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Winter Charity Ball

"And the winner is..."

Dramatis Personae

Lance, Grayson, Rebecca, Obadiah, Tock, Wish, Jesse, Ritter, Harrison, Lexi, Viktor and Brielle


The Elysian Foundation hosts it's annual Winter Ball.


Upscale Hotel Ballroom

The night of the Elysian Foundations Winter Charity Ball has arrived. The event is being held in one of the more upscale hotels of Fallcoast and no expense has been spared with the decor or the food that has been placed intricately in the serving dishes. There's also desserts that would give a dentist a years worth of work. It's a winter theme and there's a few ice sculptures that are scattered about the room. The colors are jewel toned and each table has a festive arrangement of white flowers with glittering tinsel entwined with them.

There is a coat check as one comes into the room, given the warm and cozy temperature one probably wouldn't need it. A welcome table it set up by the double doors into the room and a few staff members await with smiles and warm greetings to take tickets and give over the little goodie bags that have been made up to give to the guests. They contain commemorative ornaments and other little things. There are also raffle tickets as there's one for a designer here.

Brielle is here and tending to the guests as they arrive. She's dressed in a custom made emerald green ball gown that compliments her pale skin and fiery red hair. Next to her is a tall man with dark hair in a crisp looking tux and he is holding a tablet that he looks down to every so often before he goes to talk to one of the waiters or event staff. Brielle's dark brown eyes are warm as they look over person to person that enters and she shakes hands and greets people that have already arrived. The band is already playing and their are people mingling all across the huge room.

It must be cold enough for Obadiah Cobb as he arrives at the event, for his skin is pale, perhaps from the night air. He forgot an overcoat, but he straightens the shawl collar of his tuxedo, as he enters. He'll incline his head to Brielle as he enters. "Good evening."

Black had taken the time to put on his best suit in black and makes his way to the event. It is once he is within that he takes the time to check in and check all out that he needs to do. Then with that finished he moves to greet Brielle afterwards.

Anytime there is some major social function with some well-to-do types anywhere near it... well that's a time that City Councilman Grayson Hardwick is going to show up to shake hands and give pretty smiles and try to make interesting new contacts, if only so he can use those contacts later for campaign contributions. Making his way into the event in his rented out tux, he waits patiently for his turn to greet the hostess for the evening, meanwhile glancing around to see who else might be here. Hopefully not anyone who was planning to run against him.

Tock is dressed in wintry themes this evening (unwittingly apropos with the decorations), all blue and white and silver. Her gown is an icy blue silk taffeta at its base, full skirts dressed up with wisps of white taffeta and bodice with an overlay of lace netting carrying complex embroidery, glass beads, and crystals. A silver and sapphire choker length necklace circles her throat, a silver woven metal bracelet one wrist, and her ever-present locket with a stylised alternating current symbol on its front is pinned securely to her bodice. Her hair is swept back in an chignon with a bit of netting veil decorated with tiny crystals holding it in place. Her modest-heeled silvery shoes clicking smartly against the floor as she walks. She lifts a hand in greeting to Brielle as she spots the familiar face. "Good evening, Brielle! Good to see you."

It's been long enough since he's worn cufflinks that it feels odd, and thus Ritter is still worrying at the one at his left wrist as he comes in. He's in a severely cut black tux, while the younger man at his side is in a formal gray suit. "I know I'm gonna lose the bloody thing before the evening's out," he says to Jesse, mock-morosely. "I think I tore the buttonhole. I'm only 'ere 'cause Nowakowski dragooned me into doing it." It's merely habitual complaining, though - his eyes are bright. Surely Doctor Gloomy doesn't actually like dressing up?

Obadiah doesn't fidget. He doesn't look pleased to be here, and since Brielle seems too busy to respond to his greeting, he moves on. He doesn't seem put out by it. In fact, he doesn't seem much of anything.

Jesse in contrast to Ritter carries himself with poise. This scene is nothing new to him. He drops off his coat at the coat check, gives each sleeve of his jacket a tug to put it all into place, and tells Ritter, "Stop messing with it." He takes a look around, and he smiles as he asides to the older man, "Remind me to think Nowakowski."

Black adjusts both his cufflinks while he takes a moment to notice Tock. He blinks a bit at the clothes and then looks to the side with a small huff in his breath, "It is a pleasure to come here, Miss," he voices.

Viktor looks a bit distracted as he walks in through the doors, his eyes directed down to the phone in his hand. His attire is a the simple classic, a black tuxedo with trousers in the same colour and cut, simple silver cufflinks that, normally, he would never wear. "Wake up you stupid thing." he half mutters and half whispers at his, presumably, frozen or dead phone.

A bit late and evidently looking for someone, this short, dark and dusky girl arrives. All uncertain excitement for experiencing new things, Wish lip-bites as she looks around this swank and luxurious event. She's perhaps a nudge over five foot in flats, wearing a modestly cut little black dress, under a drum major-style jacket in black and gold trim. Hair too is done up pretty, all thick and wavy-brushed, with a snow-flake pin of silver and copper. And for her well-assembled appearance, she looks like she just doesn't fit here. There's just something too eager about her. Like zOMG this is awesome instead of the practiced blas? of a proper member of high society. Aaannnyway after a moment or two of gawking about, she seems to spy that for which she searches and darts across to Tock's side. Poking her gently. Like hello I am here. Grinning.

