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University Open Day 2016

Dramatis Personae

Alexei, Ira, Kai, Mikhail, Nicodemus, Randy, Sarah, Webb

10 September, 2016

SJU holds an open day.


St. John's University

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Hey, folks! It's a special event at the University today so it's a special broadcast of SASS. Unfortunately, Shyla can't be with us today - way too much partying - so we only have one 'S'. Half as sassy but hopefully still fun. The university is open to all comers today and I'll be broadcasting from the quad so come on down and if you want to be on the radio then this could be your chance! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ip86XtF-Kok

It's St. John's University open day and the campus is abuzz with visitors, students and staff mixing and trying to sort themselves out for the college year ahead. Stalls line the sides of the quad promoting everything from the Young Republicans to Natural Yoghurt that's made in one of dorm rooms - no one has been brave enough to try it yet.

The SASS radio program is being broadcast from the quad though only one of the usual DJs - Sarah - is around. But if anyone wants to get on the radio, here is there chance!

Classes can be signed up for at one end of the quad and the lines there are starting to get long. Everyone wants to grab the best ones early! There will be a speech by the College Dean soon but for now it is time for people to mingle and get to know each other.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Alice Cooper with 'School's Out'. But wait, I hear you say, aren't we all going /back/ to school now, Sarah. Yes, we are, but how many songs do you know that celebrate school starting that doesn't have Zac Efron singing it? I'm looking out over the quad and seeing people start to gather. Oh...just been handed a message. Don't try the yellow pills...umm...not sure what that's about. Anyway, come on down and get to know your University and the people who work and study here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdXQJS3Yv0Y

Randy groans and drinks from his coffee cup. As usual, Randy the librarian is perpetually tired, looking like he just got out of bed. He looks out the window. "Ugh it's still sorta light out." He grumbles. He's in a black t-shirt with his knit cap on his head. He mulls around, pacing around the place, clapping grudgingly at the end of someone’s speech.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was 'Where there's a whip there's a way' from the Hobbit. I am sure that is not an accurate representation of teaching methods here but someone's idea of a joke. Umm...anyway. Time for some swearing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aRbQKUJPA8

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Scooter with Oi! Ooh...I think I see our movie making professor Ira...we're on first name terms...out in the quad. And there's Randy the librarian. I don't think he's woken up yet. In honor of my missing co-host, here's a song that best describes her. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wjFahULCK8

Alexei is excited! He is going to be actually starting actual college! Alexei is here, there and everywhere, peering at each stall curiously. The natural yogurt that is made in one of the dorms makes him wrinkle his nose just a bit! Gross! He isn't even going to ask! Alexei glances over towards where Sarah is hosting her radio show every now and again, occasionally bouncing along if she happens to play something he likes. Mostly though? The boy looks slightly confused! There are so many flyers and brochures and leaflets and booklets and...and...oh hey! There is his friend Kai! Alexei grins when he spots him, giving him a big wave and heading over in his direction, still peering suspiciously at a few of the flyers he has been given. It is tooo much to choose from! He is confuuuuused. Somebody help him.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Metro Station and 'Shake It'. Wherever Shyla is you can rest assured she is doing just that. Someone's just brought over a jar of 'natural yoghurt' made in one of the dorm rooms. Umm...it looks strangely familiar. So much so that I don't think I'll have any. Thanks to the guys in 3B anyway. If anyone wants some, it is available for sale in the quad. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjfspM5sDIA

Sarah is happily spinning the hits and misses of the day from the DJ booth while people mingle and mangle in the quad. A deadpan announcement comes over the tannoy - 'Dean Martin will be giving his speech in thirty minutes. Please attend and applaud enthusiastically. That is all.'

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Frankie Sinatra by The Avalanches, a favorite of mine at the moment. Who doesn't like songs that sample 'The Sound of Music'? Time to rock it up...just a bit. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a4gyJsY0mc

Kai hustles to get his Booth in order. Sign?



Information Forms?



Ah heck? Where was Naj? Darn it?

