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Proximus Dynasties

Proximus Dynasties

A Proximus is an individual who was born with certain magical gifts that mirror rotes. Some of these lines occurred spontaneously, others were developed through careful selection and practice. One thing is certain, though, Proximi are far more likely to Awaken than their Sleepwalker "cousins" and they are invaluable to the Awakened who manage to find them. However, with great power, and all that - just as they are magically gifted, the Proximi are cursed and have a tendency to get themselves into trouble. It's up to the Awakened who associate with them if it's more trouble than the Proximus is worth.

The Merovingnians are banned from PC use due to their antagonistic nature. Using them in PrPs as antagonists is still acceptable provided you follow all other PrP Guidelines.

Note: The dot-ratings on the Blessings list are the rote-values, not the values you purchase in game. Please increase the value by 1-dot.

Name Parent Path Order Description
Adrasteians Acanthus Guardians of the Veil Observers of the world, often used as pawns in the Labyrinth.
Daeira Obrimos The Mysterium Mana addicts who have developed an affinity for magical energy (ley lines).
Draoidh Thyrsus The Mysterium Druids who are bound by a gaes due to the folly of their ancestors - caretakers of the natural world.
Dvergenson Moros Adamantine Arrow Powerfully gifted craftsmen rumored to be descended from Norse dwarves.
Eleri Ipin Acanthus Adamantine Arrow Bound by destiny but are at a disadvantage to impact it themselves.
Gutenberg Obrimos Free Council Believers that information should be freely available and they use their Blessings to do so.
Holloway Mastigos Guardians of the Veil Advanced psychics with a tendency to make people forget and, in turn, be forgotten.
Imentiu Moros Guardians of the Veil Psychopomps who are often guides for ghosts to get to where they need to go.
Imiohhuih Thyrsus Free Council Sun-worshipping healers of Aztec origin.
Krovora Moros Free Council Very loyal to their Mages, sort of loyal to the Free Council. But generally a bad lot with violent inclinations.
Laochra Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow Warriors of Celtic origin with a deep connection to their Woad tattoos.
Namkhir Thyrsus Silver Ladder Philanthropists who work to make the world, and Shadow, a better place for humanity.
Nephilim Thyrsus Adamantine Arrow Divine warriors with a short fuse.
Osthanes Moros The Mysterium Archaeologists and Alchemists, exploring and understanding the physical world around them.
Priamid Acanthus Silver Ladder Seers of the future who cannot share their visions.
Shao Mastigos The Mysterium Followers of the Tao, adept at interactions with the Astral realm.
Schwarzen Obrimos Guardians of the Veil Splintered from the same family as the Gutenbergs, but dedicated to controlling information.
Vicarians Mastigos Silver Ladder Political assistants, agents, and staff - generally bureaucratic by nature themselves.
Everetts Mastigos The Mysterium Psychics and scientists who examine assist in the investigations and delve in the possibilities to be gained form exploiting quantum mechanics of fate through exploring multiple worlds.


Parent Path: Acanthus

Patron Order: Guardians of the Veil

Nicknames: Telchines, Butterflies

Description: Descended from the mythical Nemesis, these children are doomed to not interfere with the world that they see. The Guardians of the Veil hold the family within their Labyrinth, where their gifts can be closely watched, and the secrets of the family's powers hidden in layers of masks and confusion. Those who are aware (PCs) are often drawn in through the Labyrinth though they do not always know much about the "friends of family" that ask them for favors.

Blessings: Fate: Interconnections (•), Synchronicity (•), Winds of Chance (•), Fortune's Protection (••), Sniffing the Winds of Fate (••), Monkey's Paw (•••), Supernal Luck (•••), Backbite (•••), Probable Cause (••••), Sanctify Oath (••••). Life: Cleanse the Body (•) Matter: Find the Hidden Hoard (*), Alter Efficiency (••••) Mind: Aura Perception (•) Time: Perfect Timing (•), Temporal Wrinkles (•), Library of Time (••), Temporal Stutter (••••).