Rebecca arrives, lingering a moment by the coat check to divest herself of a silver fox fur stole once she's in the warmth inside. She's in a pale lavender ball gown, the bodice and sleeves, cut to leave pale shoulders bare, delicately embroidered faintly hinting at a crystalline forest motif, tree branches in silver and white gleaming with a shimmer of crystals here and there before they fade into her full skirt, like a fluffy, diaphanous cloud of stormy tulle in her wake. The jewelry is discreet, whites and diamonds, and hair piled up into an elaborately braided bun. She meanders, with a ready smile on her face, politely greeting those she knows.

Brielle gives a nod to people that she knows and there's a smile to Obadiah, as he's not a known face to the woman, "Good evening, sir." she states as she sees him start to head off. There's a lot going on. She can't keep track of all of them for a moment. Then there's a wave to Tock, "Good evening, how are you doing?" she asks the woman. Then she's returning other greetings that she might have missed. Making sure that she doesn't miss anyone.

"Well, thank you. The decorations are fantastic," Tock replies to Brielle. Black's greeting catches her attention, turning her head to regard the fellow for a few ticks before recognition settles in. "Detective Lance?" Title and first name, that may be the most she can dredge up from meeting months ago. Her lips curl into a warm smile. "Good to see you. I am glad you are enjoying yourself." Then there is poking from the opposite direction, another slight turn of her head, a broadening of her smile to regard Wish. "Visnja, hello. You made it here all right, I trust?"

Ritter finally settles it to his satisfaction, and leaves off, shrugging the tuxedo jacket like a bird settling its feathers. HE shoots his cuffs, and that's apparently the end of the preening, for he's looking around curiously. "That bastard," he says, under his breath. "'e told me 'alf the ER'd be present, and instead it looks no one else is. No one from work, I mean." No other doctor present to witness him sacrifice a Saturday evening.

Grayson slides up to Brielle and smiles. "A good evening to you, my dear hostess. Allow me to thank you for hosting such a wonderful event." He holds out a hand to the woman, smiling. "My name is Grayson Hardwick, although I prefer to go by Gray. I am a City Councilman and I would like to arrange a meeting in the near future in order to better know your foundation and what it does. Would that be possible?"

Black smiles a bit towards Tock once he notices the woman has recognized him, "Ah. It is wonderful to see you again," he voices, as he then inclines a bit, as he shifts up, "You look gorgeous as always," he adds. Then he sweeps to look for anyone else that might be around.

Obadiah glances back at Brielle and nods in recognition of her greeting, but he keeps moving into the event itself. He glances over his shoulder at the arrival of Ritter. A slight twitch at the corner of his mouth.

Lexi walks inside the Ball by her self dressed in a beautiful red and black evening gown complete with heels. She comes in and hands off her ticket at the entrance sadly she is here alone tonight.

"Instead, you're forced to spend the night out at a phenomenal party in a classy venue with me," Jesse tells Ritter. "My heart goes out to you." His smile broadens as he spies Grayson and Brielle. "Get us something to drink? I'm just going to say hello."

A little bounce on her toes and Wish is agreeing with Tock, or at least, supporting the assumption that her journey and arrival here were without notable incident. Offering a "Yes," which is entirely redundant over her body language. Hands held loosely behind her back, lest she be tempted to touch something she shouldn't. Whatever that might be. She will evaluate that as the night progresses. Still smiling, she adds, "It is very nice," in quiet and carefully spoken English, looking around. Perhaps to find something which isn't nice, in which case she might have to retract her statement. Still looking.

There's a sheepish little half-grin, a bare curl of one corner of Ritter's mouth. "What'll you 'ave?" he asks, almost sotto voce, before turning to the bar. Obadiah gets an amused flash of brows. So you're here, too. A couple of dusty old relics being trotted out for the evening.

Tock chuckles a bit at the compliment from Black, bowing her head slightly. "Thank you. I think there may be some unfair advantage in your only seeing me in ball gowns for such qualifying statements," she admits. She gestures to the bouncing girl at her side with an open hand. "This is my friend, Visnja. Visnja, Detective Lance."

Brielle gives a smile to Tock, "Thank you for that and thank you for coming. I was hoping to see familiar faces here this evening." she tells her fellow Courtier. Then there's a nod as she moves off. Grayson's introduction is met with a bright smile, "It's very good to meet you, sir. I'm Brielle Madden. I'd be happy to set up a meeting with you. Denton, my assistant can get that scheduled or I can." she tells him as she takes the offered hand.

Black takes a moment to look towards Wish, and then back to Tock while he smiles a bit, "Well met, Visnja," he voices. The pronunciation flows across his tongue in a smooth manner with ease, his amber eyes curious upon the woman, then it's back towards Tock, "It has been a couple months."

Obadiah listens to the various conversations as he wanders among the pleasant winter-theme decorations and spread. He watches over the pastries and the drinks, but he refrains from indulging. Instead, he looks over the various people with silent evaluation.

Lexi wonders on in a bit more deeply and gets to where the dance floor is and well she decides to find her self a spot at the food table and drinks idling

"Hello Detective Lance," Wish will offer in returned greeting, seeming pleased to be taking part in the exchange, though she quickly falls quiet as to not step on the verbal toes of either Black or Tock, since they seem to be Conversing. The dark girl is the observer/guest to this circumstance and seems content to just drink in the experience.

Jesse says, "Something strong." Then he makes his way to Brielle and Grayson. To the former, he offers his hand and says, "Ms Madden, is it? I wanted to to tell you this is a great party. Thank you so much for putting it together." His smile is all sunshine and dimples. "Councilman Hardwick. Pleased to meet you."

