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Visitation - Lowgate Prison
Dramatis Personae

Boucher, Damian, Deckard, Hoax, Kilo, Rachel

7 August, 2016

Boucher leads Damian, Deckard, and Rachel to go visit Kilo and Hoax in Lowgate Prison. They make a few friends, and Reinforce the Bastion on the Dominion to protect it against the Sage.


Lowgate Prison Dominion

It gets broadcast through the Twilight Network that Kilo and Hoax haven't been around in a while. Considering that the deal was that Hoax and Kilo specifically were meant to be remanded to Lowgate Prison for a week, Hoax's ghosts and zombie are released to stand near the Forbidden Gate. Word gets around where they are due to the ghosts and zombie waiting for them to get out, and thus it's time to set up an expedition to go see them. Yama allows visitors for those who've been imprisoned in Lowgate.

Since Deckard is a member of Mors' Dirige Kharon's Lucerna, the group is able to make their way through the Forbidden Gate and off into the Underworld. The snaky tunnels are hard enough to navigate, and the Underworld is slightly more disturbing than usual -- not for the amount of ghosts or the type of ghosts around, but for the lack of them. As the group moves through the tunnels and drops down the various drop-offs to get to the River of Woe - the closest River to the Gate and closest to Lowgate - the Bound realize that there are absolutely no ghosts anywhere they've seen. There's just a sensation like they're being watched. As the group approaches the River, they see that there's no Ferryman there. Odd, but not unheard of. Still, it adds to the fact that literally nothing and no one is around the area.

The River Acheron bleeds along its canal as Boucher leads them to the edge of it. Beyond, somewhere, if they're able to follow the River far enough, is Lowgate Prison. That feeling of being watched is familiar to Deckard. It also probably explains why there's no Ferryman at the River. The Underworld is going to hell in a handbasket.

Boucher is more than a little bit disturbed at seeing the lack of ferryman at the river as he pauses to look around. Looking back at Deckard, he asks, "Did you remember to make a stop at Staples? Yama is much more welcoming to those who bring him office supplies." Is he serious? He's totally serious. After a nervous look around at the total lack of the dead, the professional psychopomp motions his party to follow and takes off down the River Acheron.

When Deckard heard that his best buds and her new-old-new boyfriend were in Lowgate, he threw a fit. Then again, of course he'd know. That was his thing, knowing things. After he calmed down enough not to keep punching trees into oblivion, Deckard gathered the firewood, set it aside, and made his way to where he needed to go, meeting up with others in the process. Once the gate was open and people were through, Boucher leading the way, Deckard was looking around, goosebumps on his neck.

"Man, this is giving me the creeps...it was just like that last time..." He mumbled to himself. When Boucher spoke to him, Deckard snapped out of his daze. "Right. Yea. Don't worry, I've been here before. I always bring the offrendas for my man Yama. But...do you guys feel that? It's...it's like...Maybe we should hurry across." Deckard floated his way over the river, waiting for everybody to be on the other side before he next spoke. "This feeling...everybody, you should all be on your guard, just in case. I've felt this before. When I went to /the/ library, The Sage popped out of nowhere and whispered. I don't know if that's the case here, but...just be extra aware."

Rachel has remained quiet for the most part. She's not really up to date on Underworld matters, but she is trying to take in as much as she can. "...So." she says, "Chaos in the underworld, huh?" as she shifts somewhat in the boat. "I really need to stay up to date on these things."

Damian’s purpose here is really two-fold, all of them in some way selfish, depending on how you look at things. He’s here to learn about the Underworld, having very little knowledge, so he’s probably got a lot of questions Deckard hasn’t already answered. The second is to see Hoax and Kilo. He could wait for them, but he doesn’t want to. Two bird with one stone, that’s efficiency. He carries a backpack with him, nothing terribly technological in it, he’s been warned off about that, so no laptop either. Who knows what happens deeper in. He’s never actually seen some of the Laws at work. He asks the obvious question. “Is this not normal?” He looks around himself at that, more curious than concerned. He has no idea why he should be. Then Deckard explains a little more and he oh’s, silently. Shit. Instead of responding he’s just looking around like a sentry.

"It's just unusually dead here," Boucher explains as they make their way along the river. "OR... lacking in the dead, I suppose." The guide finally stops across from a massive stone structure, a craggy thing full of windows. Turning back to the others, he says, "Alright. Deckard already knows this, but there are four laws you have to obey while we're here." Counting them off on his fingers, the ranger quotes, "The Guilty Shall Submit. Freedom Must Be Earned, so no break out attempts. Maybe we'll barter for their freedom, but if Yama refuses, they stay here. Violence Begets Violence, so don't raise your hand in anger here. All Within Are Subject To The Laws, so don't try anything stupid, or we leave you here." He waits for a moment, to make sure that the others understand, and then vaults up into the air, launching an unearthly distance before sailing across the river on a parachute made of plasm.