He looked around for the slinkiest britches in the crowd. Yup. Kai grinned. That's Alexei all right! The young freshman waved and called out enthusiastically. "NAJ! DUDE! OVER HERE!"

Ira looks toward the radio shenanigans when he hears his name being mentioned. He waves toward Sarah with a pleasant smile as he murmurs under his breath, "No one's going to know who that is." Because a summer of doing interviews, winning another award, and a re-release of his best film leads right to obscurity. He gravitates toward familiar faces from the film department, a cup of coffee in hand as he watches the lines of students.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Electric Six and 'Danger! Danger!'. Which is what you will hear a lot around some of the fraternities. Though I'm sure they're all good boys and wouldn't do anything untoward. I've even been told that there will only be one toga party this week...and togas are optional. Oh...they don't list anything else you can wear. Okay...moving on. I see there's a booth about that charity do coming up who need volunteers to be auctioned off. I think Shyla and I were signing up but you know how college life is. All a blur. Here's another song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AltMeuPkWRs

Alexei shakes his head...too many brochures. This is dealt with by depositing all of them on the nearest flat surface (it is the stand for the synchronized swimming team) and pretending that none of the choices exist! There! Life is simple again. Alexei's face lifts with a grin when his buddy yells out for him and he makes his way over in the direction of the stand! Oh yeah! Kai said something about this! "Nice stall!" he nods approvingly, before adding "There is too much stuff here! I dunno what to do!" just a little forlornly.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was The Offspring and 'Pretty Fly for a White Guy'. I wouldn't know about such things. Ooh...looks like we have a guest DJ. It's Mikhail from the hockey team...I didn't even know we had a hockey team. Welcome Mikhail." A pause. "You push that button when you want to talk. And speak into that big black thing in front of your mouth...umm...here's a song until we work out some technical issues." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbe3CQamF8k

Mikhail makes his way onto the quad and straight for the DJ desk! Quiet words exchanged.. a mic button that apparently doesn't work.. but heck, does wonders when you actually plug in all the wires. And off he goes, spouting into the mic when given the cue.

Sarah is waving over a confused looking Mikhail to her booth and the spare DJ chair. He must have something important to say. After a few moments of 'technical difficulties' he is away!

TXT From Kai To Sarah - OMG! the guy lives right down the hall? did u not c his... nvr mind...I just cant talk 2 u right now.

<SJU Radio> Mikhail says, "Hey! this is Mik Cavanaugh, left wing for the SJU hockey team.. don't look like that Sarah, of course we have a hockey team. It snows here six months of the year and we're only a couple of hours away from Canada.... but! Our first exhibition game is next Saturday against those has been Black Bears from Orono. Come see us! The Alfond Ice Center next Saturday at 2. Remember, students get in free with ID!"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "So it's ice hockey, Mik? So do you need players? Who is your coach? It's not Sourman, is it? Oh...I just got a text from our number one fan. They are commenting on how wonderful Mik's...umm...never mind. Might delete that one. So tell us about the team, Mik? And that was Massive Attack with 'Angel' earlier."

TXT From Alexei To Sarah - It is true! I can see them from here!

The crowd parts in the quad and Dean Martin, head of the college, is striding imperiously for an impromptu stage. It is time to relay his wisdom to the world. He nods to the non-existent applause as he takes his place at the rostrum. A light tap of the microphone to make sure it is on...it isn't. Cue lots of media students attempting to find the loose cords.

Ira watches the dean from his comfortable spot nowhere near places where public speaking might take place. Despite his professorial camouflage, there have been a few autographs requested and given. He's striving to be low-key about it.