"Thank you for hosting. There are usually a few of us about at such things," Tock answers Brielle with a grin. "Several, in fact," she confirms Black's observation. "A whole different year." It is the kind of half-joke that early January lends itself to. "Visnja has been learning English," she adds, always a useful detail to know when conversing with second-language speakers.

Grayson smiles at Brielle, nodding and shaking her hand with a politely firm grip. "Excellent, I will be sure to give my card to Denton before I leave. Thank you. Now allow me to go and experience this wonderful affair you have put together." He turns then, hearing his name spoken by a man who is approaching the two of them. Smiling, he extends his hand towards the newcomer. "I am sorry, but you have me at a disadvantage, Mr..."

Black looks towards Visnja and nods towards Tock after the fact, with a small little smile, "Ah. It has indeed, but to see you once again is quite wondrous," he voices. He chuckles amusedly at the yearly joke, then he adjusts his tie a bit in thought, "What's kept you busy?"

"Miss Madden, yes. It's nice to meet you, Mister...?" Brielle inquires as Jesse doesn't give his name. Then there's a nod to Grayson, "Excellent. He'll be sure to take care of things, Councilman." she nods her head to that. Then she looks to Tock and there's a grin, "Yes. I see more than a few now." she admits. "Aurelia is having a drawing for a custom article made at her shop. So that should be something everyone should sign up for." she points out.

Lexi walks over to some of the guests at the ball and kindly introduces her self of course after she has their attention. "Good evening "

Rebecca does a little bit of wandering and uncommitted mingling and sight-seeing, studying both the others and the decorations. She eventually circles back around in Brielle's direction, lingering nearby for a moment while she waits for the last conversation to fade, only then stepping in with a friendly, bright-eyed smile of her own. This is extended to everyone nearby, but first she addresses the host, "Good evening. I'm Rebecca Royse. I would just like to say congratulations on the event." she looks around, then to Brielle again, continuing warmly, "Everything is absolutely beautiful. And it's a wonderful cause, of course, so hopefully it's even more successful than you were expecting."

A bobbled nod, supportive of Tock's statement. Yes, Wish is rocking the ESL. And improving, though a demonstration is not forthcoming. The young woman is not going to interupt Tock nor Black for the sake of a couple words. She will instead watch the two of them converse, most interested in the exchange. At least for a few minutes, then her attention might wander. Towards snacks and/or drinks. A quiet nudge of her escort, an indication over to yon beverages. Tock want a bevvy and can Wish fetch it for her?

"Oh, lovely, Brielle. Is she planning to attend tonight, as well?" Tock asks once that detail is given about Aurelia. Her head bobs once more in acknowledgement of ongoing compliments from Black. "The usual things...work, school. I have a near-pathological need to keep my hands busy when those two do not, with various crafting projects." One of her hands runs fingertips over a bit of tulle on her skirts, a tell that the dress itself might be included in such pursuits. She gives Wish an acknowledging nod and smile. "If they have cider or wine, please?"

Obadiah works his way through the thronging crowds up to Ritter. "Fancy meeting you here, doc. It's a pretty fancy spread, don't you think?"

"Jesse Byrne," says the man with another go at that sterling smile. "You wouldn't know me, I'm sure. I work in the Circuit County Judge's office. I just wanted to say I love what you're doing for the city and I wanted to pay my respects." To Brielle, he says, "Anyway, I won't take up any more of your time. Thank you again." He's just got the kind of face that, when when he looks sincere, it's just so freaking sincere.

Black takes a moment to speak with Tock when he notices Wish wishes that attention for the drinks and all, "It was nice to see you both. We will speak later, I should meet new faces," he offers with a wink. A polite nod and he is on his way once given a farewell.

Gray gives Jesse a nod and a firm shake. "A civil servant I see, well thank you very much for the compliment and if you ever find your department in need of anything, please let my assistant know. I want to make sure the city government runs as well as it can." He gives the man's hand a firm shake, still smiling. "I hope you enjoy your evening, Mr. Byrne." And now it's probably time to go and do a little mingling and glad-handing.

"Good evening, Miss Royse. I'm Brielle Madden." Brielle offers as she introduces herself to Rebecca in turn. Shaking her hand. "Thank you, we've tried to make the event a good experience for everyone. It's a good cause to bring people in." she offers with a smile. "If there's anything that we can get just let us know." she offers. Then there's a dip of her head to Jesse and a smile, "Thank you, Mister Byrne. It's very good of you to say. Please let us know if you need anything." she states. Then to Tock, "I was hoping that she would be, hopefully nothing has happened." she frowns a touch. Then she smiles as Lexi arrives, "Good evening. Are you finding everything to your liking this evening?" she asks her.

And Ritter's looming up behind Jesse, a drink in each hand. Gimlet for him, martini for Jesse. He hands off the martini, smiles at Brielle, "Godric Ritter, 'ow d'you do?"....and that's apparently the extent of his small talk, until Obadiah. Then he's turning to face the other man, grin going a hair predatory. "Indeed," he says, tone mild. "Quite the glittering affair."

"Perhaps she has just gotten distracted at her work. Artists, you know." Tock gives a self-deprecating grin and tilt of her head, clearly dragging herself into that observation. "She may yet wander in late, as that goes." Another nod acknowledges Black taking his leave. "Oh, yes, must needs mingle with the crowd. Talk to you later, surely." She spends some time taking in the surroundings and all of the faces therein while Wish is off finding refreshments.

