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Experience Point Incentives

Mage on Fallcoast offers numerous incentives for logging and posting your roleplay. Some of these mirror game-wide awards, some of these are unique to the sphere. For the sake of having a single comprehensive resource, we will present all of the potential incentives currently offered for posting and reporting logged RP.


  • Joining a Cabal - +5
  • Adding Cabal to Wiki - +1


  • Mentor RP - +2
  • Adding your name to the Mentor List - +1


  • RP Related to your Service - +2
  • Adding your name to the Service List - +1


  • RP Outside your Order - +2
  • RP Inside your Order - +1


  • Official Consilium RP - +1
  • Council RP - +1

PrP Related

  • Running a Mage PrP - +1
  • About the Abyss - +1
  • About the Supernal Realms - +1
  • Solving Problems while surrounded by sleepers - +2

XP Spends, Justifications, and Discounts

Here are some guidelines for how to spend your XP in the Mage sphere!

For information on what to spend that phat XP on, click here.
For information on item creation, click here.

Arcane XP

Arcane XP is a more nebulous system of esoteric reward whose only use is the raising of Gnosis.

For more information, click here.