Curse: The manifestation of the Adrasteians' curse is not as consistent in appearance as many other Dynasties', but is far more certain. Each time that a Telchine uses one of his or her Blessings to alter reality rather than observe it, that Telchine experiences a backlash corresponding to the severity of the effect. A use of Winds of Chance to give oneself a pleasant evening might result in the user having a terrible day the next day, as if the spell's negative effect were in play and ruining every chance she encountered. A use of Supernal Luck to ensure that the Proximus could run across /just the right/ information in a library might result in the Proximus being struck temporarily blind for a day immediately after, or speaking in an incomprehensible babble without realizing that he's lost the use of language. A use of Backbite on an opponent's weapon might result in the Butterfly getting into her car to escape the fight and discovering that at just the wrong moment, the steering wheel wrenches in the wrong direction. Proximi who attempt to evade the Curse by learning *only* observation Blessings discover that the Curse mutates, and begins to affect *all* Blessings they use.

Character Generation: No unknowing Proximi - all members of the Adrasteians need to have at least a nominal knowledge of their origins and the Awakened (though they may not know much).

Source: Player Submitted


Parent Path: Thyrsus

Patron Order: Mysterium

Nicknames: Druids, Hippies

Description: Descended from ancient druids who traded a favor with the Tuatha de Danann for their magic - and then violated that bargain. The Druids today tend toward the roles of their druid ancestors, providing care and wisdom for all who need it, and many still uphold druid theology (though it is not necessarily a part of the dynasty itself). These individuals often seek wisdom and unity with the world around them, coming into harmony, but are also aware of the need for balance, especially with the Spirit world.

Blessings: Life: Shapechanging (••••), Healing Heart (•••), Control Median Life (•••), Body Mastery (•••), Self-Healing (••), Body Control (••), Sense Life (•), Pulse of the Living World (•), Healer’s Trance (•) Spirit: Coaxing the Spirits (•), Exorcist’s Eye (•), Second Sight (•), Spirit Tongue (•), Analyze Spirit (••), Ephemeral Shield (••), Gossamer Touch (••), Lesser Spirit Summons (••), Peer Across the Gauntlet (••), Exorcism (•••), Rouse Spirit (•••)

Curse: Each member of the dynastay is obligated by the rules of Hospitality, under compulsion to never refuse hospitality - if the Draoidh breaks this gaes the character suffers from hunger and fatigue penalties for the next 3 days as the gaes revokes sustenance from food, drink, or sleep (or any spell, action, etc. that would remedy the penalties). The only way to end this is to suffer through it. In addition, the Proximus’ aura is tainted with dishonesty until he once again upholds his gaes. This aura mark also appears in the physical realm as a red X on the back of the Draoidh’s hand as if it were scratched into the flesh. As long as the mark is present, others view the character as an “outsider” (regardless of if they know why, something just seems… off… about the character) and suffers a -2 to all social rolls – this effect can fade as soon as the gaes is upheld, even before the 3 days of deprivation are over.

Oblations: Tending the earth, gardening, casting runes/divination, observing spirits

Character Generation: Typically these characters will have strong connections to the Spirit world, high levels of Medicine (usually homeopathic specialties), occult, merits such as Holistic Awarness, Tolerance for Biology, etc.

Source: Developed by Hiraeth


Parent Path: Mastigos

Patron Order: Guardians of the Veil

Nickname: Collaborators

Description: The Holloway family is a line of proximus who survived the purge during the Salem witch trials. They originated from a Silver Ladder proximus line that came to the Americas but then lost the support of their Ladder handlers. When the Seers made their presence known in the colonies, the witch trials began a slow purge of those loyal to the Oracles. It was only through the appearance of a Guardian and the lessons taught to the Holloway family that kept them from the public eye. Since that time, the Holloway have assisted the Order through information gathering and providing safe houses with the paper trails that so few Guardians are willing to have.

Appearance: Members of the Holloway family have learned well the lessons of the past. They do not keep any distinctive manner of dress and tend to wear whatever is practical and fits in best with the neighborhood.