Lexi looks up to Brielle and smiles "Yes, I am here looking to meet new people. So far so good,. "

Jesse says, "I appreciate it, Mr. Hardwick. We're all on the same side and I'm right with you." He inclines his head to Brielle and tells her, "I absolutely will." Then Ritter's looming, and he's got a martini for him. Jesse comes up beside him and plucks the drink from his hand. Obadiah gets an amiable smile. "Hey there, good to see you."

Given a mission suiting her skills, Wish leaves Tock to the schmoozing and wanders off to fetch drinks for them both, but not before giving the tasty looking foods a studious look over. And perhaps a careful sampling. Nothing crazy, just a little taste of this and that. Mmm. Anyway, yes. Drinks. Hmm. Forgot to ask red or white. Hmm. Anyway, fifty-fifty. The young woman collects a glass of red for herself and a white for her friend (logic being if the white spills it is less likely to stain Tock's dress, while Wish herself is wearing black... hey, someone needs to think about these things) and is soon to return to Tock's side. "It is very nice," she'll observe of the party and/or refreshments, offering over the glass.

Grayson takes a moment to go and acquire a drink. It's best to be seen in a social situation with something in hand although anyone who actually wants to pay attention to what he's doing might notice that he only takes the barest of sips from the champagne. Still, it's given him some time to think and to scan the room. He now approaches Tock as she is a familiar face. "Ah, Eliza, it's good to see you again. I trust the New Year's Eve celebrations were to your liking?"

Obadiah says, "Well, Doc, this ain't usually my cup o' tea, but a man has to do what a man has to do." He is watching people move back and forth among the grid. "These circles aren't the most comfortable for a man like me. I am just surprised to see you here. You aren't someone I imagined would come to shindigs like this."

Brielle gives a nod to Lexi, "It's a very good chance to get to meet new people and there's a good number of people here besides our lovely group here." she smiles to those around here. "Please don't forget your bags and there's a local fashion designer that's doing a drawing for a custom article so make sure to get in on that as well." she states with a brilliant smile.

Something about Jesse being beside him relaxes Ritter, it's clear. "I think we've all three met, yes?" he says, glancing between the vampire and the other Immortal. "At Six Feet Under." A place they've all been, in several senses of that phrase. "But I confess your name is slipping my mind," he adds to Obadiah, apologetically.

"Thank you, Visnja," Tock replies with a bright smile as she takes the glass from Wish and gives the wine a sampling sip. Her expression seems pleased enough with the selection, certainly. "Fancy parties do tend to have nice food. Did you find anything interesting?" Grayson's greeting turns her smile the fellow's way. "Councilman, a pleasure. Indeed, it was a lovely evening. A little mulled cider, some colourful pyrotechnics...hard to go wrong there." Again, her free hand gestures to the girl at her side. "This is my friend, Visnja. Visnja, Councilman Grayson."

"Obadiah Cobb," Jesse tells Ritter. He samples his martini. Aw yiss. Classy. He already looks relaxed, though standing beside Ritter does perk him up quite a bit. He tells Obadiah, "We met briefly. Jesse Byrne."

Obadiah extends his hand to Jesse. "Yes, I think we have. Thanks for introducing me. You are Doc Ritter. Where did we meet, Mr. Byrne?"

"Hello Councilman Greyson," is Wish's dutiful and careful greeting, the young woman seeming pleased to be included in these formalities. The glass of wine in her hand is untouched for a few moments, stealing a taste mid-salutation seems inappropriate, but give it a few and she'll be sampling her beverage.

Rebecca nods to Brielle after a lengthy pause as she looks around for familiar faces, "Oh. A drawing? I will definitely have to look into that." she notes, then excuses herself with another smile and a nod, and makes her way towards the refreshments with a focused, deliberate look. She only hesitates at the very last moment, a hand resting lightly on her stomach for a fleeting moment.

"I'm glad to hear you enjoyed your evening and that you enjoyed the show." Colorful pyrotechnics? Well that certainly wasn't a phrase Grayson had heard used to describe fireworks before. It was amusing and he liked that. Colorful pyrotechnics. He would have to pull that phrase out at some point. Smiling, Grayson lets his gaze slip to the girl at her side. "Visnjya, yes?" His pronunciation is slow and a little clumsy but he manages to get it. "It is a pleasure to meet you." He holds a hand out to her, still smiling.

"I think we all met at Six Feet Under," Ritter says, after a moment's musing and a sip of his gimlet. "That's the only place I can recall 'aving seen you." So he forgot being killed by a yeti with a dumpster?

Harrison makes his way in - late and sans date - the rugged man dressed in an exquisite bespoke tux... with a camo-colored vest. It's very... upscale-meets-gun-toting-redneck. And those that recognize the man (for he's a very familiar face around town, having been a detective here for nearly two decades) know that he's true to himself, even when dressed up. Looking around for friendly faces, he makes his way to the refreshments table to pick up a drink and a few finger foods.

Jesse nods on the tail of Ritter's words. "I think I might've seen you at a party before that. It was a wild night," he says with a wry smile. "By the time we got home, this one was dead on his feet." He tilts a nod at Ritter, and that smiles broadens. He's in a fine mood, and it doesn't take the world's greatest empath to see it.

