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Trial By Ghost

"You are not being polite."

Dramatis Personae

Gabriel, Smith, Ramsey, Pyper, Blanca, Safiyah, Bubba, & Rachel w/ Leah Ripu as STs.

14 September, 2015



Northwestern Crow Hollow Woods - Stueben Farm

The day comes around for the Trail by Ghosts. The Stueben farm is open for any member of the Consilium that wants to come participate or just watch. A large SUV is parked in such a way that the house is blocked off and people are directed toward the barn -- which the doors are currently open, wide. There's a faint sound of music coming from inside.

Leah is currently pushing chairs around on the loft up above. Her hair in a braid, and she's dressed in a pair of black athletic pants, and a matching sports shirt. Once the chairs are pushed together in a neat row, she goes to the edge of the loft and leaps down, rolling with the fall so she ends up in a crouch.

The iPod and iSpeaker set is playing Ms. Jackson.

The will-worker known as Cicero enters the barn. He is either woefully out of place, or clearly only around for observation, as his suit and tie suggest. Just inside the barn doors he pauses to allow his eyes to adjust, blinking and removing his specs. A hand darts in to the breast pocket of his coat for a hanky and it comes up like a flag of surrender, waved briefly in the air before he sets about polishing the lenses of those glasses. His nose wrinkles as he does it and his eyes squint. Soon, however...voila! The spectacles are clean and the Guardian, only newly arrived in Fallcoast, starts to make his way toward the observation loft. He is brought up short by the sudden drop and roll of Leah, a hand rising to his throat as if to clutch imaginary pearls. "Goodness."

Coming into the barn from the back, Rachel's lightly sheened with perspiration -- she must have been out for a run, Khaki cargo trousers, black tank top, sand-colored work-boots; she's not dressed much differently from her usual daily uniform, except for the missing baseball cap. Tying her hair back, she walks over toward the table by the door to retrieve a bottle of water and drink.

Ripu is here as well, dressed, as is common with him, in his absolute finest. He is wearing a black handcrafted suit, which is a somewhat unusual colour for him, but the trim is done in a matte dark gold which adds an exotic flair to ths suit. His collaress shirt is a crisp, clean white and his tie is the same dark gold that is worked into his suit. His hair is perfectly combed and he is nearly freshly shaved, only sporting a five o'clock shadow--which is quite impressive for him. He is wearing his glasses and seated in an old stuffed armchair that has seen better days and smells like a cat may have been living in it. He is watching a space in the middle of the barn that is...completely empty, and talking...to himself apparently, in a foreign language not easily recognized.

Viduus arrives quietly and without much flare. The Guardians seem to be out in full force this evening! The Moros is dressed in black jeans, black boots and a black t-shirt that has 'Hand of Sorrow' written in old fraying letters across the chest. There's a gun holstered at her side. Because guns are always in fashion. She makes her way to the observation loft and her gaze flicks over the others before she finds a place to sit.

Blanca is just arriving, on foot no less. She's dressed casually, and has a little smile on her lips as she wanders toward the barn, glancing around, apparently looking for someone. Or more likely, people she knows. Still, despite being a stranger to most, she doesn't seem to mind.

In contrast to the normally quiet and unobtrusive face he presents about Consilium, Smith today stands out. A leather shoulder rig supports a heavy revolver under his left arm, worn over a tight fitting black T with loose fitting jeans and black combat boots to complete the ensemble. He removes his mirroed sunglasses as he enters, offering a businesslike wave to the First Talon. "Thank you for the invitation. It's always benefitial to learn how better to combat the more esoteric of our adversaries methods."

Sauntering into the barn behind some of the others, Pyper pauses just inside the door and looks around a few moments. Other than Ripu, who is clearly occupied, she doesn't recognize anyone else here, but figures the loft where she spies chairs is the place for her to be. The Proximus makes her way up to the loft and takes a seat amongst the few already gathered there, then leans forward to eye what's happening on the barn floor below.