<SJU Radio> Mikhail says, "Is it Ice Hockey... Whoa. You're really not from around here, are you? The coach is Neil Werstein, formerly of the Colorado Avalanche. our team is damn good this year.. we have a real good shot at the Hockey East title if not winning the whole Frozen Four. Keep watch!" Is it ice hockey... I mean.. seriously! Mik's mouth hung open a little at that one.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Nothing like promising the world, Mik. So there you have it listeners, Mik...who looks a bit stunned...is pretty sure we're going to win it all. Yay! And here's another text about Mik's...(sigh). Sheesh, I wish I got texts like this about me. You have a lot of fans, Mik. Here's a song and then I'll let Mik choose one. Probably should be 'Hot Stuff' judging by these texts. It looks like Dean Martin will be speaking soon so we'll cross over to that as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_pqC563bX_w

Kai greets Alexei with a hearty smile. "Hey dude! You survived the... uh.., the "THING". Wasn't worried for a second. Well okay... maybe 2... 3 tops!" He looks around warily, "Hey thanks for helping Naj-"

Kai suddenly tilts his head and looks puzzled toward the SJU set up with Sarah. He shakes his head.

"Really," he mutters, "Not like the guy doesn't live right down the hall from ya" He gets out his cell as starts texting deftly, continuing his muttered rant, "Honestly. How can you miss the guy? Cavanaugh is built like..." He looks back up at Alexei with a deep blush.

"Uh... Just sending Sarah a text... about... uh... hockey... and stuff." After he finishes, his blush is still remaining.

"Hey! That reminds me. Can you watch the booth for a moment? Gotta make an announcement. on the SJU for the Charity thing and all." A moment later he looks back a Sarah and a studly young student standing. "Huh," he mutters, "Speak of the Devil..."

"Ice hockey huh?" As the event goes on the librarian yawns and leans up against the wall by the information on the college library. He twirls a bottlecap between his fingers as he keeps a watchful (not really) eye on the students.

Mikhail grins, thanks Sarah, words spoken., and then heads out!

The media students, under the possibly baleful eye of Ira, manage to finally get the dean's microphone working. A nod of thanks to the students before he clears his throat. "Good evening..." Heavy feedback whines through the speakers before nobs are adjusted. "There we go. Good evening, everyone, I am Dean Martin and welcome to the Saint John's University open day. It's wonderful to see so many people here today. Students. Academia...and I am making notes of who hasn't shown. The curious. You will all see today that this university is by far the best in Maine if not the country. We have produced students of incredible pedigree through the years and they are only improving year in and year out. It won't be long before one of our students is President of the United States...hopefully after they've graduated." A bottle of the dorm made yoghurt is placed on the rostrum and the dean eyes it before smiling. "Oh...yoghurt made by the students. How wonderful. This just shows what an enterprising group we are." He scoops some out with his finger and tastes it. A curious look on his face. "Tastes...familiar...but just can't place it. Anyway. Welcome everyone and have a good time like all of us here do every day."

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Captain Sensible and 'Wot'. Mik had to go though he has left a song request...and a request to see all those texts. Here's Dean Martin with his speech. "Good evening..." Heavy feedback whines through the speakers before nobs are adjusted. "There we go. Good evening, everyone, I am Dean Martin and welcome to the Saint John's University open day. It's wonderful to see so many people here today. Students. Academia...and I am making notes of who hasn't shown. The curious. You will all see today that this university is by far the best in Maine if not the country. We have produced students of incredible pedigree through the years and they are only improving year in and year out. It won't be long before one of our students is President of the United States...hopefully after they've graduated." The sound of a jar being placed on the rostrum. "Oh...yoghurt made by the students. How wonderful. This just shows what an enterprising group we are." A pause. "Tastes...familiar...but just can't place it. Anyway. Welcome everyone and have a good time like all of us here do every day." That was Dean Martin and here's Mik's song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSR6ZzjDZ94

Ira shakes his head, and he makes a note of the students' faces. If he sees them in his classroom... He grips his coffee cup a little tighter. To Webb, he says, "Can you believe it?" It's hard to tell sometimes when he's feeling politely inquisitive and utterly appalled. Though when that English accent goes Very Proper, it's generally the latter. He applauds politely after the dean's speech, such as it is, tapping his fingertips against his coffee cup silently.

