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Spell Jobs


Recurring Spells are spells that you cast on a repeating basis. Usually, mages have at least a couple Daily Spells and a couple more Monthly Spells. In the past, we used notes to put these on players individually. Now, though, we have the handy, dandy +effects system which makes it super easy to track when we need to renew your monthly spells. Please note that Daily Spells will be set as notes still since these are meant more to be proof of things you do every morning and then roll when it comes up. It is important to have your Daily and Monthly spells noted because otherwise staff from other spheres are not required to acknowledge any preparation you may put in to your character's daily routine.

We will break this system down for you in a step-by-step fashion for each category of spell notes.

  • If you want information on how to submit Daily Spells, click here.
  • If you want information on how to submit Monthly Spells, click here.