Blessings: Death: Forensic Invisibility (••) Mind: Know Virtue (•), Mental Shield (••), Misperception (••), Incognito Presence (••), Emotional Urging (••), False Speech (Greater) (•••), Eternal Now (•••), Imposter (•••), Read The Depths (••••), Telepathic Control (••••) Life: Two-Faces (•••), Healing Heart (•••) Prime: Supernal Vision (•), Transform Aura (••) Space: Destroy The Threads (•••)

Curse: The Holloway Proximi are sadly Cursed to be forgotten. They may not buy Fame nor can their Status in any organization exceed 2 as destiny conspires against them and their coworkers are promoted above them for lesser works. Their lot lies in the Everyman and not in the exceptional.

Character Creation: These proximi tend towards merits common to Guardians. Eidetic Memory is valuable to them so that they do not have to keep incriminating books and lore. Likewise Occultation keeps them out of the public eye. They often take on jobs that make it easier for Guardians to disappear. They rarely want the sort of scrutiny being a police officer entails but they will serve as EMTs, 911 dispatchers, city clerks, and other public offices that are out of the limelight. Jobs such as office assistants, secretaries and other faceless menials close to persons of power are likewise popular.

Oblations: Idle gossip, People watching, Slipping into exclusive events without a ticket, Obtaining documents under false pretense.

Concepts: Mayoral Secretary, Parking Enforcement Officer, Court Clerk, Bartender

Source: Developed by Brian


Parent Path: Moros

Order: Free Council

Nickname: Kyrsy (Rats), Hotheads (pejorative)


Blessings: Death: Grim Sight (•), Speak with the Dead (•), Entropic Shield (••), Ghost Summons (••), Suppress Aura (••), Ghost Gate (•••), Restore Corpus (•••), Suppress Own Life (•••) Matter: Find the Hidden Hoard (•), Alter Accuracy (••), Steel Windows (••), Temporary Repair (•••) Fate: Evil Eye (••), Exceptional Luck (••), Monkey's Paw (•••)
Prime: Celestial Fire (•••) Space: Scrying (••) Time: Perfect Timing (•)

Weakness: Every member of the Krovora Dynasty suffers from the curse of Poteri Uma. While the Dynasty as it stands is far-removed from their origins they still fill the occasional clawing at their mind. All Rats suffer from the Nightmare Flaw (Book of the Dead, page 159) wherever they rest. Additionally, the Rat loses the 10-again quality to all Composure rolls, and 1s rolled while using Composure remove successes.

Character Generation: No restrictions / incentives

Source: Player Submitted


Parent Path:Acanthus

Order: Silver Ladder

Nickname: Laconics

Description: Descendants of Cassandra of Troy - speaker of prophecy that no one believed. Though sheltered from total destruction, these Proximi are unable to share their visions. They have adapted by maintaining a stringent code of honor and earning the trust of their Order. Many of the Priamid are trusted to act on their visions without justification - and abuse of this trust is seen as a grave offense to the Dynasty. However, their inability to justify their actions frequently makes them look impulsive and arrogant - often leading them to work in very small groups (if not completely alone). Decide what needs to be done, get it done, then report back.

Blessings: Death — Forensic Gaze (•), Grim Sight (•), Speak with the Dead (•), Ghost Summons (••), Touch of the Grave (••), Suppress Own Life (•••); Devouring the Slain (••••);Fate — Interconnections (•), The Evil Eye (••), Fabricate Fortune (•••), Forbidden Fate (••••), Destroy Bindings (••••); Time — Perfect Timing (•), Postcognition (••), Divination (•••), Occlude Destiny (•••), Prophecy (••••)

Curse: Modern Priamids can never accurately relay information learned through the use of personal supernatural abilities. These include Blessings, Awakened rotes and thaumaturgical spells. The Priamid involuntarily tells falsehoods or omits information, even when magically commanded. Telepathic examination yields false visions and for the purpose of supernatural oaths, Priamids are not considered to be lying when the Curse affects their testimony. They know their Curse but are never consciously aware of its effects on their speech and actions. Thus, they can’t identify their own errors unless someone else points them out. Even then, the Priamid makes inaccurate corrections, compounding the problem.

The Dynasty adapts to the situation by keeping its collective mouth shut. When members know something’s up they act and ask for any help they need without explaining themselves. This tends to rub uninitiated allies the wrong way, but théarchs who work with the Dynasty have learned to take their requests on faith.