Henry's not in uniform. He's keeping company with Ira, dressed only in khakis and a polo shirt. Peach is at his side, in her guise as a service dog. She's wagging her tail proudly and grinning, like all this to-do is in her honor. "I dunno," he says, dryly.

Alexei beams! This is his chance! As Kai wanders off towards the SJU radio booth Alexei snatches up a handful of flyers. He is in charge of the booth and this is his moment! "Are you young and pretty?!" he calls across the quad, waving that stack of flyers over his head. "Come and get sold for charity!" he elaborates before following up with "All proceeds go to..." what does this charity support? Kai probably mentioned this..."a charitable cause!" he yells out. His English is perfect, though it carries a slight Russian accent along with it. "Come and be sold for charity!" he calls out again. Alexei paces up and down in front of the stall, waving his flyers around as he watches over his new kingdom. Well, it's his until Kai gets done doing whatever he is doing over at the SJU radio booth anyway. "Calling all young beautiful people!"

Sarah notes the approaching Kai and gives him a little wave before gesturing for him to take the spare seat. Quick instructions given about which button to push and which large object with a bulge at the end to speak into.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was 'More Than A Feeling' by Boston and that was the song that Mik selected. Who knew he was a hundred years old? It looks like we have another guest now. Kai wants to tell us all about a charity slave auction. Take it away, Kai."

Kai nods at Sarah cheerfully but eyes the microphone warily. He hesitates in his approach like he's realizing he hadn't though this through fully. "Uh... hey Sarah. Long time.. no... uh... yeah."

The young man swallows nervously as he takes a seat. "I'm really gonna regret this aren't I?" His voice is low and it's unclear whether he is talking to Sarah and or himself.

Kai looks up trying to put on a brave face, "So... uh... yeah... let's do this thing."

Dean Martin steps down from the rostrum to press the flesh, handing over the yoghurt to his assistant. "Ira!" he grins, approaching the Professor with hand outstretched in greeting. "How are you? Good to see you could make it...unlike some other professors I could mention." A nod to Webb and Peach. "And this must be your...yes…it must be. Would you like to try some yoghurt?"

"Wait.. what now... like...omg... it this thing on?"

<SJU Radio> Kai says, ""Wait! What now? like...oh my gods... it this thing on?"

<SJU Radio> Kai says, "Uh... right... so... um... can I start over?"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Take it easy, Kai. Just imagine your audience is naked...and then be thankful you can't see them. Deep breaths. Should I play a song first? We'll play a song first. This is 'Someone's Watching Me' by Rockwell. Listen for Michael Jackson. As many a kid was threatened with in the noughties. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YvAYIJSSZY

Ira offers his hand to the dean to shake. "Dean Martin," he says amiably. "Hello, it's so nice to see you." He glances around at the chaos, the swarming students, and the questionable yoghurt. "Wouldn't miss it for the world," he says. He shakes his head to the offer of yoghurt and says, "I'm afraid I've just eaten. Stuffed to the brim. This is Henry Webb, and he is, as you say, my yes. The dog is Peach. She's a K9 officer, very diligent." He ruffles the dog-cop's ears. Who's a good crime-biter?

Henry offers a handshake, but politely declines the yogurt. "Pleased to meetcha," he says, amiably. Peach twinkles up at them. Yes, I am a good dog. Best dog. What exactly he is to Ira, he doesn't explain.

Students mingle around the quad checking out the various booths advertising everything and anything - as well as signing up for classes. Sarah is broadcasting the SASS program (minus one 'S') from a booth in the quad and Kai is currently guest DJing...or guest mumbling. Dean Martin, head of the university, is meeting everyone he can. "A crime fighting dog? We have an animal science course here...I think." He glances back at his assistant who just shrugs. "Well maybe we should. We'll look into that. Maybe get Pendragon or Paragon to sponsor it. Well, it was nice to see you again, Ira. Don't forget the academic board meeting. Nice to meet you, Henry. We all support our boys in blue. Some closer than others." A wiggle of his eyebrows before he moves on.