Safiyah arrived shortly before starting time, with prompt offers to help with any setup and an eagerness to lend a hand in whatever way she might be able. Even if that means just staying out of the way. As she usually is, Safiyah's clothing is simple in its color and style, though decidedly different than the typical for Fallcoast residents. She's wearing a skirt, ankle length and loose, in a dary grey, along with a pair of ankle boots that have only the shortest of wide heels, still practical to walk in. Her blouse, black, is loose and long sleeved, falling to almost her knees, and the scarf that covers her head is a grey a couple of shades lighter than her skirt is. As other people start to arrive she finds a spot among the hay stacks on the first floor, sitting herself down like she's quite comfortable sitting in a hay pile. Once seated, she smiles in Ripu's direction, a decidedly cheerful expression, and gives a thumbs up his way, even if he's busy talking to the air and not paying attention.

"Of course." says Leah to Smith, with a small salute given. She makes her way over to the table and says to Rachel, "Razor." A glance is given to the small arena and she asks, "Would you like to go first?" She then leans up against the table and calls to the barn, "Please come and stand over there--" She points at a little area by the arena, "--if you would like to participate. Once everyone is settled we'll start."

Ripu does appear to be considerably distracted. He has not noticed anyone in particular that has walked in, let alone Safiyah, despite her attempts to get his attention and offer encouragement. The lack of friendly greetings is quite unusual for Ripu, who is usually carefully polite to the point of it almost being obnoxious. He is shaking his head as much as nodding, and tilting his chin in different directions. Every once in awhile he uses a stern, almost fatherly voice and stamps his foot lightly against the ground when he does, but he never gets up, or looks away from the center of the room.

Hopefully his control of the situation is perfect. But that might not be the case, because next to Pyper, a wispy, translucent silhouette of a young woman appears, seated and nude with her throat slashed upon and her skin hanging off like a peeled grape. Large, angry eyes stare widely at Pyper and she hisses a whisper, "I know you. I know you."

"YEAAAH!" Bubba enters with all the fanfare, infact he's brought some with him. There's an I-pod attached to the left shoulder of his unique outfit, it's playing the obnoxious Georgia DAWGS fanfare:

~waaaa-wanna-waaaah-waaah GO DAWGS!~

Half of the rest of Bubba is covered in an expensively tacky recreation of classic Roman Gladiator armor, Lorica Segmentata, though instead of bronze and steel it's been laquered black and red, once again Georgia Dog's color scheme. The armor covers much of his left side, his forearms, groin and calves. The uncovered flesh is lightly painted in designs and symbols, mostly of college football but a small black and red cat was finger colored on his lower back, seemingly out of place with the overall dog theme. He carries a large circular shield in his left hand, "DOG POUND" written across it's black laqured black surface in red blood like paint. On his right fist is a metal capped brace with a wavy blade sticking from his knuckles. To top off his gaudy display a pristine white ten gallon cowboy hat sits on top of his head

"Wooo! GO DAWGS! Someone said this is where the fight is! Big Bubba is ready to rumble! WooF, Woof WAAAUFFF!"

Blanca can't help but look over at Bubba, lips twitching as she watches the man. After a minute she shakes her head, amused, before she catches sight of a familiar face. She starts over toward Safiyah, smiling at the sitting woman. "Mind if I join you?"

Rachel gives a small shrug at Leah's question: "If nobody else wants to, sure," she replies, giving the loft (and the persons seated there) a quick look. She is, of course, shortly distracted by the entrance of ... well. That's ... not someone she expected to see. And certainly not in that outfit. Another shrug. and she walks over toward the arena area, rolling one shoulder idly.

Delicately stepping to one side as the Leah breezes past him, a look of amusement dances across Ramsey's face before he sets himself in motion once more, this time walking toward the stairs leading to the observation loft. He's an elderly gentleman and he looks it as he carefully climbs the steps one by one, making sure each foot is secure next to the other before lifting to climb higher. His hand grips the railing. If there are people behind him, he is likely holding things up.

