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Molly Riggins
"What is dead may never die, but rises again, harder and stronger."- Drowned Man

Apparent Age: Late Twenties
Height: 5'9"
Build: Athletic
Hair: Mahogany
Eyes: Cerulean
Occupation: Captain of La Vergaza
Virtue: Vigilance
Vice: Arrogance
Threshold: Prey
Archetype: Pilgrim
Krewe: Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna



Molly Riggins was born in Fallcoast, daughter of Randolph and Margaret. Her father was a fisherman, and she learned much of her seaworthiness from him. Growing up in Hanging Hills, she attended high school where she met Thadius Thompson, the son of a mortgage broker and eventually married him. They had one child yet Thad was mostly focused upon his work, leaving Molly as a single mother by all accounts. Coming back to Fallcoast from Boston, she took one of the small ship out with her daughter to visit her brother.

On the trip, she encountered another ship which stopped them, threatening their lives. Her daughter killed, she was thrown overboard as their ship was cut up, and hidden drugs retrieved, put there by her husband's associates. He planned it all, taking advantage of the life insurance police on both.

During her decent into the depths, the violence above caught the eye of the Geist of Captain Lee "Ripper" Stormshackle. He brought her a deal, "I will save you now but you gotta do better at staying alive, captain. And take care of that deadbeat husband that caused this." Fueled by her righteousness and the death of her daughter, she returned and swam to the hijackers. Pulling a Zodiac off, she ripped apart the back fuel tanks with her new found powers and set the ship aflame. Travelling back to the mainland, Molly took control of the accounts then tied up Thad while he was sleeping. Taking his prized sail boat cutter, she sailed out with him tied to the mast. In a storm, she informed him of the error of his ways and released him of any connections he had to this life. Breaking him before letting the waves swallow him and bring him to Davy Jones. Meeting Quentin McKane, a comic book store owner, he has started to teach Molly of her new, agreeing to be her mentor. Dissolving her passed husbands company, she centered her funds into a new salvage and diving company based off a series of ships she now manages. Riggins Rigging. Her sail boat, La Vergaza, sails out often on charters or seeking adventure.

RP Hooks

o Geist - What is dead cannot die. She has drowned in the past, at least few know that. The Captain has her back now.
o Sailor - She is captain of a tall ship sailboat. Care for a ride.
o Diving - She takes tourists out for diving trips and does salvage jobs.
o Salvage - Willing to dive a bit farther to find that which must be recovered.


Krewe crew
KiloOn a steady course, up for saber rattling
VandelSmart as hell, knows our way, navigator
RictusHas a cannon fascination
DariusGreat criminal mind
Isrieal Scary smart
David May need to keel haul this one
Others found Adrift
Sabo Deep digger, one hella a guy
Liz How did she keep a kind soul after dying
Ting Sunshine on the waves


Captain Lee Stormshackle
Died : October 15, 1719
Once a captain for the British Navy, Captain Lee entered into piracy, hailing out of St.Kitts
Many years, the Caribbean and throughout the Atlantic, Stormshackle was a terror to
shipping lanes and commerce. He came to a timely end during a battle off the coast
of Bermuda, his ship sinking in flames. It is said that he took a cannonball to the chest and was seen,
gripping the rail as his ship sank into the depths.




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