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Refinement Argentum symbol.jpgMilesRefinement Argentum symbol.jpg
"The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious. It is the fundamental emotion that stands at the cradle of true art and true science."
― Albert Einstein
More to come.
 xxxxxRP Hooks
As far as Miles knows he is the only successful subject from Project: ARES, but there's always room for more.
New Mexican (Anyone)
Miles was created in New Mexico, and spent his first two years of life there.
Kansas (Anyone)
Before truly setting out on his own Miles spent the last 3 years of his life in Kansas.
Promethan (Promethean)
He may not have as much meat about him, but Miles is as much Promethean as the other created.
Argentum (Promethean)
Miles is drawn to the mysterious, and especially that which surrounds the ecology of the supernatural. He isn't as feverish as other mystics, but his curiosity may draw him to the same insanity as the rest that seek his refinement.
 xxxxxAllies, Cohorts, Family, & Friends

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No logs have been posted yet.

Species Promethean
Lineage Unfleshed
Refinement Argentum
Athanor: Chi Wiou
Throng None
Date of Birth/App Age: 12 November/25
Height/Weight/Build: 6'/180/Athletic
Virtue: Dreamer
Vice: Covetousness
Occupation: Mendicant Mystic
Played By: Ne-Yo
Karma Fields, Talib Kweli - Greatness
What inspire you? What is it you trynna do?.
Somebody told you, "You should probably give it up," they lied to you.
Never aspire to the average or the mediocre
Let the greatness inside of you take over.
Stock broker or an activist, a soldier or a pacifist.
Life a chain reaction, you a link or you a catalyst.
A$AP Rocky, Gesaffelstein - In Distress
I'm something out this world, nothing like the rest.
Win the fair game, fuck with the best.
Just a kid with the grown men, rep to protect.
Since it's so rare so there's a whole land left in distress.
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