Walking up to the water, Rachel inhales before she seems to step gently onto the water, the flow almost seeming to become solid footsteps of white ectoplasm as she does so before heading to the other side and looking back as the foot-platforms fade. "Well, that was interesting." she notes.

It's been nearly a week since Kilo and Hoax have been remanded to Bolgia-3 in Lowgate Prison. It's not a pleasant place by any stretch of the imagination. Despite Yama's apparent fondness for the two of them, the warden of the prison of all prisons doesn't show them any special favors. They're thrown into the wing that holds the Bound, and left to their own devices in the yard, without protection from the guards. Hoax and Kilo both have had to call upon that loophole in the non-use of special abilities and powers in Bolgia-3 in self-defense, given that there's a variety of different gangs down there who either dislike Los Lomas, or the Southside Kings.

This evening, if that's what it is, Hoax and Kilo are left to their own devices in their conjoined cell. Occasionally a guard wanders past the room to look inside, specifically checking to make sure that Yama's other rule doesn't get broken by them: that they're not allowed to conceive while incarcerated. Perhaps it was a bad idea to keep them together, but the guards in Lowgate Prison are a fairly watchful bunch. There's an underworld storm brewing, and there's a rumble coming from near the prison. Kilo and Hoax both feel that sensation of being watched, but from a distance. They see Yama leave its office and start walking toward the stairwell that leads up to the top floor of the prison -- Limbo. Both of them know this feeling; they know when the Sage is paying attention somewhere.

Another nod from Damian but Deckard’s already put him on guard, so there’s no going back. With all that’s going on lately, a run in with the Sage in any form seems like a bad thing. A small little shiver goes up his back as he watches everything at once, barely paying attention to Boucher and the rest crossing. His own method of crossing is terribly plain, logical even. Like a ghost, the man just starts to float across. Maybe to his computer brain that’s just how it should be done. As he crosses he looks ahead, towards the prison, or low gate, whatever it is ahead of them. He can’t shake this feeling either, and he doesn’t seem to like it, a small look on his face to suggest so. It’s more emotion than he normally shows.

For thos who bothered to watch Deckard's particular method of crossing the river, he simply...floated right over. Nothing special. There was a small trail of mist that followed under his feet, but otherwise, there was nothing very interesting about how he made his way across. Simple. Effective.

Deckard nodded to Boucher, smiling as he watched the Ranger take on his role as a guide for the Underworld. He turned to Damian. "Yeah, it's how Frank said. I mean, the Underworld is vast. Much, much larger than planet Earth. So it's not unusual to not encounter the dead...but for this trip? To see not a single spectre, not even a boatman? That is...very unusual. And very much like when The Sage assaulted the Library. We're just here for a visit, but be on your manners regardless."

Boucher turns to wait for the others, then leads the way into the prison. One of the guards meets them almost immediately, and Frank has a piece of sausage in his hand as soon as the guard approaches, offering the piece of food as he explains "We're here to see the Warden. I trust he's in his office?"

The yard or the cell; both are bad but at least the cell is safer it would seem. And that's where Hoax and Kilo are now in their Lowgate issue jumpsuits with the elastic waist bands; no belts or zippers, and their slip on shoes, no laces or anything. Because hell if they should give you a way to off yourself and join the 'Big Boys' over in the dead sections. Jesus. Kilo can hear them in their "Corrections" rooms all day and all night long and the terror and screaming are almost too much for her to bear. It might be those horrific sounds she remembers about being here, rather than just doing the time, that will leave her with the nightmares. She stays close to Hoax, but is careful to show there is space between them every time a guard comes through because God Forbid they should figure out the two of them were knocking it out. Not that they had knocked it out.... Yet. And she just can't remember when a week has ever lasted this long. With a piece of rock she's chiseled out of the wall, she draws most of the day. On the floor mostly. Tattoo art mostly. It keeps her mind busy.

The prison is a massive edifice, built of ancient stone and brick, with various towers that stand as a testament to the strength and time of this place. As they approach, a guard looks down over the palisade with its giant iron doors and portcullis beyond blocking off the first rung of Yama's hell: Limbo. The guard looks at the group of Sin-Eater's approaching, and notes the sensation of being watched in the air. The guards are a little heavier tonight, and some of the Judges have even been called to guard duty, leaving much of the lower areas of the prison largely unguarded or with fewer guards than normal.

Guards occupy towers and aim rifles down at the approaching Sin-Eaters, made from stygian steel from the Forge of Orcus -- likely due to some favor Yama did for the demonic fire-forge Kerberos.

The guard calls down to Boucher, "Yeah. You want to see the boss?" He glances over at one of the eyeless judges standing nearby, mouth stitched up for eternal silence. The Judge points off in a direction along the wall.%RTurning back, the guard shouts down: "You're in luck, the Warden's up here. You won't need to go far. Who are you? All of you?"

