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Marek1.jpg xxxxxMarek was born 23 September, 1984 to Iosif and Dina Vasily in San Francsico, California. Iosif did very well for himself as a money manager for one of San Francisco’s hottest investment banks. Dina was afforded the luxury of staying home to raise the couple’s five children. Marek the oldest. He was a good boy, helping his mother out with the other four as best he could. He had three brothers and a single sister: Grigori, Anatoly, Stepan and Tatyana. Iosif and Dina decided enough was enough when the twins Stepan and Tatyana were born.

xxxxxMarek had a great many uncles and cousins throughout San Francisco. Most of them were at least loosely affiliated with the Russian Mob. They were all more or less good with Iosif’s desire to keep his family away from that life. They were proud of Iosif and Dina.

xxxxxMarek was afforded the opportunity to go to the finest schools. He was a popular young man, blessed with magnetic good looks, a quiet, eloquent voice, tremendous attention to detail, assertiveness and infectious charisma. He wasn’t much of an athlete, but student government and mock trial were his bitch. He wasn’t top of his class, but he worked hard and was able to get into San Francisco State University as a political science major. Marek took his senior superlative of ‘Most Likely to Become President of the United States’ as a personal challenge. He graduated without incident and with honors with a proud family looking on. The fullness of the Vasily family attended, which was what put him in the cross-hairs of the California Department of Justice.

xxxxxHe started Stanford Law without missing a beat, despite the beginning of an investigation into his Mother and Father starting. Hoping to get some actionable charges levied against the rest of the family, the State decided to see how much pressure they could apply to Iosif and Dina before the rest of the family pushed back. After over two years of getting nowhere, a couple detectives cornered Marek on the Stanford campus. They had only hoped to scare him, but when the law student began to ask for badge numbers and laugh at them, the frustrated cops lost their shit. The tazed and pepper sprayed Marek before beating him savagely with their sticks and finally shooting him twice in the back. The two detectives left him to die with some planted evidence that would incriminate his cousins.

xxxxxMarek knew he was going to die. There was no doubt in his mind. He managed to keep his phone from being broken. Calling 911 was just playing into the detectives’ hands, so he called his uncle Sergei instead. It was over an hour drive and he would surely be dead, but at least he could foil the detectives’ plans. After telling Sergei about the planted evidence and the names of the detectives, Marek said his tearful, terrified goodbyes and died.

xxxxxJudge Styx approached the dying young man, not convinced that Marek was what he wanted. He had a ghost of a young man following Marek for a while and his family ties were of a concern to the long dead judge. He didn’t really have designs to be the appropriate sort of attorney and he was barely mediocre in his supernatural potential, only able to barely feel the presence of ghosts. Hell, it wasn’t even something the boy even understood as anything other than the chills. This was the first of his prospective candidates to be close enough to the doorway for the bargain to be struck, though.

xxxxxEven in death, Judge Styx had to hand it to the mortal for being a saavy negotiator. When the eventual bargain is struck, Marek agrees to be join with Judge Styx and gains the services of the ghost, Milo, which had been watching him. In return, Marek gives up his designs on politics and becomes a defense attorney as well as murders the two cops that did this to him with his own hands. No asking his family to do it for him.

xxxxxMarek’s uncle and cousins found him clutching his cell phone and an odd cane with a silver viper with emerald eyes as the head. Miraculously, the boy was still even breathing. As he was being moved, Marek woke long enough to make his Uncle Sergei to promise that he wouldn’t kill those detectives, begging for Sergei to please let him do it. It broke Sergei’s heart, but he finally gave in promising that if Marek recovered enough to do it, he could.

xxxxxIt took some months for Marek to recover. It took until after he graduated law school and passed the bar before his family was able to kidnap the two detectives. In a dank cargo container on the San Francisco docks, Marek honored his promise to The Judge. He drew the blade from The Viper’s Stick, placed the blade tip over each of their hearts, looked into their eyes and pressed forward, plunging the blade into their hearts. He looked into their eyes until the light went out forever and their villainous blood soaked the bond of his bargain with The Judge.

xxxxxMarek, aided by the Judge and Milo, did exceptionally well as a defense attorney. His clients mostly came from his family and the Russian Mob at first, but it wasn’t long before his reputation made it around to all of the lowlifes in San Francisco. He was the lawyer who understood them. His reliance on his cane from the beating he took from those detectives and the scars he has on his back, chest and stomach all are testament to his knowledge of the broken system. It wasn’t long before he needed to pass the Bar tests for all of New England, as The Judge, other Sin Eaters, various forms of organized crime, and people with more money than sense began demanding his services all over the country. That fateful attack may have left him with a permanent limp, a love of valium to keep his nerves under control when he has to see those badges in court, and the hatred of so many for daring to do a good job, but it also has made him rich and an rare advocate for the innocent in a world full of compromise and bad deals. For every person that can afford to pay, he takes another public defender case pro bono and gives someone who could never afford it one of the best defenses in the country.

xxxxxNow, The Judge has whispered in his ear that he knows someone in Fallcoast, Maine that could use their help. A Geist with aligned interests has a Sin Eater that has went and gotten into a spot of trouble. Marek is assured that they can pay, so Fallcoast it is.


  • Geist: If you can't take it with you, there is no real point in leaving.
  • San Francisco: Marek was born and raised in San Fracisco, CA.
  • Defense Attorney: Marek has been practicing law for a number of years now all over New England and it is said he is worth every penny.
  • Russian Mob: People in the know might have heard that Marek is connected.
  • Saint John's University: In a controversial move, Saint John's University has hired Marek to teach Foundations of American Law (LAW 101), Criminal Law and Procedure (LAW 105) and Case Work (Law 404). According to the class website, the Case Work Class (Law 404) will consist of the students working with the instructor to take public defender cases from start to finish.


David Bowie - We Are The Dead

Queen - I Want It All

The Clash - Police On My Back

Bobby Fuller Four - I Fought The Law

Coolio - Gangsta's Paradise

Name: Marek Vasily
DOB: September 23, 1984
Apparent Age: Late 20's
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Greed

Threshold: Torn
Archetype: Bonepicker
Geist: Judge Styx
Krewe: None

Notable Stats

Wits: *****
Manipulation: *****
Persuasion (Oratory): *****
Resources: *****
Ghost Ally: *****
Striking Looks (Magnetic): *****
Striking Voice (Eloquent): *****