Nicodemus meanders into the quad, not seeming to notice that he is late. Tight black jeans, polished black boots, a short-sleeved black button-up shirt. It shows off his various tattoos rather well. He stifles a yawn as he makes his way to the first booth, idly picking up a flier before he glances about at the crowd.

Randy walks over to where the Dean is, feeling obliged to pay his respects although he was never the most social of people. He walks on over and gives the man a nod. "Dean." Randy says with a nod to the Dean. "I'm Randy. The librarian. Feel free to let me know about anything that er should be done I suppose. I'm not used to these kinds of meetings." Randy says with a yawn.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Yes, Kai. Please." There may be some pleading in her tone.

<SJU Radio> Kai says, "Thanks Sarah. Awesome Song. Love the Show. Puts me right to sleep... uh... I mean in a GOOD way. So... yeah... anyway... the Hyacinth Ridge Country Club is holding a Bachelore/ Bachelorette Auction.... and all proceeds will be used to purchase school supplies for needy children/teens. It's a GREAT chance to not just give back to your community but also network with some of communities movers and shakers. And yeah... O know you and Shyla got issues with that. But ..getting to know well off community leaders is not selling out or shit…uh.. oh...uh...sorry Mom... What I mean is they may be rich, sure. But that doesn't mean they can't benefit from meeting some of the AWESOME folks at SJU and hey.. sometime opportunities happen that way... it not like a crime or immoral or anything... so anyway. Don't sell yourself short. Just SELL yourself! So... yeah, Whether you're one of the Beautiful People of Delaney Hall or one of St John’s many many MANY HOT Professors! You know who you are Doc Ritter, Doc DoLittle. We won't mention Professor Y... cause... yeah...anyway that's it. Can I go now?"

"Well, we're all randy sometimes" the dean replies with a bit of confusion before his assistant whispers in his ear "Oh...your name is Randy. Sorry. I am not used to amusing names. And you're a librarian?" He looks Randy up and down and nods sagely. "Makes sense. Well, we wouldn't be anything without you guys and girls so nice to meet you and keep on helping the kids with those books and stuff."

<SJU Radio> Kai says, "Puh-lease?"

<SJU Radio> Sarah says nothing for a few moments, obviously taking it all in. "Umm...sure, Kai. Thanks for all that info so speedily delivered. Yes, Shyla and I will be selling ourselves but, before you go, Kai, what exactly does that mean? What do our buyers get to use us for?"

"Yes," Ira says, "I remember. It's always a pleasure, dead." He smiles as he watches the dean head on to more meet-n-greeting. "Bit peculiar," he mentions to Henry when the man's out of earshot. "But he's good at what he does." He then nods toward Alexei with his flyers. "They're looking for handsome singles for auction. Would you do it if you were single?"

Randy narrows his eyes at the man, less than amused with the play on his name. "Hrm. Well alright. I just thought I would say hello. Thanky you." He steps away to get a refill on his coffee cup.

Webb shakes his head. "Nah. Not interested. I....I'd rather just give to charity." His hand's fallen to Peach's head - not so much ruffling her ears as idly petting her. All the better to reassure himself.

<SJU Radio> Kai says, "Kai... uh... I kinda guess that goes with whatever our majors or whatever are. I mean. Take Mik for example. Nice Dude. Into hockey and stuff. Obvious works out. Maybe someone at the Auction difs that stuff too. Or like Alexei gets all hot and bothered over dressing Russian films like the one guy on one of your early shows makes. I mean...that Dude is pretty popular. Speaking of popular I seem to recall you hitting it off with a lotta folks, we needn't say where. And a cool guy like Doc Ritter. I mean, he must have years of experience and he's really smart. I can imagine quite a few folks would enjoy spending time with him... is that what you were asking?"