Damian glances at Deckard as he speaks to him. Maybe it’s the heightened tension, but the man raises a brow and gives Deckard a bit of dubious look. “I don’t think you need to tell /me/ to watch my manners.” Whatever that means. He wasn’t the one making fun of the other the last time they met, though. At that, he’s looking around again as he comes to a ‘landing’ on the other side, which is to say his feet touch solid ground again. He’s silent as the guard approaches, splitting his attention between the interaction between Boucher and it, and still looking around like he expects some form of attack.

Deckard looked up at the guardsman, and called up to him. "I am Deckard Grimm, friend and ally to Hoax and Kilo and Hernandez Senior. This is Frank Boucher, Psychopomp. This is Damian Motta, Noob of the Underworld. And this is Rachel Whitman, freshly Bound. We are here to request visitation rights, and would like to discuss such with Yama." Another jab at Damian, whilst still acting on their behalf. It was always fun to poke at people like him and Frankie once in a while. "Is this permissable?" Deckard asked the guard...even though he was looking at the Judge when he voiced his query.

The guard glances to the crenulated tower to his right and then takes a step away. Approaching is a tall male figured dressed in the robes of its office, similar to the garb the Judges wear, but with more ornamentation. The Kerberos leans over the wall and presses both hands against it. The clawed fingernails of the Kerberos are seen glittering in the unnatural light surrounding the prison. There's something odd about its face. It looks like Yama's face is largely human, without much oddity around it, but when the Kerberos turns its head occasionally, there's a glimpse of what lies beneath -- a rotted face with a skull that looks half-torn. It listens to Deckard's plea and looks down between the four of them.

Suddenly, Yama is in front of the group. It's a far cry to say that the Kerberos is tall. It stands nearly nine feet, and speaks with a voice that sounds like it's eternally patient. "You wish to see Kilo and Hoax? And Hernandez? That can be arranged." It looks between them, focusing on Damian for a moment, then looking at Rachel, studying her. "None of you have warrants for your arrest in other Dominions," it states. It's less a question and more an observation. The doors open behind the Kerberos and then the portcullis is drawn up. "Follow me." It whispers something softly, and several Judges begin to make their way toward the stairs, headed down into the lowest level of Lowgate Prison.

Eventually, Kilo and Hoax hear a guard approaching. The guard smacks his baton against the door, causing a clang of metal on metal. "You've got visitors. You gonna be good or do we have to restrain you when we take you up to see them?"

Boucher is actually a bit surprised by hearing Yama speak, but doesn't say anything of it, at least for now. Right now, the psychopomp is more focused on making sure that nothing goes wrong to cause the party to offend the warden. With Deckard likely following right behind the warden, Frank drops back to keep an eye on the other two.

Damian doesn’t quite have the... let’s call it fiery spirit, he’s seen from Frankie. Maybe thankfully, or Deckard might have just got the bird. What Damian actually does is nothing, he ignores Deckard, simply bowing his head a little at his introduction. It’s all gone in an instant because Yama. First eyes flicker to it on the wall, studying it. Then it’s right there. He shouldn’t surprise, still it catches him off guard slightly. Whoa. Eyes rise to its face once more, but he does nothing else but watch Yama as it speaks. It’s all a lot to take in and Damian is the noob Deckard has proclaimed him to be, that much can’t be denied. Even with all of it though, he can’t help but occasionally watch his peripherals, that feeling still on him. Even as he follows, once the others move.

Rolling onto his side after the knocking and arching an eyebrow in the direction of the cell door, Hoax allows a small touch of humor to line his voice as he replies "I'm always good, don't worry." before lowering himself down from the top bunk. Of course eh would claim dibs on the top bunk -- typical Hoax. Once on the ground he gives a jerk of his head in the direction of Kilo. "You can restrain her though. I won't mind, promise. Infact... I encourage it. She's never a good girl." He states with an all too straight face as a quiet chuckle escapes from between his lips.

"No way! Visitors?" Kilo is up like a shot off the floor and drops the piece of rock she was drawing with. "Oh, I think I can be good!" She assures the guard and then she is giving Hoax a nasty little look with a roll of her eyes. She absolutely doesn't have the will to be bad here. To many crappy things happen here and she is not risking staying -any- longer than they already have to stay. "Good, good, good! That's me! Good! Who is here? Who came? HOw did they know?" She should know this is all over the Twilight Network but it didn't really occur to her at first.

"...So what laws did those we are visited break?" Rachel asks, "Provided that we are of course, permitted to speak of such things."

"You don't have to break laws in the prison to end up here," Boucher replies briefly. "If you're trouble anywhere else, the Judges might show up for you."

The guard gives Hoax a grin and Kilo a disgustingly lascivious look. After that, the jail cell door is opened. The other guard in the hall moves over to help escort the prisoners toward the meeting area. This is their first time with visitors, so it's hard to know what to expect. They're led up through Bolgia-3, Bolgia-2, and reach Limbo. Once there, they're led over to a set of tables away from the cells that have been left open for the prisoners awaiting release to other Dominions or just into the Autocthonous Depths. It doesn't take long for them to reach it, and the group of four can see the two prisoners beyond the gates.

