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Name Mina Oracul
Birthday January 4th
Apparent Age Twenties
Occupation Occultist
Virtue Fortitude
Vice Envy

Clan Ventrue
Coven Ordo Dracul
Bloodline Dragolescu




Born in Romania to a family who studied the occult and European castles, Mina already had a natural affinity to ghosts. Both she and her mother could hear and feel them, but not see them. It was one day when she was on a tour of Dracula's Castle that she got pulled aside by a strange man. He could see the ghosts around her and when she asked if he could show her how, he decided to embrace her. The Dragolescu bloodline is obsessed with ghosts and taking from them. Even vitae. Her sire took her to the Americas to explain her disappearance and teach her further. Eventually he pointed out that Fallcoast would be a good city to go and study, lots of strange things there and Mina just makes one more.

She's a member of the Ordo Dracul with low status, but they value her for her ability to glean information from ghosts. When its not ghosts she studies the occult. She always has this look about her that she's not fully here. She's known to dress in robes and black attire, stealthy for a Ventrue, but her eyes are quite hypnotic. She seeks spirits and a home to settle into within the city.

Roleplaying Hooks

  • Ghosts - She has an obsession with them and is always searching for their presence.
  • Occultist - She loves books and definitely has that mysterious vibe.
  • Drgolescu - She's a bit strange, always appears to be staring off at things that others cannot see. Like gazing into another plane.


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