Dean Martin offers a wave to Randy before noting to his assistant. "Seems grumpy. Make sure we send him a present. Maybe some of this delightful yoghurt?" The assistant nods before the pair are heading for...Nicodemus. "How do you do, young man?" the Dean grins as he offers his hand. "You look like you could do with a meal so why not enjoy what the university students have put together. Yoghurt? Or maybe some paella? Hot dogs?" <SJU Radio> Kai says, "(((psst... sarah... is it okay if i go now?)))"

<SJU Radio> Sarah umms, "Yeah...maybe. Okay, fine, let's just come out and say it. If we get 'bought' by someone - and as a black woman I'm really loving all that goes with that - I assume that you still have the choice to agree to any demands that the buyer makes. Right? We're all civilized here...aren't we?" A pause. "This charity isn't a brothel in disguise. Just want to make that clear for everyone who is buying and selling." A sigh at Kai's whispered words over the air. "Thank you for popping by, Kai, and good luck with your charity event. And can I just say to all the listeners that he meant I am good at making friends...nothing more."

"I think I would have," Ira admits. "I would do it if it were just coffee and chatting instead of a date. You'd meet new people." Which Webb does, lucky fellow. People from Ira's department wander by to say hello, and he introduces Webb and Peach when they do. It's film and theater, so no doubt Peach smells some interesting substances.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "Let's get the funk on! Thanks, Kai, you were great. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qchPLaiKocI "

Kai looks at Sarah blankly. "Dude! ..uh... Duddette... whatever. You.. think... you think I’m tryin' ta pimp my my people out?" He looks away disappointed. "Wow... way t' keep the faith... I get why you and Shyla were so weird about stuff. Honestly...yeah whatever. Uh... so... yeah... Have a nice show. I won't bug you guys about the auction anymore... or... yeah... whatever.... thanks... have a nice show... sis I say that already. If I did, I meant it... uh...If I didn't well...I just said it now... so yeah...later."

Kai stumbles off back his booth looking sad and... well, sad pretty much describes it. Hang dog, forlorn and like his dog just died would be suitable descriptors as well.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Kool and the Gang with 'Get Down On It'. It looks like I upset Kai pretty bad with my questions so I apologise for that. Call me paranoid but I did push it a bit too far. We'll be at the charity, Kai, and I hope you all come along too. I'd hate to be bought for a dollar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b4h1q3cCl2w

It looks like Nicodemus has no desire to talk to Dean Martin so he decides to head for the Charity booth where Alexei and the returning Kai lurk. "So what's all this about?" he asks, picking up a flier but not bothering to look at it before handing it to his assistant.

TXT From Kai To Sarah - right. i kno 4 a fact u can get 100 easy! and u did't even have 2 dance 4 it

Peach is indeed agog. But she doesn't signal. Not the way she's trained. There is some commentary to Webb, via warbling and whining. She's very vocal, is the Shepherd. "Fair enough," Henry allows....even as he sidles over and settles an arm around Ira.

TXT From Kai To Sarah - am okay btw. thought it was a class thing for u. not a SEX thing! will look into it just incase. not selling my peeps into weird shit like that. have no prob pimpin u out 4 pleasant company and a nice dinner. uni's gotta eat, yo ..and ur black> thought u was an island girl like me

TXT From Sarah To Kai - I'm black, Kai :) You can't tell?

Ira leans into the arm around him, though a bit sheepishly. PDA! Gee hee hee. "Look at them," he says with a nod toward all the students. "You can smell the fear." His brow knits as he sees Kai looking all hangdog. "Poor fellow." He follows Kai's path to Alexei, and he says, "That's the one that was commenting on my backside on campus the other day."