Yama studies Boucher for a long moment, as if considering him. The Kerberos moves forward toward him, and then turning to rest a hand on Rachel's shoulder. "You are a new commodity here," notes the Kerberos to the woman. The hand feels cold, but somehow soft at the same time. The Kerberos looks toward Damian and gives a thoughtful nod. "Damian and Rachel. I will look forward to hearing of you in the future." There's a pause, then, "But I would get inside. You should be behind walls in case the Wise One shows its face here."

After Deckard's jab at Damian, his mood faded only ever so slightly. He was there to meet with his friends and give them stern words, if not a warm embrace. They didn't need to see him worrying, or being all nervous and anxious about the fucking Deathlord of Wisdom. Besides, if he showed up, it wasn't like Deckard would be able to do anything. It was all in Yama's hands. Without saying anything further, Deckard moved inside, following Yama to where he was directed. It was highly unusual to be escorted personally by the Kerberos, so he'd simply drop off the stationary at a later date. "Thank you again." He stated plainly to the Warden, as he finally made eye-contact with his friends. He waved to them, a happy-go-lucky grin on his face. The stern talking-to would come when he was closer. And boy, was he ever moving closer.

Really, Kilo and Hoax being in prison, even Underworld prison? Damian could not be less surprised. He doesn’t ask, or anything to that conversation. He just needs to see them. Hell, the why of it is probably one of those things he’s better off not knowing. He just follows along quietly. A look at Yama when it addresses him. He’s not sure how to take that, a glib suggestion that he doesn’t want Yama to know him that well? It crosses his mind. No. Instead he just bows his head again. The suggestion of the Wise One though, that has him scanning the area, the ceiling, everything. He looks like he might say something to Yama, but it goes unsaid, probably better that way. The good thing about Damian is, he’s got a tremendous poker face, so it all comes down to a placid, neutral expression. He takes up the rear, but takes Yama’s advice and gets inside, unlike Deckard, there is no hurry.

Kilo moves to the tables and sits down, grateful she's not being shackled to it like she was in Fallcoast. "You would never believe how this one detective was on the FPD with Free and I, OMG, we got shackled to -everything-. It was amusing." She tells Hoax and laughs about it as she sees their friends and waves. Boucher and Damian and Deckard! And a new friend -- a girl she doesn't know but, how utterly cool for her to make the trek down here with the rest of the guys. She must be seriously awesome. "Hey, what are you guys doing here?" She laughs and gives an upnod at the seats in front of them, inviting them to all have a seat. The Latina girl even sneaks a touch of her foot against Hoax's foot, just to remind him why they're doing this. And that it's all good. "Thanks for coming down here, though seriously? So incredibly cool of you all. I'm Kilo, by the way." She smiles at Rachel and offers her a wave. Kilo is pretty sure they aren't allowed to touch.

Yama watches Rachel and Damian as they make their way into the courtyard beyond. After the four of them have entered the area, the Kerberos makes its way back into Lowgate proper. The doors close and the sensation of being watched diminishes significantly. If there's anywhere safe from the Principalities, it would likely be this place. The guards wander the yard, one of them watching the conversation to ensure that Kilo and Hoax aren't slipped something that might cause problems. The guard watching the visitors glances up occasionally toward the wall, then back down at Hoax, Kilo, Boucher, Deckard, Damian, and Rachel.

There's another rumbling sound in the distance, and the air becomes thick and heavy. Another group is allowed in for visitation. It looks like a Krewe of some sort, but they don't look remotely recognizable. It's a group of black men, speaking French. Another Sin-Eater, one that Hoax and Kilo know as Plachante, a Sin-Eater from Port-au-Prince, is brought up and set down at a table. The Krewe moves to sit down across from him and carry on a conversation in French.

Deckard moved happily to the table. He was about to give them a hug, until he remembered where he was. Then he just took a seat. The smile on his face was instantly wiped away though. "YEAH! What Rachel said. The fuck is wrong with you!? Ending up in Lowgate behind bars. /You/, you /especially/ should know how /not/ to end up here!" Deckard hollered to Hoax, pointing his finger at General Mohawk. "LOWGATE. BEHIND BARS. I mean, the fuck!?" Deckard obviously had some steam to be blowing off.

Thankfully Damian isn’t given over to displays of affection or greeting in any normal capacity. He just heads for the table, but pauses, pauses when that sense diminishes as the doors shut. He looks back at them for a long moment, towards Yama before he moves on and then to the table. A shake of his head, as he sets his bag aside and sits down. He looks across at Kilo and Hoax and nods, and lets Deckard blow off steam, glancing at the man, and then scanning the place. Something about prison and Deckard yelling makes him, not nervous, but wary. When Deckard is done with his tirade, he adds. “I just came to seek your guys help for something and see when you were getting out.” Straight to business.

"Woah, woah woah woah..." Rachel says, "I get that you're angry, but seriously. Let's not make this look like we're unruly in the middle of a prison, OK? Nobody else needs to make a bad impression."

