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Lubomir Svoboda

"Many of them that live in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life." ~~ Daniel 12:2"


Date of Birth: November 11, 1892
Occupation: Violinist
Vice: Envy.
Virtue: Fortitude.

Template: Vampire

No, they'll never catch me now.

  • Daeva: The old man has a raw musical talent, tantamount to genius. He doesn't play for an orchestra, though many would be proud to grant him first chair. Instead he uses his undead talents to keep his sizable herd entranced, and eager to allow him into their homes to bare witness to his godlike skills on the fiddle.
  • Circle of Crone: An immigrant escaped from Czechoslovakia during WWII, he brought all the old world knowledge that his Sire could compile before the Germans annexed his homeland, and the city of Prague. Whisked away by the underground, Lubomir came to the states in order to preserve these ancient teachings and pay homage to Baba Yaga in the New World. Amongst his covenant he is known as 'Father' and 'Skald'
  • A Stern Teacher: His mastery of the violin is near matched by his power over Cruac. A dangerous blood sorcerer in his own right, part of the reason he came to America after WWII was to teach these skills to his fellow Crone and the lost mythology behind their magics.
  • Bad Habits: Its said that Lubomir is also addicted to opiates, and many of his herd live in drug houses, flopped about on couches while enjoying tar in copious amounts.