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"Quando finisce la partita il re ed il pedone finiscono nella stessa scatola."

xxxxxTragedy often tempers the boldest of hearts and, as the old adage goes, God never gives more suffering than any one man or woman can overcome. He tortures those he loves... right? But it wasn't always suffering for Lucia. For most of her life, Lucia was pampered, coddled, and sheltered within a largely Italian-American family rather large on observing their culture. Tight knit, Catholic, and with a father whose ties with the Scaccia family kept a roof over their heads, food in their bellies, and more cash on hand than one has any real need of.

xxxxxA wild teenager, Lucia luxuriated in the entitlement of her place, wallowed in what the world had to offer someone as young and pretty as she. And when she was eighteen, it all came crashing down. Literally. Lucia lost both of her parents in a car wreck that nearly killed she and her sister as well. Much of their extended family were not by blood and Lucia stepped in, stepped up, and took guardianship over her sister. Her father's businesses defaulted or fell into the Scaccia family's hands. Suddenly, she needed a job, an education, and a crash course in parenting.

xxxxxThings almost settled, even if it was exhausting working and attending school at the same time. And then--the lightning struck.

RP Hooks
  • Never Say Never: You're not done with the mafia until they say you're done. Even though it was her father who laundered money for the mob, Lucia (as an adolescent) reveled in their special treatment. Without her father around, she has tried to cut ties, but you can never quite sever that hold. More than she'd like to admit, Lucia still relies on them from time to time, and their favors aren't free.
  • Working Hard: There's a bit of pension for Lucia and her sister, but they've got a lot of debt too. Lucia's got rent to pay, groceries to buy, and a certain lifestyle to desperately try to keep. She doesn't usually succeed at the latter, but damned if she doesn't try. Lucia has tried a number of different professions since turning eighteen: waitressing, cooking, housemaid, and elderly care.
  • Saint John University Student: When she isn't moonlighting to earn a little extra cash, Lucia is probably studying or actively in class. Despite her former life as a spoiled princess, Lucia is strikingly intelligent and hard working--now. She's majoring in nursing. She puts in as many hours as she can per semester, attends even during summer "break".
  • Italian American: There's a little extra mixed in there, but Lucia is primarily of Italian descent. She grew up in an Italian household, around the Scaccia family, and it influences her interests, her sense of style, and her mannerisms.
  • Thearch Lite: She's newly apprenticed into the Order and learning the ropes, but Lucia has a long way to go before she's truly a thearch of the Silver Ladder.
  • Path of the Mighty: Awakening upon reaching the Watchtower of the Golden Key, Lucia is an Obrimos. She's new at this, but she's taken to it with some reserve. It's an exciting and terrifying time in Lucia's life.


Full Name: Lucia Maria Moretti
Played By: Josie Loren
Appears As: Lucia
Shadowname: Orenda
Order: Silver Ladder
Date of Birth: July 1 1997
Apparent Age: Late Adolescence
Occupation: Student/Blue Collar
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Addictive-Personality
Template: Mage

Ella Eyre - If I Go

And I need time, and I need space
I need to live without your face