Merits/Ritual Assistant

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Ritual Assistant (••)

Prerequisite: Sleepwalker or Proximus, Occult ••

You have a working knowledge of the tools and symbols in working magic, though you don’t understand the Truth behind them. Despite that, you’re able to gather, sort, and prepare ritual components in a way that increases the efficacy of any Awakened ritual that you help prepare and take part in.

Effect: Roll an appropriate pool to gather or prepare the ritual space: Intelligence + Computers for a Free Council Techné ritual, or perhaps Wits + Occult to gather secret ingredients for a Mysterium ritual the Sleepwalker hasn’t been given all the details on. Once rolled, each success is considered one bonus spellcasting die toward the ritual spellcasting pool. In effect, this allows Sleepwalkers to participate in ritual spells, even if they can't buy ritual synergy or cast the spells themselves. All other limitations of ritual teamwork spells still apply.

Sleepwalker characters may not gain a benefit from equipment bonuses on this roll -- they are, in effect, functioning as a sort of equipment bonus themselves.