"Visnja has been learning to speak English," Tock adds once more for Grayson's benefit. "Yes, thank you. I hope you had some time to enjoy the evening, as well, between your official obligations." Speaking of which. "Is your assistant accompanying you again tonight?" She had not seen Nadia so far.

Obadiah says, "Ahhhh. You are right, you are right. I am not much of a partier myself, not any more. I am a bit of a homebody, but there are people who, when they say, go to that party, you go to that party. And this is for a good cause, ain't it?"

"I've become one myself," Ritter sympathizes, voice low. "A family man, o'd've thought?" He gives Jesse a look that's somewhere between sharp and fond. "Sticking close to my own 'earth. No longer up to such escapades."

"I see, that's fantastic!" Grayson gives Visnja a smile before returning his attention to Tock. "Is she enrolled in any classes here? There are some excellent programs at the University designed to help people learn English as a second language." The next question has him tilting his head just a fraction. "My assistant? Oh, you mean Nadia. No, she had some things to attend to this evening and I gave her the night off. If there's something you would like to tell her I can take a message or have her get in contact with you."

Jesse shakes his head as he says, "It's terrible. Home by five, in bed by ten. I went to a PTA meeting. Rick here has made me old." As if he looked a day over twenty-five. A young twenty-eight at the very most. He looks around and gestures with his martini as he says, "This is just what we needed. A night out."

Rebecca stands by the refreshments in her lavender gown, a hand discreetly sweeping some overwrought yards of tulle out of the way so she can press closer in and delicately snap up some dainty canape. Make that two. Two dainty canapés. Not both at once. First one, then a second one with a slightly guiltier look, followed by a glass. No guilt as she picks that up, at least. She tosses a quick wave across the room at someone, then takes a sip from her white wine and looks around, distractedly.

See, now she's being spoken about. Wish enjoys a taste of her red wine, peering over the glass at Grayson as he converses with Tock. The question of classes does not seem specifically addressed to her, so she'll not respond, not immediately anyway. But listens with interest.

Obadiah says, "Well, congratulations!" He pauses for a moment before moving on. "Ohhhhhh. You two are together? Is this new?"

Tock gestures to Wish to defer that question of class enrolment to the person in question, herself. Go for it, Wish! "Oh, no, no... I was simply asking since I should say hello if she were around and I had missed her." And perhaps a hint of forewarning for any potential spur-of-the-moment matchmaking that might recur given the young woman's presence would not go amiss, either.

Oh, the look Ritter gives Jesse. "It's an affair of very long standing...." he says. Wait a sec. What kind of cradle robber is he, considering Jesse's apparent age...and that obvious distance between Jesse's and his own. "But we've only recently settled down and begun building a nest, so to speak." Jesse, be proud. He's neither blushing nor batting an eyelash.

Harrison first makes his way over to Brielle once he spots her. Coming closer to her, he reaches into his tuxedo inner pocket and pulls out... AN ENVELOPE! Ok. Not something worth all caps. It's just an envelope. But that was a tense moment for everyone, wasn't it? I mean... it could have been anything. A bazooka. A unicorn. But no. It's an envelope. And so closing the distance to Brielle, he says softly to her, "Thank you for the invitation - I got the Cavanaugh family invite... Detective Harrison Cavanaugh." He moves to hand the envelope to Brielle. "A family gift for the cause of the night."

Grayson was still unaware of what had transpired between Nadia and Tock during that New Year's Eve celebration. Had he known? Well he would have been rather embarrassed by the whole affair. Nadia had a certain view of how people who wanted a certain future should behave and all that. Still, her other work and advice were invaluable. "I will tell her that you said hello then." He smiles at both Tock and Visjna and says, "Well then, I won't take up too much of your time this evening. It was good seeing you again, Eliza and a pleasure to meet you Visjna."

Oh, you want me to answer? "I am not..." What was the word Grayson used? "... Enrolled." Wish speaks slowly, like she needed to buffer syllables. Her accent is very East European. "In class." And then she'll look between Tock and Councilman, for some sign that her response was appropriate. She thinks it is, she's taking greater care with her English than usual, since this is An Important Function. Then another little taste of her red wine.

Oh, and a smile and a nodded farewell, as Grayson seems to be shuffling off to another group.

Given the slight confusion, perhaps Obadiah would be blushing, but he doesn't. "Well, you do make a handsome couple. I wish you a long and happy life together. Though that is sad I won't see you on my lonely bachelor's patrol."

"Feels like a hundred years," Jesse says. He hastily adds, "In a good way." He claps Rick on the shoulder. He's very proud. Not a single stammer or carrying around a portable closet. "We've got a dog, a kid, cats. Literally a white picket fence." But see how he doesn't whip out his phone to burden Obadiah with the many pictures he's got there. "You should come over sometime," he says.

Brielle's assistant steps over to her for a moment and shows her something on the screen of his tablet. There's a nod from the red head in the green satin and then a smile as she puts up two fingers and then he's heading off to talk to one of the caterers. She then turns to see Harrison and there's a warm smile, "It's nice to meet you, Detective Harrison. I'm Brielle Madden." she states as she accepts the envelope. She then offers her hand in greeting, "Thank you for the donation. It's very much appreciated. I won't be so inappropriate as to open the envelope right now." she chuckles.

Ritter's grin is momentarily a little fixed. "It does feel like about a century," he agrees, flicking Jesse one of those sidelong looks. Do not invite the walking dead over for tea. They tend to take invitations *very literally*.