Hoax looks up when Kilo nudges his foot and glances at the group walking toward their table; among them being two familiar faces -- Damian and Deckard. The other two being unknown, causing him to glance at the Latina with an eyebrow raised in a silent question. Turning back to the group, General Mohawk's emerald gaze comes to rest upon Rachel as she introduces herself and asks the question of why they're here. "We m--" He begins to say, suddenly finding himself cut off as Deckard berates them both, although mostly him. Earning both his hands raised up in front of himself with in an I don't know what you're talking about. type gesture.

"If you're finished scolding me, I was just about to answer that... dad." Hoax replies, even going so far as to roll his eyes at the other man. "We have an accord with my dear friend, Yama. A week in his prison in exchange for a boon that only he could grant us." He offers as an explanation while giving a slight lift of his shoulders. Then, looking to Damian he says, "By my count we're getting out in a little under twenty-four hours and one minute, unless of course we're to be released Tuesday night. In which case that time-table is extended by however many hours. Anyhow..." A dismissive wave is given to that as he laces his fingers in front of him. "What can we help you with?"

The storm grows in strength and potency. Some of the guards are running along the top of the palisade, firing rifles down at something that's approaching. The wind begins to whip at the hair of the Sin-Eaters in the courtyard. The nearby Krewe speaking to their Krewemate are silent, glancing up at the faux-sky that makes up this part of the Underworld. Eventually the gunfire ceases and Yama stands on top of the wall, looking down. There's a blast of energy from the Kerberos, which sounds like an explosion beyond the walls. The island upon which Lowgate sits shakes.

"Fucking Sage," one of the guards mutters as he makes his way across the courtyard with a Judge, headed for the doors leading back into the prison.

Deckard's brow rose at Rachel, but his expression fell into a more relaxed mode shortly after, his hands dropping to his sides. "Bad impression. Pfft. For scolding your son?" Okay, so he could roll with the punches and throw a jab or two in Hoax's direction as well. "Kidding. But it's good to know you two didn't fuck anything major up." He seemed to be put more to ease once the accord was mentioned, his posture becoming one that was more or less casual, even despite Damian's cold and calculated approach. And when Yama begins his Kamehameha voodoo, with the gunfire, Deckard scratched his head and looked back towards the guards. The fuck required that much firepower? Deckard considered going to check it out, because gods, his friends were in there. Then again, if Yama and his crew couldn't handle something at the walls, they were all in big trouble. He'd leave the assault to them, and if it appeared they couldn't handle it, he'd jump in to assist. Otherwise, it was time to exercise visitation rights. He was interested to hear what Damian came all the way to Lowgate to see Kilo and Hoax for, and he leaned on the table to listen in.

Kilo nods in agreement with Hoax. "So... we have some news actually... we're going to get pregnant." She smiles happily and glances back at Hoax for reassurance. "We had to get clean for the baby, yeah? And we had to have the baby because... well," She glances warily at Hoax now, a bit unsure. "Hoax did some wheelin' and dealin' down here, crap, like a month ago I guess it is now. And one of the deals was to drink at three rivers. And one of the rivers was the fertility river. I agreed to it because, well, I knew how utterly important this all was to him. And I would never deny Hoax anything. Not anything." she shakes her head soberly. "So? We're not having a baby yet, but we soon will be. And Yama took away our addictions, all of them, in exchange for a week's stay in prison. I mean -- even the herion. I didn't have to go through any withdrawals at all, it was amazing...." And then all hell breaks loose. "OH holy shit. What is going on?" She looks frightened, not knowing anything that is going on outside the prison. She too is curious what is up with Damian.

"...Wow, a lot of people would LOVE to have that kind of a rehab program." Rachel says, before she glances over to the exits. "That can NOT be good." she notes, looking to the nearest warden or what passes for one as she says, "Is it possible for you to inform me of what's going on?.. I don't want to pry into matters not my own, after all."

It's true; Hoax and Kilo have been down far enough that anything going on above ground has escaped them. Lowgate is a terrible place to be, but it's a safe terrible place to be. This is likely something of which to take note, should the Sin-Eaters get into a position where the Sage is chasing them down. It appears that the Principality has no power over Yama. Then again, this could be due to the status of the Kerberos. Yama is nearly a deathlord itself. The guard and Judge that pass by the table catch Rachel's question. The guard stops and gestures for the Judge to head on toward the gates of the lower levels.

"Yeah, occasionally we get these fucking Sacrosanct coming here, or other things. The Sage," he points up at the sky, "the Principality, it's managed to figure out how to get living humans to follow it, not just you folk. So we've been dealing with that now for about five days. Something about those two being here," he points at Hoax and Kilo, "has made us more of a target. Something about the 'West End Watchers,' whatever the fuck that is." Clearly above his paygrade. "So, we kill a few, discorporate a couple ghosts, put a bullet into a Sin-Eater's head. I'm looking forward to when they're gone." He sneers at Kilo and Hoax, and then looks back to Rachel. "Anything else, Missus?"

