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Children make you want to start your life over - Mohammad Ali

xxxxx Louise Smith is the only child of Andrew and Cassandra Smith. Shy and reserved, there were only a small group of people she would really call friends as she grew up. The family were involved in a car accident that killed Louise's parents; dying from blood loss as she watched, unable to do anything about it.

xxxxx Louise became more withdrawn after their deaths though she was nothing but friendly if people bothered to try and break her shell. Disappearing to university she has re-entered Fallcoast life as the proprietor of a child-care center.

xxxxx In late 2015 Louise was abducted into Arcadia to care for, and brainwash, children who had also been stolen. Was this because she had got to know Somebody too well? Was it just bad luck? But now she is back and she is changed.

RP Hooks
  • Child Care - Louise had just opened the 'Best Foot Forward Child-Care Center' before she was taken. Whether she is still up to looking after kids in this way after her trip to Arcadia is another thing. She has come back much more protective of children - maybe even psychopathically so.
  • Local - Born and bred. Fallcoast High, class of 2009.
  • Orphan - Her parents were killed in a car accident which she was also part of. She got to watch them die.
  • Changed - Louise was quiet, reserved and quite shy who only really came out of her shell around kids. But since the new year (post Arcadia) she's been much more upbeat, outgoing and positive. Maybe too much.
  • Lost and Found - Louise has been to Arcadia and it was not fun. Returning back to the old world she has no idea what has become of her or the new world that waits of her. Tutors and tormentors welcome.
  • Dawn - Louise is an eternal optimist - how could you not be when surrounded by children - so Dawn seems the natural court for her. Shame there are so few Lost with a positive outlook.

Deborah - Came to work at the child care center and hung around even though I have no idea whether Best Foot Forward will ever open again. Lives on site and I'm glad for the company...and the love.

Skylar - As new as me to the other world but already knows way more about it. Hopefully she can be a guide.

Somebody - He said he would protect me from the things in the dark - did he even notice I was missing? So much for promises. He's back and finally came to see me. Let's see what happens this time.


Bente - Deborah's sister. Full-on Viking and metalsmith. She might be able to put me back together!

Elias - I used to tutor him at High School. He's changed...a lot. Though now so have I.

Kira - Another of Deborah's sisters. Has this crazy biker outfit but maybe there's more to it than that. I think we need to talk. But she left.

Sara - Old friend from high school. Still as gorgeous as ever but now also has a son...as well as being a cop. Hopefully she left for a better life.




Louise Smith
In game as: Louise
Date of Birth: 17 March 1991
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Height: 5'6"
Occupation: In Transition
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Envy
Striking Looks: ** Sweet
Kith: Weisse Frau
Second Kith: Manikin
Mantle: Dawn
Played By: Alicia Vikander

EMF - Children

Basement Jaxx - Plug It In

Duran Duran - Electric Barbarella

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