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“To live is so startling it leaves little time for anything else.”

– Emily Dickinson


xxxxxMeadow Belmonte is a native to the area. She didn't grow up in the city, but just outside of it on a farm and took the bus in to school every day. She was fairly outgoing and friendly as a teenager and had a decent amount of friends, although she didn't often invite people home to visit where she lived.

xxxxxAs a young adult, she took over the family business when her mother died, selling the flowers, fruits and vegetables that they grew. Eventually, she started into making herbal soaps, lotions and medicinal agents, offering them for sale along with the other items. Several years ago, she disappeared from the area after her younger brother died, leaving the family farm in the hands of a friend so that she could travel for awhile. Now she's returned back home and is looking to open a business of her own, where she'll sell the products that she makes.


  • Wolfblood: Probably the most defining aspect of her life. She's always known what she is and what members of her family were, which means she's spent time around wolves and other blooded.
  • Psychic: They run in her family, so it's not surprising she manifested psychic abilities when she was younger. They've only gotten stronger and more extensive with age.
  • Holistic Healing: She may tap into actual healing ability through being a psychic, but she's also learned about the medicinal properties of plants and herbs.
  • Green Thumb: Plants seem to thrive when she's tending to them, which is useful for her business.
  • The Herb Garden: She's recently opened a shop called The Herb Garden, where she sells things that she makes. It's located at F02 in Hanging Hills.
  • Full Moon: From dusk until dawn on the days directly before, during and after a full moon, Meadow is basically nowhere to be found. The shop closes up early and there doesn't seem to be a way to get in touch with her.


Meadow2.pngxxxxxMeadow has always known that her father was a werewolf and that her mother was blooded. Her younger brother eventually went through the Change, himself, but it never quite happened for her. Instead, she seemed to take after her mother's side of the family, being strong of blood and developing psychic abilities.

xxxxxShe's just now returning to Fallcoast so that she can settle back in, meet others in the community and open a business. When she as living in the area before, she was always just on the edges of the crowd, likely known but not really involved. Apparently, she's decided that needs to change now.

Name: Meadow Belmonte
DOB: January 13, 1986
Occupation: Holistic Healer
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Impetuousness

Type: Wolfblood/Psychic

Notable Stats

Biokinesis: *****
Psychic Healing: *****
Plant Empathy: *****
Mind Reading: *****
Telepathic Communication: *****
Thought Projection: *****
Telepathic Rapport: *****


A Wolf's Meat



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