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Michael Gabriel Othniel

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RP Hooks
  • Famous - While not incredibly famous, Michael has been in a few action movies as an extra, especially military action movies. He's hard to miss on screen due to his size, though seldom has any speaking roles. He also worked on a number of movies before that as a military consultant. People do sometimes still recognize him.
  • Hometown Boy - Born and raised in Fallcoast before he joined the US Army, born in 1980 he would have graduated in high school in 1998. Did you know him?
  • Army Veteran - Was part of the US Army from 1998 to 2004 (OOC Note - The player is not a Veteran and make no claim to be one, and means no disrespect by RPing as one on the game)

Some Subsection

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Date of Birth: June 22, 1980
Apparent Age: 37
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Lust

Breed: Bastet
Species: Hatara

[ Mumford & Sons - Little Lion Man]
[ Hazel Fernandes - Number One (Ichigo's Theme)]

  • (2018.01.28)
Blessings of Bathory - A Ship of Ice and Fire
  • (2018.01.31)
Blessings of Bathory - Gala Event