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“Nothing contributes so much to tranquilize the mind as a steady purpose - a point on which the soul may fix its intellectual eye.”
- Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

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 BloodyHandprint.png Hooks

All-Night Society: He's been a member of the All Night Society for a little over a century, although he hangs around its more fringe elements.

Lords and Ladies: Marcos is a Lord, and on of their more junior members. He's done little for the Clan aside from those of his bloodline, but is often willing to bargain with a fellow clanmate.

We, The People: Marcos has been a member of the Movement for the last thirty years. He's never been a political support beyond what's required of him, but hasn't pretended at shacking up with any of the other factions within vampire society.

Solo Dolo: Marcos belongs to the Individualists faction of the Carthian Movement. He helps the Covenant when he has to, but prefers to be left to his own devices.

The Cup Half Empty: Like most Fisher Kings Marcos is on the search for the Grail. However, is search is much more broad, and extremely modern compared to that of his sire.

Books: Marcos owns and operates No Shelf Awareness along with the places above it. The place was acquired as part of a gambling debt, and Marcos immediately fired every previous employee before closing for renovations. He's currently hiring cashiers for the shop and an archivist for the books upstairs.

Mantén tu latón con tapa!: He's not from around here, and the Latin accent is a dead giveaway.

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Profile BloodyHandprint.png 

Full Name: Marcos de Zavala
Apparent-Age: Early Twenties
Occupation: Carthian's a job, right?

Virtue: Utopian
Vice: Vanity

Template: Vampire
Clan: Ventrue
Bloodline: Bron
Covenant: Carthian Movement

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