Fortunately, Safiyah is not at all put off by her cabalmate not noticing her encouragement, and settles in to watch other people arriving, as well as the various magical preparations. Situated, she brings up Supernal Vision quickly so she can better watch what's happening, given the fact that this is supposed to be a lesson of sorts, and then she waits. When Blanca approaches she smiles brightly and pats the hay beside her. "Yes, please sit," she invites in her thick accent. "It is good to see."

Smith ascends the ladder to the loft, bypassing the stairway as Ramsey takes his time. There's an impatience about him that's uncharacteristic, but it could be he's just anticipating a good show. The Guardian doesn't take a seat, instead leaning against one of the support pillars for the loft, for a slightly higher point of view.

Leah glances over as Bubba arrives. Her eyebrows arch as Georgia DAWGs fanfare competes with Lordi's Blood Red Sandman-- having just cycled on --which is playing from an iPod attached to external speakers at the table.

Pyper is intently watching the floor below when out of the corner of her eye...there's something next to her. Her head turns slowly toward the figure now at her side, and her eyes go big. She stares, and when the woman speaks Pyper flinches. Slowly she turns her eyes back to Ripu on the floor below, since she doesn't know where else to look with her silent question. And then she just sits very still, hoping the dead woman goes away.

Viduus' eyes flick from one place to the next and there's the slightest sheen of white that mists her eyes for the moment. She's deciding to keep watch. She looks over towards Pyper and the ghost there and there's no look of horror from the woman, she just watches her. Then it's back to scanning the surroundings and all of the ghosts and the few shadowy shapes she makes out.

"Thanks," Blanca tells Safiyah, sinking down beside the woman and looking out, over unfamiliar faces. "Sadly, I think you're the only one here so far that I've met," she admits with a grin, gaze flicking from person to person, studying each curiously before moving on.

Stepping over to the arena area Bubba is nearly a foot taller then Leah and slightly less so then Rachel. Probably massing half again as much as both women put together he looms over them in his baby oiled, red and black painted armored glory. Raising his arms over his head, blade on one fist, shield strapped to the other he roars out a game day cry. "RAAAAWR! Hell yeah!" Just then the Dawgs theme stops and a new bit of music from him vies against Leah's setup.

"Bubble Guppies!!" Comes the cute children's tune. "Bubba-Bubba-Bubble Guppies! Yeaah Guppies!"

"God damn kids putting shit on my damn I-pad" Bubba exclaims, trying to shut off the I-pad without stabbing himself. He finally just knocks it from his arm with the shield and stomps on it. "Crap."

Finally, Ramsey is up the stairs, though he almost falls back down the length of them again at the sight of the dead woman. He glances askance, to the room in general, but, seeing as no one is screaming or attacking the thing yet, apparently decides it is part of the show. It gives it good berth and chooses a seat next to Gabriel, brushing a hand down the length of his tie as he does so. "Good evening," he murmurs politely, his voice rich and warm despite his age.

When Rachel steps forward, Ripu does seem to notice her--but mostly because she is within his immediate realm of focus. He dips his head respectfully and then tilts his head toward the center. "Vanakkam, my good friend, and hello, of course." His tone is a little more strained than usual, he is quite clearly distracted. "Have you ever encountered the dangers that the bhuti bring before? Are you well prepared? Would you like to spar with someone relatively...green, or would you prefer an experienced spectre? Maybe more than one?" Ripu laughs like they are having a merry time playing cards or board games. "What is it that you are hoping for? I do not want you to get hurt."

The apparition next to Pyper leans closer to her--close enough that were she a living woman she would be touching her--the air where her flesh would be is chilled, but there is no sensation of flesh there. Ripu does not seem to have noticed. "You saw me. You didn't help me. You didn't help me!"

