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Characters who consider themselves medical practitioners, whether licensed or not, and those who work in social causes whether professionally (Social Worker) or extensively.

Nurse Sage Afolayan - Trauma and ambulatory nurse.

Dr Averil Goode-Knight - On call psychiatrist but works primarily at Hearthstone Clinic.

Dr. Dale O'Connor - Emergency Room physician.

Dr. Godric Ritter - Emergency Room physician.

Samantha - Medical student

Dorthy Goode - Physical Therapist

Dr Averil Goode-Knight - Psychiatrist in residence

Isrieal - Director of the labs and clinic

Rezart - Scientist/Biology specialist

Ashwyn - Doctor

Tock - Research

Kira - Research

Other Institutions and Private Practices

Dr Arkady Ivanov - Fallcoast Veteran's Hospital

Dr Julian Landon - General Practitioner

Dr Raegan Abernathy - Psychologist

EMTs and Paramedics

Eloise Knight - EMT

Niklaus Kess - EMT

Social Workers

Viktor - Charity work (and neural research)

Other (please note type)

Owen - Search and Rescue

Veterinarians and Associated

Tyberia - Vet (and back alley surgeon)

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Active Medical and Social Work Characters