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was 'Run' by AWOLNation and it looks like something a lot of students are doing when they see the dean coming for them. Dean Martin is currently checking out the charity stall. Anyone want to bid on the dean? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQhX8PbNUWI

TXT From Kai To Sarah - I meant island BOY... that i'm a boy... ur a GIRL... u know this.. so... yeah... later ...and yr like Halley Berry Black which can be like anything, latina r even Hawaiian Blend like me... hell my great grandfather is from Zambia. One of the reasons they named me Kai... besides Zambian, its Hawaiian, Japanese, Two kinds of Chinese AND Norwiegian! so yeah. i can see it now. REALLY! just didn't get it before. sorry. Randy the grumpy librarian heads back to his library to sit around with his books and coffee

“HEY DEAN! You know who would probably rake in like ..BOO-COO bucks, for the Hyacinth's Club's Charity? The Dean of one of Maine's Finest Universities! Oh. Sorry Did I say ONE of Maine's Finest? Obviously, I meant one of the NATION'S Finest, we got U of M eating our dust big time! So yeah. Dean Martin. You should totally... like... be a Batchelor and stuff. Heck. If I wasn't a poor freshman, I bid on ya myself. But your gonna go for like ..loads...of ..whatever. Just think of all those young student enable toward a superior educational experience and shit. Just because you were a role model for the students and staff here at St. J's. You, Sir. You are an INSPIRATION, that’s what you are!” reels off Kai.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Faith No More with 'We Care A Lot'...and we do. That was in the pre Mike Patton days. Keeping to the rawk while I grab a paella from that the Latin Student Association booth, here's The Darkness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSGa1dW_KoE

Dean Martin is rather impressed with Kai's voluminous and enthusiastic flattery. "And what's your name, young man? Do you think people would bid for me? Yes...yes I suppose they would. I shall give it due consideration." A gesture to his assistant and they are off to wander the quad.

"I remember," says Webb, dryly. "How could I forget? I'm in the presence of the famous ass." And he shoots Ira a look, and grins like a wolf.

<SJU Radio> "That was the Darkness with 'Love Is Only A Feeling'. The lines are getting smaller on the course sign-ups so now is the time to hit them...if the course is still open. I wonder if I can get Ira to come over and say some words. Looks like he's with a close personal friend. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yDSK91mUNLU

Ira lifts his gaze to the sky as if calling upon divine patience. "Little known fact, the owner of that ass makes films whose nudity has deep artistic merit." He shoots Webb a look right back, and his lips twitch as he tries not to smile. "Come on," he says, and he slips free of Henry's arm to take his hand and tug him toward the radio booth. "I find it's best to just capitulate."

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "That was Mika with 'Big Girl You Are Beautiful' and it looks like I have managed to get the attention of the cutest butt in the faculty...certainly the most publicised one. Come and join us Ira...and friend...and a doggy too. Looks like the whole family is out tonight. Have a seat and tell us what you've been up to."

Kai was dancing, badly to Mika's Big Girls being blared across the Quad. So badly it's hard to tell if he's doing it on purpose or not.

As he sees Ira going toward the SJU set up, he learns over to Alexie, "Hey Naj? Isn't the that Director you’re always going on about? Tell me that guy DOESN'T use a Stunt Double... he is sooo busted." Kai get out his cell for a quick text.

TXT From Kai To Sarah - 2 words... STUNT BUTT! just sayin

Henry's grin is still lupine. "So do I," he agrees, docilely, as he lets Ira tow him along towards the booth.

Ira pinches the bridge of his nose and sighs quietly. It was a valid artistic decision! That two seconds of naked butt was a metaphor! Surrounded by Philistines, Ira sits, and he says into the mike...

<SJU Radio> Ira clears his throat. "That's Henry, and the dog is Peach. Er, yes, what I've been up to, preparing for classes, honestly. I'm looking forward to another year in the SJU Film Department and settling in after a busy summer."

For a guy whose naked butt has been all over Tumblr and recently escaped into the rest of the Internet, he looks awfully professorial, dressed like he just emerged from a library. All that's missing is the jacket with leather patches at the elbows.

<SJU Radio> Sarah asks, "So what are the plans? When do you make a movie on campus that everyone can star in and show off their butts? For the sake or art of course. Hello, Henry. What's it like hanging out with a famous movie star slash director slash butt. And despite what the text I just received says, it was NOT a stunt butt."