Then, both iPods--and in fact, any cell phones in the barn, immediately stop working. Deafening silence follows the final accusation of Pyper's new friend. If their owners attempt to discern what is wrong with their electronic devices, they simply refuse to turn on, as if the batteries were dead.

"Uh, vanakkam," Rachel replies to Ripu, not pronouncing it particularly well. She's just assuming it's some form of greeting -- for all she knows, it's an expression indicating just how little chance she has. "Nope, don't think I have -- let's just assume I haven't and go from there." She draws a tiny little handgun from its holster at the small of her back and holds it low by her side. "Which means I can't really say if I'm well prepared or not. Don't worry about hurtin' me -- make it as tough as you want." Ooh, famous last words.

Smith frowns at the spectre accosting the proximus, then becomes slightly less important to anyone's subconcious. He's still there, just.. some guy rather than Joker, the Guardian with the big gun. He levels his gaze upon the duo of ghost and brunette, observing the interplay of fate about them both.

"If her insides come out-" says Leah, mildly, "-I will put them back in." A brief pause as she walks in the direction of Ripu as well. "I suppose." A glance is given up to the loft, and her gaze lingers on the ghost for a moment. A slight frown on her lips.

Pyper can tell the figure at her side hasn't left, and she tilts her head to look at the woman once more. Her tense expression softens a bit and she says quietly "Look, I'm sorry. There wasn't anything I could do, it was already too late. Before that I hadn't even seen..." she trails off and then the voice from behind her catches her attention and she turns to look. "We uhh, met once before, she and I. Sort of."

As Viduus stands, so does Ramsey, with a kind of elder statesman's grace. He folds his hands in front of him and watches the ineraction beside and perhaps a step back from the Moros. A fleeting look of sorrow touches his features before he schools them into a mask of calm once more.

"Jennifer!" Ripu suddenly calls out in a loud, booming voice--the sort of voice that people who make speeches regularly enough that know they need to be prepared for faulty mics have. "Please be polite to our friends. I am not going to let you come out of the furnace room again anytime soon if you cannot show any sort of social grace!" Ripu then looks back to Rachel and studies her for a moment, looking down at her gun. He reaches up to scratch the growth of hair on his chin and takes a long, slow breath. "Alright, my friend." And he turns and nods once to Leah, "Be ready."

For her part, Jennifer stiffens when Ripu calls out to her, her eyes widening in what appears to be fear, but the rage does not fade from them. She cranes her neck around toward Viduus--a rather horrifying thing to see considering that when she does, it rips at her ruined neck even further, and ectoplasmic blood squelches out, flowing free and thick and black down her torso. "Save me," she whispers to Viduus. "Please save me. Please, please, please. Save me. Kill him. He deserves to die."

Ripu does not seem to have noticed whether or not Jennifer's altered behaviour is satisfactory or not, because now he is focused on the space in the center of the room again, speaking in a foreign language and raising and lowering his hands in calm gestures. He tilts his chin once toward Rachel and then nods.

"Wait, no one said anything about guns?" Bubba asks, then eying the spirits he clanks his way out of the immediate line of fire and tries to make himself comfortable as the Maine night air reminds his body it's wearing metal and not much else.

Viduus' green eyes narrow for a moment at the ghost and then there's a nod to Pyper, "It's alright, just wanted to make sure you knew her." she states. "Kill who?" she asks her in a quiet tone. There's a look over to Ripu when his voice booms out and she relaxes, someone else knew the ghost. Good. She doesn't sit back down, instead she turns to look down at the floor below as people start. But her gaze does flick over to Jennifer sometimes as well.

Pyper flinches again when Ripu's voice rings out across the space, and her gaze falls to him below. As soon as he looks away again she turns her attention back on Jennifer. A grimace crosses her face as the woman pulls at her own gaping neck wound. Listening to the exchange between Jennifer and Viduus, she drops her head. A glance is given back to the floor as they seem to be ready to start. She doesn't look back at the dead woman beside her, but she softly says "Just watch this with us. It's better than being stuck in that room right?"

