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'The tigers of wrath are wiser than the horses of instruction'
— William Blake

"One wonders who knows more about the coyote, the zoologist who is able to study its external habit and dissect its cadaver or the Indian medicine man who identifies himself with the "spirit" of the coyote?"
— Seyyed Hossein Nasr
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▄▀ Overview ▀▄

Nathan Zheng grew up in New London, CT, the son of a Shipyard worker at General Dynamics. His family did have that near stereotypical need to over achieve or perhaps parents that pushed their kids hard. Even though Nate managed to graduate High School a year early, he was active both academically and athletically. He managed to earn an academic scholarship at Indiana University that lead to a BS in Biology. From there he earned his Masters in Zoology at Cornell. While earning his Masters, Nate was subject of some minor news of having been thought to be dead while conducting research in the Amur River Valley, a victim of poachers. He reappeared almost three months later, a local Russian woman had nursed him to health after having been shot. Now Nate is working for the State of Maine as a Wildlife Biologist for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

▄▀ Nathan Zheng ▀▄
Date of Birth September 23, 1992
Apparent Age Early Twenties
Profession Wildlife Biologist
Virtue Fortitude
Vice Lust
Changing Breed
Nate Amur tiger-1.jpg
Breed: Bastet
Species: Rajanya
Accord: Heart-Ripper
Respect: Ferocity 3
▄▀ RP Hooks ▀▄


  • From out of Town: Nate is from New London, CT. His family mostly works around the New London Shipyards and associated facilities; with the majority known to be working for General Dynamics Electric Boat.
  • Education: Nate has a BS in Biology and an MS in Zoology. He has attended Indiana University and Cornell.
  • No so Broke: Unfortunately, events conspired ruin his grant money while at Cornell, so even though he has a job with the state, Student Loans are taking even more than a Lion's share of what he does make. But things have been looking up for him
  • Employment: Nate is a State Employee as a Wildlife Biologist in the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife. To some this may sound like a boring job, but when you have a boss that doesn't like you, it can get more than interesting.
  • Sports: Nate is into various Martial Arts, rock climbing, hiking, and beach volley ball. Thanks to a Lupine Friend, Free, Nate has developed an enjoyment of the Art of Parkour and can be seen Free Running through some of the rougher neighborhoods and even woods.

Feral (Changing Breeds)

  • Rajanya (Tiger): Rumor has that Nate learned what it means to be Rajanya from one of the elder cats of the Amur River Valley. During the time he was thought to be dead, Nate and the elder are rumored to have destroyed a band of Tiger poachers. Several have asked Nate whom the elder is that taught him and to this day, those that know Nate, have never heard him speak this elder's name.
  • Spirit Realm: Nate has learned to communicate with spirits to the point he has managed to negotiate for gifts with some of them. It is known he is trying to figure out the secret of how to cross the curtain into the spirit world. And he is interested in learning about the world of the spirits.
  • Neutral Meeting Place: Nate has frequently made it clear to other of the Changing Breeds that his home is a safe place to those that come in peace and respect his territory.
  • Interested in forming a Feral Band: Nate is one that has expressed interest in joining with others to form a band as he feels one is needed.
▄▀ Description ▀▄

Standing at a little short of six feet, this athletically lean and aesthetic man is crowned with a mop of pitch black hair that extends just below his ears. His body is covered in an olive tan that accents his rather muscular frame pleasantly. Slightly slanted dark brown eyes and an aquiline nose hint an Asian heritage for this man. He often wears a serious expression on his face, though it is not uncommon to find his expression difficult to read. His build may be lean, however it is easy to catch the hints of solid muscle from how he moves. Slightly thick thighs lead to toned legs that when combined with his large feet provide him a rather sturdy base. Something about his very motions convey a sense of powerful economy one would expect of a predator.

He dresses well but with sense of simplicity. A new brown leather jacket is worn over a black t-shirt. Straight leg black Levis outline his hips and legs being held in place by a reddish-brown leather belt around his waist. The belt buckle is gold in color with a relief pattern of a dragon and tiger in a ying-yang design. A pair of worn, reddish-brown, low cut boots covers his feet. The only jewelry he wears is a diver's style watch on his left wrist.

At first one may not be sure of what they just saw there, that pattern of broad stripes in a pale rusted reds, brownish-blacks, and white then start to register in the mind, Tiger! Nearly four feet at the shoulders and perhaps nearly thirteen feet long, this great cat displays a poetry of power in motion while walking at an unhurried pace. Powerful muscles rippling under the thick coat and those large paws serve to remind some just how dangerous a tiger can be. For those needing a little more convincing, the casual ~smile~ and yawns of this beast show off fangs nearly six inches in length. A ruff of rusted red, white and black wraps round the cat's neck to frame a striped face. Intelligent seeming amber eyes casually fix on what ever has the cat's attention even as the tufted black and white ears turn towards other sounds that may be important to the alert beast. A long tail generally remains low, however, its movements hint at this great cat's mood.

▄▀ Contacts ▀▄

Immediate NPC Family:

  • Renshu ~Ron~ Zheng: My Father
  • Yu Zheng: My Mother
  • Uncle Siyu Zheng: He taught me Martial Arts, mostly Kung Fu
  • Alyssa: My better half and the woman that keeps me grounded as to what is important in life.


  • Kelsey: To bad so many just see you as just being tall and blond. Me, I see a smart woman with a good heart wanting to be noticed for whom she is.
  • Kilo: Good friend and a great artist, hope to afford another tattoo from her one day.

Missing Friends

  • Eydis: It is our nature to walk alone. Was nice to walk with you for a while.
  • Free: We didn't share truths till later. It was good to know you for the time you were here. I know when you went down, it was with your teeth in an enemy's throat.
  • Lisa: Your not the only tall one missing. Hope all is well for the walking skyscraper of a woman.
  • Jade_Li: She's really cute, smart, and fun.. I like her. And she's missing!! Man, for a bird she was an awesome friend.

▄▀ Gallery ▀▄
▄▀ Logs ▀▄

Dates are by OOC posting.

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