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"“I can make you feel, and I can scare you for real."
― Misty Lee

Name: Monroe Sévigny
Age: 18
Birthday: November 1, 1998
Hometown: Monroe, Louisiana
Occupation: Heiress to ‘Sévigny Whiskey Distillery Co.’
Virtue: Conviction
Vice: Arrogance
Type: Mortal, Thaumaturge
Path: Vodoun
Husband: Malik


twenty one pilots - Heavydirtysoul




  • Southern Belle: From Monroe, Louisiana -- Down home, front porch, screen door, mason jar, sweet tea, sun-dress beauty, lord have mercy, Southern belle
  • Heiress: She's now inherited the family business ‘Sévigny Whiskey Distillery Co.’ (Fame 2)
  • Vodouisant: Monroe doesn't come from a long line of Vodoun practioners or creole stock. She stumbled on her knowledge quite by accident and made a deal with the loa to learn.(Flaw: Notoriety)
  • Haunted: She sees and speaks to ghosts, and can tell you where all the gates to the Underworld are in town.
  • Married to a Muslim: Monroe met Malik on a job and it was love at first sight.


  • Malik - “ are the one...

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