Relaxed, Rachel stands with her hands at her sides and waits; she's careful to face /away/ from the gallery, so that any gunshots will be directed in the opposite direction from spectators. At least initially -- if she has to move around during the course of her exercise, that might chance.

The air shimmers and ripples behind Rachel, and her shadow begins to quiver of its own accord, despite her calm, relaxed stance. Slowly, the shape of a small girl begins to rise from the shadow. The girl is wearing a bloody night gown and is covered in fresh-looking bruises. Her skin is paper white and paper dry. Her lips move, but no words come out.

"/Him/," Jennifer hisses, pointing down to the Arena. There are only two 'hims' visible there. Ripu and Bubba. Although Viduus can certainly see that there are significantly more than just two 'hims'. In fact, there are probably about a dozen of them that Viduus can see for certain, and a few spectres whose genders are absolutely impossible to discern.

A horrid, heart-wrenching wail erupts from the arena, hollow and desperate. The scream echoes and reverberates throughout the barn.

Ramsey pulls that hanky from his coat pocket once more and dabs at the light sheen of perspiration that appears on his face. In the aftermath of the wail, he tilts his head slightly as if hoping to gently tip the horrific noise from his ear. Then, folding his hands in his lap, he returns his attention to the floor below.

"I can't help you there." Viduus tells her as she looks to the floor. She was going to make an educated guess which /Him/ it was. Bubba seemed too upbeat to garner murder. Maybe. She looks over those in the arena and she almost wants to go down there, but she stays to observe only.

"Ruuuuuuhhh?" Leah opens her mouth to say something as that awful heartbreaking wail plays through the air. A shudder is given and she just sort of drops her jaw open. She looks a mix of terrified and confused for a moment.

Reaching down to adjust his groin armor Bubba is hit with that erie wail, his muscles locking up from the evil stunning force he's trapped in a half crouch, one hand between his legs and the other raching for his hat. "Sonova a bi.." The rest is cut off as the wail steals away the words from his throat.

It's over in a matter of seconds. More nasty bite marks and rips in Rachel's flesh appear, sending her blood spattering. It is a severe amount of damage and quite gruesome to behold. The girl standing in her shadow just watches her, staring with hollow eyes while Rachel becomes a lot more red, blistering flesh than she is skin. Rachel falls to the ground in a pool of her own blood, quickly spreading and darkening the hay on the ground.

"Don't help me then," Jennifer says with bitterness in her tone. "He'll just keep killing. Look--he's already killed your friend." The apparition points to Rachel, unconcious on the ground.

Rocking back onto the heels of his feet as the unnatural stun wears off, Bubba snarls as scratches and bite marks appear in his skin, even underneath his Georgia Dog's Roman armor. "What the hell is this shit?" He slings out in his southern drawl then snarls clenching his fists as he centers on the the small woman, girl, soon to be floor stain that was behind Rachel before the woman went down. Tensing his legs he launches himself into the air with superhuman strength and power. Raising up his shield and blade mounted hand above his head as he sails down towards the spirit's form like a comet from on high.

"RAAAAAAWWWR!!!!" Bubba roars out before he hits the ground with enough force to flip a car, sending a shuddering -THOOM- through the barn. Both fists hammering into his target, shield, blade, the metal soles of his armored feet. It's a Bubba-lition ball of doomuba! Unfortunately he just passses right through the ghost, landing in the midst of it's evil ghostly form. "Awww shit, not how I wanted to get in a woman tonight."

When Bubba slams his fist through her, she opens her mouth as if hurt, or terrified or both. But then she just laughs and slips back into shadow of Rachel, who is still on the ground and disappears entirely. Her laughing echoes throughout the barn afterward.