TXT From Kai To Sarah - ask if the butt dude will do the charity, n his bud w/ the cute dog

Webb looks intensely embarrassed at that. He's gone a bright pink. But he leans in gamely and speaks, after he's given room.

<SJU Radio> Webb says, "Well, Ira's a wonderful person. I always enjoy it. That's why we're together."

Watching the pair from his booth, Kai gives a grin and elbows Alexei. "Ah, poor Naj. Look like your favorite filmie is already taken, dude."

Seeing that the guy with the cute dog looks like he might be a bit uncomfortable, he empathizes and offers a soft call out, "HEY HENRY!" Kai give him two big thumbs up and what hopes is a big encouraging, supportive TOOTH grin. He makes sure to show his teeth, because his Humans... they love that stuff.

<SJU Radio> Ira soldiers on, manfully showing now sign he's even heard references to his anatomy. "I've a studio in town, actually," he says. "Once the school year starts I'm going to take a class though the process of producing a film. We'll decide on a script, hold open auditions, er, make a film." He adds, with a quiet sigh, "PG-13, I assure you."

Ira grins stupidly at Webb when he calls him a wonderful person. D'aww. He glances toward Kai when he calls out to The Boyfriend, and he just shakes his head, shoulders shaking with silent laughter.

<SJU Radio> Sarah says, "PG-13? That allows butts, doesn't it? In non-sexual situations at least. So are either of you interested in that charity auction? Famous butts must be worth a fortune. So do you have scripts written already for this movie? Wouldn't that take up most of the course otherwise? Writing it? Awwww...aren't you two such sweet lovebirds."

TXT From Kai To Sarah - it sooo does. tasteful butt shots... not taste butts shots. apparently a big dif

Webb offers a big grin at Kai, in return. Still red to the ears, however. But standing up for and by Ira. He gives KAi a thumbs up in return.

<SJU Radio> Webb says, "Well, Ira's so good to me."

Ira just shakes his head at the thumbs-upping, and he grins. He's turning a bit pink himself. He may not be responding to the butts thing directly, but damn it, he's still hearing it.

<SJU Radio> Ira says, "Actually, I've got a few scripts in development, but if I receive a script I like, I'll consider it. There are a lot of talented people in different departments here at SJU, and in the community. One of the first lessons for the class is how to use the resources available to you." He clears his throat, and there's a pause before he says, "I do try, Henry. You've made it rather easy."

<SJU Radio> Sarah teases, "Today's episode should come with a diabetes warning. But I'm glad you two are so happy. And you heard the professor, Fallcoast, if you have a script that is any good, send it along and it may just be made into a film. Though I doubt you'll get paid. I'll just state that clearly now. Thanks for dropping by Ira...Henry...and the rest of my guests today. It looks like most people have want they want from the open day and hopefully everyone has signed up for their classes." A pause. "Shoot! I haven't yet! Dang!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR3GQfryp9M

Kai shook his grinning as the sappy radio stuff, while he tried to explain the sorority girls about the charity, heavily emphasizing the Country Clubs involvement. He couldn't help but laugh at the Film Prof giving props to the Dog Guy. He checked out Alexei out of the corner of his eye, to make sure his buddy wasn't heart broke or anything.

Looking around he note Alexei was missing. Probably on the prowl for something to eat. The tall, elegant Russian had a killer metabolism. Webb only makes matters worse. In that he takes Ira in his arms and dips him, theatrically.

TXT From Kai To Sarah - i know, right. was so gonna look for an insulin injection ..ack.. still at it

<SJU Radio> Ira interjects quickly, "Actually we're going to option it. Ta, Sarah. It's always a pleasure. Then he's outta there.

...to be dipped, and he goes red to his ears, but he goes with it. Theatrically, of course. The starlets of the 40s could learn a thing or two.

<SJU Radio> Sarah oohs...so there could be money. I wonder if he's be interested in my script? Good night, Fallcoast. I have to go beg to the admin staff to be allowed to go to class this year. We leave you...as always...with the station theme and imagine an image of Ira being dipped while listening to it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0HhR7zKgRSs