Damian ’s attention is taken by the firing and explosions and Yama. The table and it’s conversation less important. He studies the ramparts, but mostly Yama. He misses half the conversation, even what Hoax says to him. Well, he doesn’t respond anyway. Finally, he takes himself out of his reverie to turn back. Only to catch Kilo saying that. His look might be unreadable, but he’s also silent, which means he doesn’t know what to say. Not the congratulations one might expect, just nothing. Then again, settling down seems like a distant thing to him, incomprehensible. Thankfully Kilo just keeps on trucking and Damian can clear his thoughts. “Twenty four hours?” He thinks he heard that. Back to business. He noticeably skips all the aby talk and the rest. Like he’s afraid to touch it. “Um, yeah, um, we want to go to St. Mary’s, uh, Frankie and I. We might need a little help. Or a lot, but…” And Damian’s eyes level on them. “We’re trying to avoid trouble.” No offense, that gaze of his says. And then that bomb is dropped. Eyes go to the guard and then to Kilo and Hoax. A brow raises. He’s obviously missed something in all this. Admittedly he hasn’t talked to them enough.

After hearing what the guard had to say, Deckard blinked a few times. "Son of a...how the fuck did he..." Deckard went back to scratching his head. Didn't matter. Had to focus. "So! Kilo, Hoax, congratulations! That sounds like a good thing to sober up for. I mean, that's a big step. I don't think I've ever seen you two not smashing rails like they were going out of style, amongst other things. I would give you both props, but ahh, yeah. Don't want to get shot." Obviously the air wasn't that great for friendly banter, but he had to try. "So ahh, you know what? How about after all this is over, we do a little cleansing, hmm? I mean like, this is absurd. That fucking Deathlord hoarding over everything. We should totally start using that Ceremony...the what's it called..."

"Ceremony. Ceremony?" Rachel asks, "I assume some trick to help keep the invaders out."

Since it seems that Rachel has stopped discussing the issue of the Principality, the guard glances over toward Deckard and says, "Reinforce the Bastion," and gestures toward the Krewe over on the other side of the yard. "They were talking about it." He then heads off, catching up with the Judge. They open the gate headed down and make their way into the bowels of the prison.

Kilo gives the guard a nasty little look back but keeps her mouth shut. She doesn't want him spitting in her food or something later on. "Well, if something is going on, I can totally see the Sage coming to look for us Hoax, I mean after Juarez and all?" She shrugs. They did get their fair little warning. And then she's looking at Damian -- listening to what he's saying. "Oh, OK. St. Mary's... from the other day... yeah. OK. We're in. Wait, you want to avoid trouble from who... us?" She laughs though is stilted considering the cirucumstances. "We will totally protect you, Damian -- if you have us there, you won't have to worry about trouble." She assures him. "Deckard should come to, yeah?" She smiles at their friend. "Damian, do you and Frankie have a plan in place?"

“No.” Damian states rather pointedly, though to what is unclear, at first. “I am not worried about my safety.” He sighs a little. “I am worried about restraint. If I am guessing right, we are likely to see something more like Wirehead, maybe more than one. Nobody needs to get stupid. Be a hero.” Doing that math there could be like, fifteen. “No matter how strong you guys are, you can’t beat that kind of trouble, I don’t think all of us can. We’re searching for information on James…” That name pauses him. He forgot about that for the briefest of moments. “James…is the Red Horseman. He’s working for the god-Eater. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he was there. We want to get in, get out. If it hits the fan, it hits the fan. We get out. That’s the plan. No unnecessary engagements. No picking fights we don’t have to. That’s the plan.” And then there’s that other little bit. “Frankie said Darius might be interested too. I don’t know him, so you know. I’ve heard he’s one of your boys. And Deckard…” He looks to the man. “He’s welcome to come, but I’m not guaranteeing I’m not pushing him down a flight of stairs.” That’s a joke right? Can Damian tell jokes? His face reveals nothing. Surely he has been listening to the rest of the conversation about the Sage and ceremonies though because now he finally looks over and examines that other Krewe.

"Hey! Plachante!" Hoax calls out, lifting his head and looking toward the other Krewe gathered around the nearby table. "You and your boys talking about Reinforcing the Bastion, yeah?" A jerk of the head is given toward the guard he blabbed. "Gossip Girl here said so. You guys want to talk some shop and maybe help Yama out? Maybe get your setence reduced by a bit?" Subtle, real subtle.

Deckard snapped his fingers when the guard passed by. "That's it! Yeah! Reinforce the Bastion. Fuck, that thing is gonna be crucial man, the way everywhere is getting hit." When he turned back to the conversation, he finally realized what Damian and Kilo were talking about. "Oh, yeah. I've been looking into that shit, and so far, I haven't turned up much a all." He shrugged, and gave Damian narrowed eyes when he mentioned pushing him down the stairs. "Yeeeah, I'd like to come along as well, but shit has been going down /everywhere/ in town, and I've been doing damage control for the last little while. Fucking ghosts running amok and shit. It's like they don't have anchors or something." And then he looked to Hoax. "Fucking brilliant man! So, who are those guys anyway?"

