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"The Irish do not want anyone to wish them well;
they want everyone to wish their enemies ill."

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Name: Lynneth
Date of Birth: 03 Jan 1987
Age: 28
Height/Weight: 5'11/180 lbs
Hometown: Unknown
Occupation: Private Investigator
Business: Bodkin Research and Investigations - Fallcoast C02
Virtue: Prudence
Vice: Lust
Sphere: Sin Eater
Geist: The Haunted Woman

Listening to: JOHNNY RIVERS - Secret Agent Man
  • Enigma: : Lynneth doesn't give much detail on his past other than he's a former drifter who liked Fallcoast enough to put down roots.
  • Private Investigator: : He's got a firm setup in the commercial district (Bodkin Research And Investigations), and does his job well.
  • Social: Known to spend time in Safeword, libraries, historical sites, and quieter bars. Lynneth avoids other loud social clubs. Does not go overkill with drink, breaking the stereotype for an irish man for most born and raised Americans.
  • Sin eater: Known to the Bound in the city as the new Necromancer in town, Lynneth is mainly a lone wolf, but has been known to do favors. To everyone else, he's the PI who has unusually high success rates with cases involving death.
  • The Haunted Woman: Lynneth's Geist appears as a middle aged woman with rubies for eyes and a middle ages dress. When visible to other Sin Eaters, she is horribly shy, but has an open disdain for all forms of jewelry.


  • Nono - “TBA”
  • Kilo - “Mutually beneficial acquaintance”
  • Max - “Glows like a lighthouse, but does things I can't, like tolerate tha Church.”
  • Aisling - “Ye fly in the face of the rules of death... how?”
  • Tucker - “Part of the police club, and as usual fer that lot thinks he can tell me how ta live me life.”
  • Vivienne - “Receptionist at tha firm, and all round fun lass. Don't fuck with her, and we won't have any issues.”
  • Deckard - “Fellow sin eater. New ta town, but we get along well enough that I offered the lad a job as security with me firm. We'll see how that works out.”
  • Enki - “Only took centuries ta find one of ye, but goddamned if it wasn't enlightening.”

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