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"No Ragrets"

– Darth Vader


xxxxxMost victims of body thievery are victims of circumstance.

xxxxxHaving it done as revenge is a whole new level of Hell, especially when both parties involved aren't the best examples of humanity.

xxxxxMia was a paramedic in her prior life and a damned good one, specializing in violent trauma. Don't ever call her an EMT, either. She had a family and three kids, a job where she was highly respected, and a nice 401k portfolio. No, she wasn't the worlds best person and was kind of awful to some people. Did that warrant what happened to her? That's debatable. Her cold attitude and ego were indirect factors in the death of Julia Carroll, a college girl who took her own life. That young woman's sister, Mia's body's former owner, made it her mission in life to make sure she took everything and everyone from her target. It wasn't enough to just kill, she wanted Mia to suffer and be humiliated. When the girl found a tome and way to Body Thief, she knew she had her answer. Damn the consequences, full speed ahead.

xxxxxFive weeks later, the girl had not just sloughed off her life. She had planned, schemed, and actively sabotaged herself. Angering someone with that much drive and dedication is dangerous.

xxxxxMia woke up one morning in a hotel room in a new body with a five alarm hangover, twenty bucks, a pre-paid cell, and mean feen for coke and booze. Then the day got started.

RP Hooks
  • Fallcoast High: Class of 2017. She was on the cheerleading team and was a co-Captain. She was definitely one of the popular girls. Then one day in late winter 2017 she quit everything and started skipping school a lot. On one of the few days she appeared, and her last, she physically attacked a teacher by throwing two chairs and a desk. That was in March '17. In lieu of charges being filed she was expelled and banned from public schools in the city due to testing poitive on a drug test after the assault. It was the first time in recent memory anyone had used 'loose cannon' in official school documentation. Witness the fight? Former friend? Heard about it?
  • Paramedic: She's 18 and looks more like she'd be at home shooting jaegerbombs at a sorority party but the soul and head inside that body was and still is a hardened paramedic and certified lifesaver. She even did time in the Army, seeing both Iraq and Afghanistan, before getting out and angling into that new role. Its all she knew for 16 years. Mia was saving lives when her body was stringing together its first sentences. She does not currently have a kit but she doesn't necessarily need the right equipment, just the cranial toolchest. If you have a problem, and no one else can help, maybe you can hire The A-Team talk to Mia? She's planning to try and reapply to be a paramedic. Eventually. Somehow. Okay it is still in the works. Details, details. Want to help mentor her that direction?
  • Immortal: She's in desperate need of some supernatural help. She's pretty aware that there's magic out there since she's now in the wrong body but she has no idea to the extents of it all. She has the tools to get her Thief On, but she has absolutely no idea how to use them. She has a couple hints but where does she go from here? Want to lend a hand and help a sister out?
  • Bella: Mia's in a bad spot. She has no ID, no money, her parents have disowned her, and zero friends to be had. Matteo was able to bring her on and take her in until she can get on her feet. She isn't terribly concerned about this since, come hell or high water, she's getting out of this body. Or at least she thinks she is. No plan survives first contact with Life, or people who may talk her out of it. Regardless, she interviewed as a waitress.
  • Droogs: Her 'benefactor' was so 'thoughtful and kind' to give the 'gift' of addiction to Mia during the process. The main satisfaction Mia currently has is knowing that the bitch also took it with her to Mia's old body. Ha! Double middle fingers. She will need to get clean eventually and part of her wants to, but she's currently 'exploring her options and horizons.' Want to get high, share a bag of cheese poofs, and watch cartoons? WTB? WTS? ...Want to eventually help her get clean?
  • Supernatural: Not the TV show. On an OOC note, I'm looking to have her potentially pick up some Mortal+ Psychic merits in the future. I'd love to meet some friendly supers would be interested to help facilitate this sort of character progression. Or potentially do a Becoming. If she does a Becoming, it will be down the road a ways while I figure out spheres.

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Miac1.jpg Miac8.jpg Miac4.jpg

Ms Mia Carroll
Date of Birth: November 2
Apparent Age: 18-20
Occupation: Waitress
Virtue: Mercy
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Immortal
Classification: Body Thief

Clan: None
Order: None
Geist: None
Pack: None
Entitlement: None

Molly Hatchet - Flirtin' With Disaster

We're flirtin' with disaster, y'all know what I mean
And the way we run our lives, it makes no sense to me
I don't know about yourself or what you want to be, yeah
When we gamble with our time, we choose our destiny

Natasha Bedingfield - If You're Gonna Jump

Life is music, play it louder
Life is music, play it louder
If you're gonna jump, then jump far, fly like a sky diver
If you're gonna be a singer, then you better be a rockstar
If you're gonna be a driver, then you better drive a race car
'Cause I'm looking for a guard dog, not buying a chihuahua

Sponge - Plowed

Will I wake up? Some dream I made up
No, I guess it's reality.
What will change us? Or will we mess up
Our only chance to connect with a dream?
Say a prayer for me, Say a prayer for me

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