That does catch the attention of the Krewe. The Haitians stand up from the table and one of the guards steps over, in case there's going to be trouble. Planchante holds up his hands to the guard and calls over to the Maine Sin-Eaters: "Oui!" He has a thick Haitian accent. "I can teach the Ceremony. It ain't take long," he shakes his head. He waves them over toward him, "One of you who wants it learned, I can teach." Which would be Deckard, who only learns ceremonies from people who speak English as a second language.

Kilo nods at Damian with a smirk. "Homeboy, if you think you got your shit covered and you can get "in and out" with fifteen assholes coming after you and not engaging? Be my guest. I get teh feeling you got sent here by Frankie to be the one to tell us you weren't interested in our help. Or else you wanted us muzzled. That's fine with us. Have at it. I got way bigger things to worry about." She smiles, and not unkindly, just a final smile that lets him know she agrees with him. Nobody would be "getting stupid" as he so eloquently put it.

Deckard's head whipped around to the Haitian. "You. Teach me, and we'll fucking rock this bitch while we're surrounded by walls and Judges and guards and Yama the motherfucking warden. We can put this place to sleep in a matter of minutes with no trouble!" Deckard looked back to his companions. "I'm fucking tired of this Sage motherfucker and his shit. Always some asshole trying to take over the world or something stupid. I'll be right back, okay guys?" And with that, Deckard leapt up and speed walked over to the guy with the accent. "Let's do this."

As Deckard heads over, Planchante sits back down and gestures toward the rest of his Krewe. They say something in French and laugh, then one of them claps Deckard on the shoulder. Planchante says, "They said you're big and Henri wondered if it extended below," he points at one of his Krewemates, who grins at Deckard. Planchante leans forward and starts to draw out a circle on the table with a fingernail, then begins to explain the intricacies of the Ceremony. It never takes long to learn these things. Once Deckard has the knowledge, his Geist will remember it for him if he can't get perfect recall himself. "Anyhow, my friend, that is how you do it."

Deckard smiled a devious grin at the Krewe standing with him. "I will remember this. And one day, if you're all together and we meet again, I'll show you without Phantasmal Caul how big my dick truly is. Err, Metaphorically. I'm taken. Err...god damn it, let's just do this!" He said, still learning how to construct motivational speeches. "This...this we can do. Thank you." And with that, Deckard stood up on the table. "Listen up you bloody cocksuckers! If that motherfucker gets in here, we're all fucking /dead/! And guess who's gonna save all your asses!? THE SIN-EATERS. Anybody, I don't give a /fuck/ if you're an inmate or not, who can come and help me with this. I require Stricken, Torn, Prey, Forgotten. Come to me, and let's banish this book-loving asshat!"

Kilo is Forgotten. She stands tentatively, eyeing the guards to see how much trouble this is going to render her, then moves to Deckard's side.

“On the contrary, I don’t want anyone dying, Kilo.” Damian turns back to her, barely paying attention to what Deckard and the other Krewe is doing. This point is more important. He focuses on just Kilo, rather than Hoax. “I am very much interested in your help, so is Frankie. We both agreed on you. We are very aware of our limits.” Not that he’s saying they aren’t, but… “I just want you to make it out alive. The last time we talked, the way you talked…that’s all. I don’t know you that well. And the way Darius talks…” Well, he’s not going to get too far into that. “Point is…I just don’t want to go in guns blazing, looking for trouble. That’s it. If you can handle that, then I am very much wanting and needing your help. It’s going to be dangerous. Really dangerous, I’m almost sure of it, considering what happened there.” Deckard’s conversation is glimpsed and the man just shakes his head.

Hoax gets up after Kilo does and follows her on over to Deckard and the other group, where he extends a fist toward Planchante for him to bump. "Merci." He says in thanks for having taught his friend. Everyone knows how to say 'thanks' in French. "I'll be your Red Horseman, Kings of Clubs." A hand is clapped on to Deckard's shoulder

It's good to make friends in prison, despite how long you're going to be in there. Planchante extends a hand for the fist bump. The guards don't seem to mind this casual exchange, but they are checking to make sure no one's exchanging any goods or weapons or anything of the sort. One of the judges appears nearby and looks toward one of the guards. The guard nods.

"Judge says visitation's almost up. You got a few minutes."

Once everybody was gathered to gether, new friends and old friends, inmates and free-folk, Deckard got into a semi-huddle. "Okay. I cannot believe how simple this Ceremony is. We each stand back to back, and profess our hatred for the Deathlord. Then we call out Yama's name at the very end. Simple. We keep going till we feel them leave. We'll know when that happens. Alright, break!" Deckard said, turning his back to his compatriots, trusting them to do the same. "Alright Sage-man, let's see what you got." And with that, Deckard began spewing a chain of profanity tied very closely to the events that he's seen unfold based on the Deathlord's influence. It wasn't pretty or very well put together, but it didn't need to be. He trusted his allies to do the same.

