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Fast Facts.. (History)
“Those who believe in Telekinetics, raise my hand.”
xxxxxxxxxx– Kurt Vonnegut

xxxxxMaxen Barnaby Ellington is the only child of Bryce Ellington, a former Olympic Snowboarder, (Nagano. 1998 & Salt Lake City, 2002) and Poppy Cauvanagh, of the Fallcoast Cauvanaghs, fashion model, socialite and 'it' girl. The pair were the subject of the long running reality TV show 'Ellington Heights' from 2001 to 2012 and Maxen more or less grew up on camera in front of the nation. The show stopped filming a few years ago now, but reruns are still shown regularly and the family have remained in the media since. As a result Maxen is a very recognisable face among a certain demographic of people.

Maxen struggled at school initially and the story of his struggle with dyslexia graced the covers of any number of magazines when it came to light. He even won a Teen Choice award for raising awareness and combating the stigma of the condition. Despite his struggles, Maxen nevertheless displayed enormous commitment to his studies and pushed himself hard to achieve good grades. He was never an exceptional student but he was definitely better than average, mostly through sheer, dogged determination.

As he grew a little older Maxen actually forged a bit of a name for himself in his own right and is riding pretty high on the new wave of 'Social Media Famous' celebrities. With well over three million twitter and instagram followers Maxen has shown a keen interest in photography and film making. Hes also cultivated a thriving Youtube channel. Its mostly just silly video diaries but occasionally he shoots something genuinely artsy and cool as well, though these tend to get less hits. His 'coming out' video last summer actually got him nearly 10 million hits and was featured on a number of internet news sites. Hes also shown some talent as a singer, though mostly covers at this point, since hes not so great at writing lyrics.

Having graduated High School last year Maxen has moved to Fallcoast and enrolled at St Johns University majoring in Film Studies.

What You Get
Maxen Barnaby Ellington
Student of Life
Apparent Age: Late Teens
Occupation: Student
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust

Family: Cavanaugh
Sphere: Psychic

Notable Stats
OOC Information
Fame: •• Social Media
Striking Looks 2: Intense
Striking Voice 2: Lyrical
  • What You See

xxxxxJust a little over six feet in height and sporting an athletic frame, he can't be a day over nineteen. His features are well balanced and attractive, with flawless, lightly tanned skin and excellent bone structure.

xxxxxDark, intense eyes are set beneath a heavy brow that gives a look best described as brooding while a straight nose sits above a full mouth with a pronounced cupid's bow. His hair is medium length and somewhere between blonde and brunette in terms of colour, carefully styled with bangs that fall over his eyes unless swept to one side.

xxxxxHe's always smartly turned out without appearing overtly dressy. The style seems effortless, though anything he wears is on trend and obviously expensive, leaning towards high-end fashion houses rather than anything high street more often than not.

Don't I Know You...?
  • Television —  - Star of the Reality TV show 'Ellington Heights'. Stopped filming a few years ago, but still rerun regularly.

  • Newspapers & Magazines —  - His family are perennial favourites with the tabloids.

  • Social Media — - Millions of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Youtube —  - Mainly silly video diaries, but occasionally something artsy and cool as well.

RP Hooks
  • Famous —  - He's kind of a big deal (Fame 2).
  • Cavanaugh —  - On his mother's side, maybe we're vaguely related?
  • Student —  - Majoring in Film Studies at St John's University. Also on the swim team.
  • Psychic —  - Oh, that too. Telekinesis mostly under control...mostly.

Those Closest

  • Name — About them.

On the Outside

  • Name — About them.

  • Name — About them.

  • Name — About them.

  • Name — About them.


The Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown

You're the kind of person you meet at certain dismal dull affairs.
Center of a crowd, talking much too loud running up and down the stairs.
Well, it seems to me that you have seen too much in too few years.
And though you've tried you just can't hide your eyes are edged with tears.
  • (2016.04.30)
Recruiting Maxen
  • (2016.05.13)
Une Nuit A Paris - Part One