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“You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the Lord will deliver you into my hands, and I’ll strike you down and cut off your head. This very day I will give the carcasses of the Philistine army to the birds and the wild animals, and the whole world will know that there is a God in Israel.”


Marlowe Blake Abernathy was born in Fallcoast, Maine in the year 1975. His parents were Denise and John Blake Abernathy, and neither of them were what one might call good people. In fact, they were monsters. His aunt and uncle, Benjamin and Clarice, were also monsters. How were they monsters, you ask?

Well, all four of them (Along with Marlowe's younger sister and eventually him as well) were loyal servants of Donald Moorehouse, a Daeva member of Belial's Brood's Pandemonium. He dwelled beneath the house the branch of the family shared, and he worked his wiles through them. There was monstrous abuse and horrible things done, and a promotion for the dark, wicked form of Satanism that Pandemonium espouses.

Marlowe grew up within this evil, and he knew no better at first. He worked diligently to serve his dark master, and commited atrocities in his name. Eventually, however, he met a woman by the name Abigail Dreslin, a devout and loving member of The Long Night. She spent time with him while he was having trouble in school, and later when he dropped out of college and got addicted to several different drugs.

She was the one who got him to admit to the existance of Donald. She was the one who convinced him to kill his Master in his sleep, using her own faith to help work him through the Blood Bond until he was able to do the nasty deed. He killed the Master, and then his parents. Only his little sister survived the onslaught, as he couldn't bring himself to do the deed.

He was arrested by the local police, and after a bit of a trial, it was determined that his parents had been abusing him (Which was really not the case, but...) and he ended up serving a smaller term due to the huge publicity of the case. To be fair, he was in prison from age 19 until 35. He served 16 years.

While he was in Maine State Prison, Abigail visited him often. She educated him in the doctrine of the Long Night, and brought him in as a member of The Hopeless. He does not focus on vampires, though, even though he has some experience with them from his earlier life. In fact, he considers them beneath his notice for the most part. There is so much other, stranger evil.

While in prison he aided the Long Night in removing several monsters that lived there as inmates, and managed to not be pinned with the attacks. He spent a lot of time reading the books Abigail brought him, and eventually formed his religious ideals. He believes in the party line about Revelations and the need to destroy monsters. However, he is also a social liberal, and believes in helping people while killing the really bad beasts.

He got out in 2011, and settled back in Fallcoast. However, he couldn't bring himself to go and see his family for a long time, due to shame for his actions. Instead he got a job at Walmart, being transferred about to various stores. Now he's stepping out of his shell to begin to aid the Vigil beyond work for his Compact, and to re-deal with his family.


Musical Inspiration (Songs Updating Constantly Stay Tuned)

RP Hooks

  • Local: Born and raised among the other Abernathy's.
  • Abernathy: He's one of those weird Abernathy's, and his whole life seems to fit them.
  • Prison: He was in Maine State Penn from 19 until 35, serving for the double homicide of his parents, along with arson. The trial was a public spectacle, but it's been a long time. According to the trial both he and his sister were abused by the parents, leading to the eventual killing. It brought about sympathy. The sister was very little when it all happened, and who knows where she is? (Totally open for play as a PC)
  • Walmart: He works at Walmart! No, really.
  • God: He is often giving into his vices, but he believes he cannot be Saved, anyways. No, the war he fights is to save everyone ELSE. In particular, he thinks the really wicked monsters must be destroyed to allow for Revelations to occur.


Marlowe Abernathy
Date of Birth: November 20th, 1975
Apparent Age: Fortyish
Occupation: Walmart Employee/Vice-Ridden Religious Killer
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Lust
Cell: Looking
Status: Single
Compact: The Long Night
Faction: The Hopeless


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