Kilo follows Deckard's lead and chants the appropriate words, as she stands by him and Hoax; denouncing the deathloard and professing her hatred for him. She then waits to call out Yama's name.

The guards are a little concerned, but since no one seems to be doing anything particularly off-base, they don't intervene. In fact, Yama actually comes down from the tower and stands nearby, watching them. As the two Krewes and the three Krewe-less Sin-Eaters gather together and Deckard and Planchante begin the ceremony, there's a sudden shout from one of the guard posts and heavy firepower is rained down from the Orcus-crafted guns on something beyond the walls. It doesn't stop throughout the time that Deckard and Planchante perform the ceremony.

Once it's finished, there's a shout from on the wall: "They can't get through! It's like they're being blocked by something!"

Yama glances up to the guards, then looks over at the group of Sin-Eaters. The Kerberos steps over toward them and moves to rest a hand on Planchante's shoulder. "Your sentence has been commuted. You may return with your Krewe." The Kerberos looks back to Deckard, Hoax, Kilo, Boucher, Rachel, and Damian. "Hoax, and Kilo. Your sentence is not commuted, but I will transfer you to Limbo." It's a better place for them to be, right up near the top of the prison. "In two days, you will get your knife and I will send a Judge with you to Dead Man's Hand so you can do your duty." The Kerberos nods. "Now, I suggest waiting for a short time before leaving, but visitation is over. Once the servants of the Wise One disperse, you will safely get back home. I shall send a Judge to escort you to the living world," it informs the visiting Sin-Eaters.

"And though our paths are not the same, mon ami," Planchante says, "The Northwater Lords will help protect you, eh?" He gives the Mainers a wide grin.

Professing your hate for the Deathlord. That sounds like a bad idea. Since Kilo has already identified herself as one of the Gray Horse’s men…err women. Well, Damian isn’t needed for the ceremony, which doesn’t seem to bother him overly much. He’s concerned to, though. He stands from the table, and just looks toward the gate that was closed. Like some sort of sentry waiting for the ram to bust down the gate. He has no idea what he will be able to do then. But, he’s a Reaper, and he will do what that entails, fulfill his bargain as he promised, until he’s no more. Even at the words of Yama, and that of the guards he doesn’t relax.

Deckard slapped Planchante on the shoulder. "You're alright man. I'll look you up when I get topside." More connections never hurt. Plus the Northwater Lords? That just sounded like a badass name for a Krewe. Deckard nodded towards Yama. "Thank you. I'll be back. Oh, and ahh, here's your stationary for this time." Deckard said, setting a backpack on the table. "Normally I'd, you know, follow proceedure and shit, but ahh, this was a bit of an unorthadox visit. So there you go." Deckard moved to hug Kilo and Hoax, cause fuck it, they just saved Yama some trouble. After he said his goodbye's, knowing his friends were safe, he waited by the door for Boucher and the Judge to escort them topside.

When the Guards call out that the Sage's minions are barred from coming any further into the Dominion, Hoax makes a satified noise in the back of his throat. Turning to Planchante, he extends a hand in offer to shake and grins at the Frenchman. "You're out of here, mi amigo. Stay out of trouble, alright?" After the hug and whenDeckard mentions stationary, Hoax quickly moves to snag a pen -- making sure to shoot Yama a look to say that he is just wanting to writing something -- and writes down his phone number, which he hands to the former inmate. "That's my private number, understand? I mainly use burner phones, but... you've been good to me and my girl while we've been in here. So if you ever need anything, well..." A nod is given to the scrap of paper.

"Sounds good, my man!" Planchante claps Hoax on the shoulder and says, "We all must do what we can to fight this Sage, eh?" He looks between the group, then gestures toward the Northwater Lords and toward the door. "I will give you calls," he notes to Hoax over his shoulder, and the group begins to congregate with Rachel, Deckard, and Boucher and the Judge that's going to be sent with them.

Kilo gives Deckard a hug and then goes to give Damian a hug to. "Hey, no hard feelings little vato. These things happen. You and Frankie will be fine. Be safe, yeah? We'll be praying for you." She rubs his arm affectionately, the most she is willing to do demonstravely, and then gives them both a wave before heading back to Hoax and presumably their cell. "Be safe you two!"

Damian’s words were probably lost in the ceremony, but he glances back at Kilo and Hoax. And oh god, he’s getting hugged. How much does Damian hate actual physical contact these days? So much that he flinches when Kilo moves to hug him. What this ends up being is the most awkward hug scene people have witnessed in ages. Kilo hugs him and he just stands there like a pole. It’s even worse when she rubs his arm. A nod when she stops though. “Think about it, both of you.” It’s time to go, let’s go Judge, let’s go.