That is indeed the truth. "You're very kind, sir, and I am sure at a time when it is convenient and pleasant for you, I might very well take you up on your offer." Obadiah smiles. "So, since I am terrible at these sorts of things -- is this a charity event?"

Rebecca now flits about, glass in hand. She obviously knows some people at this sort of thing, trades some pleasantries, and is ready with a brilliant smile at a moment's notice. But when no one's speaking to her, she withdraws into a pensive expression as she walks about, her gaze lingering on minute decorative details, or on what other people are wearing, or on nothing at all but her own inner musings, at times engrossing enough that she just barely avoids walking into people.

"Not at all. A pleasure speaking with you as well, Councilman," Tock replies to Grayson, raising her glass to the fellow as he heads off. "There are classes if you wish to do something more formal, Visnja, that's true. We like to help where we can but not speaking your own language limits us a bit."

Jesse gives Ritter a squeeze around the shoulders. There, there, dear. Their blood tastes like New Coke to vampires. "I still have your digits," he tells Obadiah. "I'll give you a call sometime. I hope you don't mind if it's late in the evening after we put the munchkin to bed. She's going through a phase where she's barking. A lot." His gaze briefly slips into a thousand yard stare. Be a parent, he thought. It'll be fun, he thought. He snaps back to the here and now and says lightly, "Yes, a charity event. Just being here is helping humanity."

Harrison shakes Brielle's hand warmly, bowing slightly over it, his eyes locked on hers the entire time. "And you are very welcome. It's quite the event you've put together..." He looks around, before saying, "I haven't really done the social scene much, but now that my daughter is off to college... I figure it's time to represent the family a bit more... In any case. I won't keep you - but it's a pleasure to meet you, Ms. Madden."

"Truth be told," And here Ritter's tone goes conspiratorial, "I'll be buggered if I know what it benefits. I got the tickets from a co-worker who couldn't go. Good cause, 'e said. I dunno, shoes for orphans, something like." He's giving Jesse the sidelong spouse look. Stop encouraging. You know I don't like the undead. They're icky.

After bidding both women a farewell, Grayson makes his way over to where some fingerfoods have been set up. He gives a cursory glance over the selection a moment before selecting something small and chewing it down quickly. He probably should have eaten better before coming here, but oh well. He moves through the room, smiling and nodding at people, finally approaching Rebecca. "Good evening." He gives her his best smile. "How has your evening been so far?"

A bit of a sheepish grin, momentarily hidden by the glass as she has another swallow of red wine. "I am get better." Pause. "Getting." Wish bobs her slight shoulders. Whatever! Close enough! But yes, some truth. Easier she learn English than everyone else learning her language. Whatever that is. Tactical subject change. Which would be subtle if it weren't obvious that she were trying to redirect attention to something else. The girl should never play poker. "This is very swank party I have been to." Yessir, most formal thing ever. It is pretty great, getting to watch formal people do formal things at the formal event. Movies never have it quite right.

Obadiah is not icky. He's all cleaned up and he has his nice out-of-date tuxedo and everything else. "I am, indeed, friends, someone who cherishes humanity in all its size, shapes, and flavors. And there are a lot of people here tonight -- most of whom I don't know."

Brielle gives a dip of her head, her brown eyes watching Harrison's as he shakes her hand. "Thank you, our event planner and I thought it was quite the color palette to put together. So we went with it." she admits with a smile. "You have a good evening, Detective Cavanaugh. Enjoy the drinks and the socializing. There's enough to go around." she grins.

Rebecca blinks herself away from her reverie and focuses on Grayson, shifting into a friendly, polite smile, "Good evening!" she replies, glass held gingerly in front of herself as she interrupts her wandering. Her eyes open slightly, looking at him, as if she's actually considering the question, "Oh it has been lovely. A little chilly between the car and the front door, but just perfect otherwise. It's a lovely event. How has yours been?"

"You certainly are," Tock agrees with Wish with a clear air of praise. She follows that obvious desire to change subjects, however, after a sip of wine. "Isn't it lovely? Charity events tend to be fancy. Typically the tickets themselves run a high price as a donation, and the events are intended to draw additional donations. This event is collecting for medical care for those who cannot afford it otherwise," she explains.

Black seems to have wall-flowered a bit while he watches those that come through. The detective looks around a bit while he tilts his head back and forth, otherwise participating in things.

Jesse gives Ritter's shoulder another squeeze and fixes him with an expression he has seen a zillion times before. The dimpled smile, the way the corners of his eyes curve to make crescents. He even ducks his head and shrugs a little. Oh yeah, he's pulled that one a lot. The one that says: I'm too cute to murder in my sleep. "The proceeds will go to a new clinic that the Elysian Foundation wants to open here in Fallcoast," he says. Then he starts gesturing with his martini glass at various people. "That's Brielle Madden. She's hosting the event. That gentleman there is Councilman Grayson Hardwick. I think that guy's a Cavanaugh. I'm not sure who she is but I'd like to..." Half the time he can't remember how to make a sandwich, but if someone has been in the society pages lately...

"Oh, I can't complain at all, after all they did let me in." Gray grins at that, extending a hand in Rebecca's direction. "Councilman Grayson Hardwick, a pleasure to meet you. I agree though, overall a nice evening but I would love to have Spring or Summer back. It's a little funny isn't it? How in the heat of Summer we start to look forward to things cooling down for Autumn and then Winter comes and we all start to await Spring." He takes a small sip from his champagne, not really knowing where that all came from. Oh he had an idea but he'd rather not dwell on it too much.