Character Generation: No restrictions

Source: Silver Ladder, pg. 69


Parent Path: Mastigos

Patron Order: Mysterium

Nickname: Monks, Dreamers

Description: Descendants of a family of farmers whose adherence to the Tao and their own unique wisdom led them to become minor deities in their local community. These Proximi find themselves excelling in the Astral realm, able to integrate themselves into the Dreamtime with ease. They will often record their experiences for the benefit of the Order and are often employed in Astral missions.

Appearance: The Shao are all of Chinese descent, though how many generations back is always variable. While there is no real set "look" to them, almost all of the Shao have a naturally relaxed "feel" to them - they seem laid back, in control, and unearthly calm. Many will have a distant look in their eyes, never quite focused on the now (as they're often thinking back to the Astral).

Blessings: Mind: One Mind, Two Thoughts (•), Mental Shield (••), Misperception (••), Willful Process (••), Astral Invitation (•••), Preserve Astral Object (•••), Preserve Astral Space (•••), Seal Oneiros (•••), Augment the Mind (•••), Dream Bridge (••••) Life: Cleanse the Body (•), Body Control (••), Self-Healing (••), Self-Purging (••) Prime: Supernal Vision (•), Astral Tass Conversion (•••) Time: Divination (•••)

Curse: The Shao Proximi are tied inexorably with the Astral and find it difficult to separate the two aspects of themselves. While in any Astral realm (including the Oneiros), any damage taken is not done to the WP, but is, instead, inflicted on the Proximus’s physical body as bashing damage. For illnesses/disease/toxins – the appropriate physical manifestation is used instead. This damage must be healed naturally and cannot be healed with magic.

Character Creation: These proximi are almost always going to have merits such as Lucid Dreamer/Dreaming, Meditative Mind, Patient, Higher Calling, Dream, etc. Almost all of the Shao dynasty are Taoists, though this is not a requirement for the Dynasty.

Oblations: meditation, lucid dreaming

Concepts: Yoga instructor, martial artist, monk, new-ager, philosopher

Source: Developed by Hiraeth


Parent Path: Mastigos

Patron Order: Silver Ladder

Nickname: Stewards, Attendants, Slaves (vulgar)

Description: The members of this Dynasty became prized members of the Silver Ladder’s support staff. While originally the family served its ancestors, successive generations became more generically Ladder, serving the Order as a whole rather than any specific member. They were entrusted with many of the details of day-to-day life as well as low level Supernal matter - often integrated into businesses, local politicals, and other sleeper affairs. It's not uncommon to see these Proximi wherever the desire for more influence can be found.

Appearance: The Vicarians are generally European, originating in Italy but spreading throughout the continent and into the new world as the Order’s members spread their own influence. While the true members of the specific bloodline have recorded their ancestry very diligently, there are other Proximi born frequently into the Dynasty that are not descendants of Prospero Bellini, though they may have similar histories of family service.

Blessings: Mind: One Mind, Two Thoughts (•), Mind Merge (•), First Impression (••), Incognito Presence (••), Memory Hole (••), Mental Shield (••), Diplomat’s Protection (•••), Multi-tasking (•••), Augment the Mind (•••), Imposter (•••), Telepathy (•••), Universal Language (•••) Space: Finder (•), Scrying (••), Co-location (••••) Life: Simulate Basic Needs (••) (Banisher’s pg. 57) Fate: Interconnections (•), The Perfect Moment (••)

Curse: The Vicarians are predisposed to service to the Silver Ladder and their service is written into their very essence. The Vicarians suffer a -1 penalty in rolls involving Silver Ladder status (in addition to any other status negatives) or Silver Ladder members enjoy a +1 bonus in rolls involving Silver Ladder status against the Vicarians. This Curse persists beyond a Vicarian’s Awakening.

Character Creation: This Proximi generally have merits like Eidetic Memory, Good Time Management, Bureaucratic Navigator, etc. These proximi are almost always heavily involved in the Order, not many are "just finding out".

