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Hardened Pattern (• to •••)

Prerequisite: Sleepwalker or Proximus

Being attuned to the Supernal means you've got a bit of a leg up over most everything else when it comes to the effects of magic, and how to wriggle out of it.

Effect: For every dot purchased in this merit, add +1 to your rolls to resist Supernal Magic or Abyssal Numina, or treat the appropriate attribute as one dot higher, depending on the nature of the resistance in question. This merit only functions for powers related to Supernal Magic or Abyssal Numina -- other powers of fallen world entities (such as a Spirit's Numina or a Vampire's Disciplines) function normally. This merit stacks with other merits that would provide a bonus to resistance, such as Indomitable. Players may also use Willpower to increase resistance as normal.

Sleepwakers describe this feeling differently, depending on their own perspective and history. Some describe magic as 'ropes' or 'chains' that they can wriggle free of. Others describe a feeling like having the magic 'bounce' off of them. Mages continue to speculate why some Sleepwalkers are more resistant to magic than others, and why Mages and Sleepers don't seem to benefit from the same resistance.

(I.e., no, regular mortals and Mages can't take this particular merit -- it's for Sleepwalkers only. Feel free to talk about why that might be in character.)