Flavors. You went there. Ritter gives Obadiah a flat look, as if questioning his taste on several levels. "Same 'ere," he agres, mildly. "In that I'm also ignorant of the social whirl. My social butterfly, though, keeps me from looking entirely out of my depth." And he gestures at Jesse.

Obadiah sees the clearly disapproving look. "Friend, when you are as humor-impaired as I am, you gotta take your opportunities while you have them. I ain't witty." He looks at the people on the stage. "Are they . . . good people?"

An agreement with Tock, even if technically Tock's agreeing with her own observation. "It is a very nice to do," Wish will state, then to furrow her brow a bit. Pondering her phrasing while she sips some more wine. That didn't seem right. Hmm. Anyway, another shrug and grin at her friend. Close enough. "Thank you for the in vitation." Back to slow, careful English. Practice practice.

"It is very nice," Tock replies, whether in agreement or subtly providing the proper phrasing to help with Wish's brow-furrowing. "And you are more than welcome. It is good to have someone to come along with to an event, and opportunities to get out and about are a boon."

"Rebecca Royse." she replies with her own name, extending her hand to take Grayson's, with a smile. "Of course. It's a pleasure to meet you. Oh, I don't know. I'm not -quite- tired of Winter yet, I could take a little more of this. I'd probably be praying for Spring already if I had to deal with traffic and so on a daily basis, though." she lets out a soft, short, clear laugh, then takes a quiet sip from her glass again. "Still, I've barely played in the snow."

There's a smile as Brielle excuses herself and there's a moment where she looks at the clock and then to the podium as she heads up there. Denton is in tow as he carries the box where the registration for the free custom outfit from Aurelia were put in. She gives the mic a little tap and then there's a smile to her assistant as he settles the box down and removes the lid.

"If I can have everyone's attention please. We're going to announce the winner for the custom tailoring from Mrs Aurelia d'Este-Cavanaugh." she states. There's a moment given to make sure most people are paying attention and then she pulls one of the silver cards out of the box and opens it.

"And our winner would be Miss Rebecca Royse. If you'll meet with me in a few moments, I'll give you all of the information, Miss Royse." she gives a little clap as the rest of the crowd also applauds for the winner.

Obadiah claps at the announcement of the winner. He's not sure what it means.

Black applauds.

Harrison is standing by the refreshments table, giving a warm volume-appropriate clap.

Jesse tells Ritter, "That's right. Rely on me, dragul meu, I'll never lead you astray." His little snippet of Romanian flows off his tongue fluidly. He then shrugs and sys to Obadiah, "I'm sure some of them aren't terrible. I mean no one's terrible all the time. On the upside, even the ones coming here just to be seen still ponied up the money that's going to help the poor, so the joke's on them." When the announcement for the winner is made, and it's not him, his brow knits, but then he smiles and set his drink aside to applaud.

"Pleasure to meet you, Miss Royse." Grayson gives her hand a polite shake, curious as to her comment. "Do you mind if I ask what it is that you do that you don't have to deal with the traffic? I admit there are days I am glad I have a backlog of podcasts to listen to as there are afternoons where it seems everyone has decided to leave at..." He pauses, his attention turning to Brielle who seems to about to announce a winner of sorts. Oh yeah. There had been a drawing. He had quite forgotten about that. Hearing Rebecca's name, he turns towards her and starts applauding. "Congratulations!"

Further agreement with Tock! So really saying so outloud seems sort of redundant, even to Wish. Anyway. "There is food over..." Oh, announcement of a thing. Someone is saying something and people are clapping. Wish will clap too! It seems the appropriate thing to do. When the applause dies down and nothing else happens - she waits a few moments, just to be sure - Wish will restart that thought. "There is food over there." And yes, to point Tock over at the snacks. Pretty sure Tock hasn't snacked yet, at least not that Wish has seen.

Tock looks up from her conversation at the call for attention, listening for the announcement. She applauds politely at the appropriate break for as much, delicately around her wine glass. Which reminds her of its presence, another sip to take. She chuckles at Wish's helpful information regarding the food. "We can wander over to the refreshment table if you would like to pick something up?"

"That's a loaded question," Ritter's voice is very dry indeed, as he observes it all. "Who is truly good?" But he then takes a slug of his drink, rather than a sip, as if a chance to be genuinely drunk might suddenly be welcome.

Obadiah says, "It ain't hard. I'm not askin' who is pure of heart or nothin' like that. On the balance, do their lives help other people's? Do they care about those people around them? When they're about to step on someone's neck, do they hesitate?" He holds up his hand. "Sorry, got a little excited there. I'm askin' if they can be trusted."

Rebecca claps her hands, too. She was ready to to applaud, but she ends up only smacking her hands together twice, lightly, in grateful surprise. The smile is genuine, at least, and she shares it with the people applauding nearby, doing the subtlest of victory dances by shaking her hands at about chest-level. No higher, and no distracting hip motions either. "Oh. I attend this sort of thing!" she adds with a small shrug and a smile in Grayson's direction, followed by an apologetic, "I suppose I should go find out more, excuse me." before she drags her floofy tulle-bundled self over towards Brielle.

Yes, the food. Not that Wish is particularly hungry, but it just looked all /so pretty/. Seems a shame to eat any of it. Though she probably will. Because beauty is temporary and if it isn't eaten it will rot and what a waste that would be. The young woman also indicates her wineglass is empty. This doesn't seem an event to tolerate an empty wineglass, yes?