"Oh, please wait. Please stop," Ripu calls out to...well, it might be to Leah, Bubba and the unconscious Rachel, but that seems unlikely. "Please do not kill this man!" Ripu says in a voice that sounds more like a command than he is begging. Then, when he appears to be satisfied, he turns to Bubba. "Are you sure you want to face the same host that she did?" Ripu tilts his head toward the horrible sight--despite some healing--of Rachel on the ground, still in a pool of her own blood.

Viduus looks over to Leah when she calls out and the Guardian looks to Bubba and there's a bit of a shrug. Then she's helping out the man in the armor. Because someone has to, "I think that'll do!" she calls out as a dark bruise traces down her arm. She doesn't seem phased by it. And Bubba can suddenly hear, see and interact with his targets!

Leah tells Ripu as she begins to drag Rachel out of the ring before the next round, "A few less ghosts, please, my friend Yamakala."

"Holy shit." Pyper murmurs as no sooner than they started and it was over for the first fighter. Her expression turns stoney and she swivels to look at Jennifer's comments, speaking to the ghost in a hushed voice "He didn't kill her, and he didn't kill you either." Her gaze falls back to the arena as Leah leaps into action. When she calls out for someone to help the uh...gladiator, Pyper's head turns to look at those to the other side of her, before settling back to the floor when it seems in hand.

Suddenly Bubba can see all his opponents. "Aww crap." He exclaims, shying back from the collection of rotting corpses. "Hippies." He says in an exhale, somewhat winded from hurling himself across the fighting zone. Without further ado he lunges towards the closest target, driving his fist-blade out before him as he brings up his shield close and tight to help protect his side. The wavy blade drives strait towards ... well it drives towards a ghost that may only be visible to a few people. While Bubba sinks the blade into the spirit's head, it looks from many angles like he's having a stroke in the middle of the arena. His right hand shuddering in midair as he spits and snarls at an empty space infront of him.

Another horrific, blood-curdling scream erupts from the arena when Bubba punches thin air with his punch dagger.

Ripu lifts his hands and draws his palms toward his chest. Three of the spectres--for those who can see them, withdraw and return to the crowd that surrounds him. "No, no--Mr. Gulvais, I understand that you are very much liking the image of our friends entrails decorating the barn like Christmas tinsel, but that is not why I invited you here. Please do not kill him."

Jennifer looks to Pyper and shrugs her shoulders, reaching up to inject a finger in her mutilated throat. Blood squelches outward and squirts in Pyper's direction, ectoplasm colouring her clothes as if it were real. "Suit yourself, but now he's going to kill that one too. He's a /murderer/."

Leah pulls Rachel all the way off of the arena area, and then looks up toward Bubba. Magic flows from her and settles onto Bubba. Afterward looks over to the hay and says, "Ash, could you enchant my gun, please?" She pulls it from where it rests at the small of her back and holds it in th direction of Safiyah.

"It is a rare person who has killed nothing. The best one can hope for is that those they killed were deserving of the death." Smith says, his voice drawing attention to him briefly as he watches the half visible carnage below.

Viduus looks back to Smith at his words and there's a thoughtful look at the man, "Very wise words." she tells him. Then she's looking over to Jennifer and then back down to the fighting below.

Safiyah seems a little surprised when someone asks her to do something, but then smiles at Leah from where she's seated in the hay and nods her head. "Yes, of course," she says in a voice heavily accented and softly spoken. She gets quickly to her feet and brushes a bit of hay off of her backside, and then moves a bit toward the Arrow who asked for her help. She spends a moment looking at the weapon, then murmurs a few words of High Speech before weaving threads of magic through the gun and the ammunition inside of it. Once it's done she spends a moment looking at it, then looks up at Leah. "It is done. Be sure that you finish what you start before you need to reload," she offers helpfully.

