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Mason Knoxx

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Man Things

Date of Birth: 14 Mar 1982
Apparent Age: 35
Occupation: Tow Truck Operator
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Addictive Personality

Wolf Things

Template: Werewolf
Auspice: Irraka
Tribe: Storm Lords
Lodge: Lodge of Crows
Pack: None

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Mason Knoxx. Storm Lord. Irraka. Outlaw.

Having spent time out west, Mason is now returning to Fallcoast after nearly twenty years. He's looking to expand his business opportunities, both by opening up a garage and shop (KICC, G02) as well as running guns and money through the region, via connections in both the military and the black market. Mason is tough, but chill, determined and dominate in personality, but not overbearing. He's the kind of guy who works hard and parties harder. He's loyal to his family, and his family is who he chooses. And his shithead little brother, Ryland.

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RP Hooks

Wolf: Mason's a Werewolf. He does Werewolfy things. He's a Storm Lord and Irraka.
Biker: 1%er, into gun running primarily and other nefarious stuff
Black Market: He's an up and coming name, with a lot of friends.
Tow Truck: He also owns a tow truck. Broke down somewhere?
Mechanic: He's a bit of a gear head. Runs Knoxx Imports, Customs and Choppers (KICC)

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