Grayson takes a step back to allow Rebecca to go forward and collect her prize. Not knowing how long that might take he begins to eye the room, curious as to who else he can go and add to his growing list of names and faces to memorize.

Brielle heads over towards the welcome table and again, her assistant is right on her heels. He gets paid good money to make sure everything is easy to deal with. It's the way Brielle likes things. She picks up a small black envelope from the table and then looks for Rebecca as she is heading over. When the woman gets there she gives her a smile, "Congratulations. This certificate gets you one custom outfit or gown of your choosing from Aurelia d'Este-Cavanaugh. She doesn't seem to have made it this evening but I will contact her and give her the information as well." she tells her as she hands over the small package. "I assure you it will be wonderful." she smiles. "Again, thank you for coming tonight." she adds.

Jesse polishes off his martini. He sets the empty glass on a table and flags down another. Stirred, not shaken. Bond didn't know a good cocktail from his arse. Dry. No, seriously. Dry. Flash the vermouth bottle at the glass so it can get a good look, then put it away. "You can trust them to be people," he says. "Which means raising or lowering your expectations, depending. Would I trust them with my car keys? Maybe. With my kid? Not a chance."

Tock gives another light laugh before gesturing for Wish to lead the way over to the refreshments. "We should definitely get you another glass. And the food /is/ there to be tasted." She will even collect a bit to nibble on herself.

Harrison continues to stand by the drinks table, the man sipping on the champagne he's picked off a tray. He doesn't seem to know many people here - being relatively new to the high end social scene despite being a relative mainstay in this town.

"There are very few people I'd trust with either," He's finished his gimlet, but....doesn't seem inclined to another. Not now. There's already an oddly glassy lustre to the pale eyes. Surely one drink isn't enough to affect Ritter like that?

Obadiah smiles slightly. "I'm happy I got a better opinion of people than you; I'll nurture it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got to be off. Great talking to yah." He offers his hand to both of them to shake.

As guide work goes, the bar is pretty low. Wish just needs to walk Tock over to the food spread. Which is just over yon. Visible to all. But the young woman just has this earnest glee about the whole thing, admiring the delicately prepared dishes, the fruit-made-flowers, there's even probably an ice sculpture here somewhere too, isn't there? A-maaaa-zing. Wish will sample modestly, pointing out in question to Tock the items she can't identify. And, oh yes, another glass of red.

Rebecca wanders to the welcome table, putting her glass down somewhere along the way, and stops by Brielle, eyebrows rising as her face opens into a bright, expectant expression. "Ohh. Thank you! And I thought the evening was going wonderfully already." she laughs softly, reaching out to accept the small envelope, drawing it to herself, "Oh I am sure it will be." she nods confidently regarding the matter of the gown, and gives her yet another grateful smile, "Well, thank you for putting this together."

Jesse tells Obadiah, "Oh, it's not a kidnap/bad-touch thing. It's because she's a weirdo, and people who don't know her like we do might try to get her committed. Besides, if she's going to get screwed up, it'll be by us." He takes a swallow of his martini and adds, "Literally barking mad. I'm pretty sure the babysitter is on hold with animal control right now." He shakes Obadiah's hand firmly and says, "So good to see you again. I'll give you a call, okay?"

Obadiah says, "Yes, please do.""

"Presentation is one of the more fun aspects of food preparation, I feel," Tock agrees with Wish's silent commentary on the spread. She helps where she can on identifying morsels, but sometimes fancily prepared items on trays are a bit of a mystery until they're tasted. She has a tendency to stick to fruits and finger foods that are less likely to cause any form of mess. After collecting a little sample, she also refreshes her wine glass.

Once Obadiah's decently gone, Ritter's expression goes momentarily very sour indeed. He takes a deep breath, and then lets it out, and just shakes his head. No scolding Jesse. No lecturing. The temptation bleeds away, and is replaced by that furrow in his brow. Worry.

Jesse presses his drink into Ritter's hand and says, "Drink more." Half-suggestion, half-order. Yeah, he doesn't seem like the sort of person a lecture really sticks to. "Your face will freeze like that."

Brielle gives a smile to Rebecca and there's a nod of her head, "You're welcome and the proceeds from tonight will go to the clinics, so I'm grateful for everyone that has shown up tonight." she admits. "We're having a ball for Valentines as well. Not for the Foundation, just one to celebrate the holiday. I hope to see you there." she tells her.

Then Denton is leaning in and whispering to the woman, "It would appear that my carriage will be turning into a pumpkin if I don't get going. It was lovely to meet you Miss Royse. You enjoy the rest of your evening." she smiles as she steps away from the table and her assistant is already holding her coat and things. Then she's heading off!

The dark girl's own preferences seem to lean towards meats, savoury and fruit, not so much for the sweet but pretty things available. It is all eye candy though, food so beautiful Wish has not seen before! And the wine's pretty good too, but that's not really a visual experience. She picks at the food, thoughtful and appreciative, and looking around at the party while she eats.

His tone is morose, as he takes the drink and downs it with unseemly haste, "Too late. Already 'as." Such trials for a cranky old Immortal. And then Ritter hands the glass back to Jesse, and sighs.

"Lovely to meet you as well." Rebecca replies, lifting a hand to wave after Brielle. Then she steps back, envelope in hand, and looks around, her steps a little bouncier as she wanders back over towards the tables for another pass at the finger-food.