"Awww, Oww, crap!" Bubba exlcaims as one of the sprits leaps on him from the side, clawing and ripping his skin through his clothing and armor. "You want some beef hombre?" He exclaims, leaning forward and headbutting the ghost, or to those whom can't see ghosts he moves his head quickly forward, his hat bunching up against thin air. Then he lashes out with his wicked curved blade that's mounted to his fist. Driving it up into the spirit's torso, or sticking his fist up into the air and gritting his teeth as he bites out. "How you like them apples ya pig humping sack of horse shit?"

Ripu takes a moment as he resists the terrible shrieking to reach into his pocket and stuff a pair of bright orange earplugs in his ears. He adjusts himself on the told tattered armchair, getting more comfortable, and not seeming to be overly concerned except for asking the ghosts not to murder Bubba. When Leah calls for Ash, he turns in that direction and looks genuinely surprised to see her there. Despite the carnage going on around him, some visible and some not, he lifts his hand and waves exuberantly, his look of concentration briefly spilling into a large, greatly pleased smile.

Jennifer cranes her tortured neck in Smith's direction, wide accusing eyes staring at him. Then, she whispers, "I have never killed /anyone/. But /he/ killed most of us here. He is /filth/. You need to help me. You need to /rip his throat out/," begs the apparition where her own throat ripped out.

The horrific screaming and wailing continues down in the arena. It is interesting watching Bubba swing and flail at...apparently nothing. Interesting is a word.

Leah shakes her head when that terribly wail comes again. A low growl escapes her lips and she flashes a toothy smile at Safiyah. She then steps up toward the arena, informing -- well the air. "I have had it with you." Bubba? Ripu? The air? Probably the air. Since that's what she's facing.

Safiyah moaves back out of the way again once her job is done, and rejoins Blanca seated on the hay nearby, on the first floor. She smooths out the long blouse she's wearing, watches the events going on with a worried frown, and looks like someone trying not to fret too much about people's injuries and things.

Also, once Safiyah's seated again and looks in Ripu's direction to see him wave to her, her worried expression briefly vanishes as a smile lights up her face and she waves back. Then, since he missed the gesture she gave him earlier, she gives him another thumbs up. Good job so far!

Leah bares her teeth at something in the air. Her gun coming up and being leveled toward ... /something/. She fires and the bullet ... hits something and slow briefly before continuing to go through. "ENOUGH!"

The screaming ceases.

"Oww." Bubba exclaims as he's slashed across his back. "Crap!" He adds as another wound opens up on his right arm. Then another across his forehead. He stumbles back as a final slash cuts down the left side of his face causing his knees to buckle and he goes from upright to flat on his back. Bleeding profusely from the accumulated wounds. His last sensation mixed in with the pain before he passes out, is his cellphone vibrating. "I need to get this ca.."

Ripu stands from his seat then, smoothing down his coat and shirt. He tilts his chin toward the Arena--not Bubba or Rachel, or Leah who is still standing--but to the space in the center. Then he cups his hands to his chest. "No--you will not kill any of them tonight. I think you have done more than enough damage. You have enjoyed plenty of blood, and you have lost your little friend. Stand down."

"/Kill him/!" Jennifer shrieks from above, leaping over the balcony but disappearing into nothingness before she lands. "/Kill him! Kill him!/" she shrieks over and over again, despite no longer being visible.

Viduus starts to head back down the ladder to the main floor. Just doesn't go near the others that were fighting. She's just making sure no ones going to throw out a cheapshot all of the sudden when people are getting healed.

There's a burble from the Bubba, but he does not stir from his unconcious state, even after being healed. Just a massive lump of muscle in ugly armor, taking up entirely too much space on the floor. At least his hat managed to stay mostly on his head.

"You are not being polite. I already asked you once to be polite. I do not believe that I need to ask twice." Ripu says to, well, the air now. The screaming ceases immediately and Ripu turns around slowly, surveying the arena and pressing his lips into a frown. "You are all done tonight. You were very exuberant. But if you cannot listen better, you will not be coming next time." Next time?