Oblations: Doing paperwork, running errands, filing, acting in someone else's stead

Concepts: Politicians, personal assistants, lawyers

Source: Developed by Hiraeth


Parent Path: Mastigos

Patron Order: The Mysterium

Nicknames: Schrodingers, Searchers, Mentats

Description: Descendants of a long line of psychics highly attuned to the thin veil between worlds. They came to the attention of the Mysterium long ago when rumors came to their attention of psychics so attuned that they could bridge the worlds themselves, travelling not just between the known states, but crossing between universes. If this were true, it hasn’t happened in more than two hundred years, but the Mysterium watches all the same, hoping to learn if there truly is a multiverse beyond what is known, and if so, how to harness such knowledge.

While the Mysterium’s hopes of unraveling the mysteries of other universes have not been fruitful, the Order has gained a powerful resource. The Everetts have strong sensory abilities, starting with the minds and emotions of those around them and the fabric of nature around them. This strong sensory ability has extended to the point of sensing the thin veil between universes, able to read the possibilities of each newly created universe as a consequence of each possible decision as well as bridging the gaps between thin points in the fabric of space to travel in an instant. The Proximi are strongly attuned to bridging points between conscious states and the shifting points in space as well as searching the minds of those around them. In more recent times, as quantum mechanics was postulated, the Many Worlds Interpretation came to be an apt explanation for something the Proximi had been trying to explain for some time. Unfortunately, with minds so open and attuned to the worlds beyond this one, they’ve been cursed with shades and whispers and the possibility of cracking under the mental pressure of seeing the darker of possibilities of their life in the multiverse.

Blessings: Mind: Aura Perception (•), One Mind, Two Thoughts (•), Third Eye (•), Memory Void (••), Voice from Afar (••), Augment the Mind (•••), Multitasking (•••), Sleep of the Just (•••), Telepathy (•••), Dream Traveler (••••), Read the Depths (••••)Fate: Interconnections (•), Quantum Flux (•), Exceptional Luck (••)Space: Correspondence (•), Portal (•••)Time: Momentary Flux (•) Temporal Eddies (•) Temporal Wrinkles (•) Flip of the Coin (••).

Curse: The Everetts are constantly attuned to the possibilities the universe offers, sensing shadings of what might be or is, off-shoots of each decision available at every moment in time and the immediate outcomes of them. They “hear” unintelligible whispers or “see” phantom images of movement that are just visible enough without being coherent enough to provide detail: each sense flooded with indecipherable input to distract and disorient. Sometimes this can even manifest as unconscious shifts, reacting to others as their alternate selves without realizing it or understanding it. The Proximus may fortify their mind, closing themselves off from their gift, but the temporary relief has the possibility of a darker backlash as their ability reestablishes itself.

In game mechanics, the Everetts suffer -2 on all actions. The Proximus may ignore the Curse for a day by spending a point of willpower, though doing so will result in a mild derangement that lasts for the day, with the derangement becoming severe if they use a blessing while ignoring the Curse.

Typical derangements include: Dissociation (commonly associated with feeling as if the world is not their world, that their mind is attached to a version of themselves from another world, able to observe with little control, or maybe they’re locked out of their body which is controlled by the mind of a version of them from another world), Fixation (did the Everett chose the correct/incorrect outcome visible in another universe, etc), Fugue, Goetic Fracture (fighting a darker, negative alternate version of the character or a loved one), Hypnagogic Hallucination, Inferiority (always unable to choose the wrong path, the worst possible version of themselves from all the parallel universes), Memory Obsession (typically concerns as to whether the Everett is remembering thing from this universe or another), Multiple Personality Disorder (typically an alternate version of the character), Paranoia (typically concerns as to whether the person switched with an alternate universe version of that individual, or if you’ve been mistaking him/her for a version from another universe), Phobia (typically fearful of something/one who is darker/evil in another universe), Suspicion (as Paranoia), and Waking Nightmare (typically fighting an alternate version of the character or a loved one).

The Curse is not lost on Awakening.

Character Generation: These proximi are almost always going to have merits such as Area of Expertise, Danger Sense, Eye for the Strange, Indomitable, Iron Will, Lucid Dreamer/Dreaming, etc

Source: Player Submitted