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Characters who consider themselves medical practitioners, whether licensed or not, and those who work in social causes whether professionally (Social Worker) or extensively.

Nurse Sage Afolayan - Trauma and ambulatory nurse.

Dr. Pollianna Cavanaugh - General Surgeon and Emergency Care Physician.

Dr Averil Goode-Knight - On call psychiatrist but works primarily at Hearthstone Clinic.

Dr. Godric Ritter - Emergency Room physician.

Dorthy Goode - Physical Therapist

Dr Averil Goode-Knight - Psychiatrist in residence

Other Institutions and Private Practices

Hannah Thorpe - Social Worker. Rehabilitates criminals, drug addicts, and the mentally ill. Arbitrates disputes with the Department of Corrections by parolees and inmates.

Georgie Nicks - Psychologist with a private practice in Hanging Hills.

Dr. Marlo Unger - Psychiatrist in private practice, specializing in disturbed and delinquent youth.

Fallcoast Regional Medical Center - Free clinic near university campus, offering affordable healthcare to anyone in need, with an oddly overqualified team of full time physicians employed. Howell Davis is the director, and chief of staff.

EMTs and Paramedics

Social Workers

Other (please note type)

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Medical and Social Work Characters