piece of glass.”
    ― Maureen Medved, The Tracey Fragments


Date of Birth: March 03, 1991

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Occupation: Porn Star

Virtue / Vice: Fortitude / Lust

Intelligence: ●●●

Dexterity: ●●●●●

Empathy: ●●●●●

Presence: ●●●●●

Athletics: ●●●●● ("Flexibility, Archery")

Professional Training: Adult Entertainer: ●●●●●

Fame: Porn Star: ●

Striking Looks: Satyric: ●●

Striking Voice: Resonant: ●●

Seductive Grace: ●●●

Double-Jointed: ●●


Kevin Devine - Trouble

Trouble tracks me down
It's been draggin' me around
Since my feet first touched the ground
And I'm kickin' like a kid
Cause I can't get rid of it
And it's never going nowhere now
I duck-dodge to my left
I slide-step to my right
But it nails me every time
And I'm finished throwin' fits
Yea, I've learned to live with it
Marching steady, straight, and by my side
And trouble makes no seam
Just sweeps in surgical and clean
Leaves me begging on my hands and knees
And she's always on the clock
But she doesn't only watch
Cause she wrecks me straight into my sleep
I've known trouble all my life
And I'm sick of asking why
It's like screaming at a set of dice
They're gonna roll the way they roll
And man you're never gonna know
So gettin' crazy's just a waste of time

Rocky Horror - Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me

Now all I want to know is how to go
I've tasted blood and I want more
I'll put up no resistance, I want to stay the distance
I've got an itch to scratch, I need assistance:
Toucha toucha toucha touch me, I wanna be dirty
Thrill me chill me fulfil me
Creature of the night.

Fall Out Boy - I Don't Care

Say my name and his in the same breath
I dare you to say they taste the same
Let the leaves fall off in the summer
And let December glow in flames
Erase myself and let go
Start it over again in Mexico
These friends, they don't love you
They just love the hotel suites, now
I don't care what you think as long as it's about me
The best of us can find happiness in misery

Manchester Orchestra - I've Got Friends

I've got friends in all the right places
I know what they want
and I know they don't want me to stay
and you and I will find
that when I need you
I need it quickly


  • Hellish Rumours: Niko is the 7th son of a 7th son. They say his family died in a fire when he was a child. There are whispers that the fire itself was otherworldly in nature. It burned hotter than it should have--brilliant white fire with the sound of tortured screams.
  • Hedonist: He is and always has been a hedonist, concerned primarily with his own pleasure. He's apparently even made a career of it.
  • Porn Star: You may know of him as Naughty Niko, a rather big name in Adult Entertainment. He doesn't even bother going by a stage name, caring -that- little who knows. His movies are almost exclusively homosexual, and almost exclusively with him being submissive. For what it's worth, he does it well.
  • Addictive Personality: Cigarettes, Alcohol, Sex. Whatever feels good and helps him forget his troubles for a while.
  • Nightmares: Unfortunately, part of the Lucifuge package. Occasionally they're useful prophetic nightmares, but usually just visions of hell and damnation.
  • Lucifuge: He's a lucifuge, which means he has the taint of hell about him, and he can't help that. He DOES use his demonic powers to fight evil, so he can't be that bad, right?
  • Hunter: He doesn't care about most things that go bump in the night, unless it makes itself a nuisance. He cares more about destroying and banishing demons than anything else. But it isn't as if he won't kill mages, vampires, or anything else that threatens people. It might be strange that he acts to protect people and do good deeds, considering his general sinful, hedonistic nature and his general disregard for anyone but himself. Maybe he's deeper than he seems? Either way, he has his reasons, and he does fight the good fight.
  • Artistic: He has a decent sense of artistic style, and he's somewhat creative and musically inclined. Not skills he uses very often.
  • Archer: Rather Archaic, but it started out as a childhood interest that later became a Hunting skill. With a capital H.
  • Polyglot: Okay, he's totally cheating here by speaking in tongues, but: He can speak any language. More accurately, he speaks the language of Babel. Which means he understands any human language spoken, and can be understood by anyone when he speaks it.

Other's Thoughts

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A Brief History

Nikolai grew up, for the most part, in California. He was born the 7th son of a 7th son. His father's first wife died before he was born, and he remarried. He already had 6 sons by then. But his second wife, Nikolai's mother, wanted a child of her own, and that child was Nikolai.

When he was young, demons whispered to him of his power, of his potential. On Christmas Eve of 2005 he made the mistake of saying out loud that he wished his family were dead. An imp took him at his word and set the place on fire. His father, brothers, and mother were killed. He was the only survivor. Naturally the imp responsible thought he'd be pleased. He wasn't. He lived with foster parents for a while, but wound up running away at 17, making some very questionable life choices since, not the least of which was becoming a porn star

When he was 23, his infernal blood awoke, and he was kidnapped and taken to Milan for training. He was kept there for a year, and has only recently made his return.



Johannes2.jpg He understands me. Not many bother looking past the surface. Ira3.jpg Nice ass. SmLleu.jpg You're in over your head. Stay alive.
Henry Webb
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