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Tower of Babel: The Tribunal
Dramatis Personae

Milo, Black, Kismet, and Howell Davis as ST

27 November, 2016



The White Mountains

Unusual as it might be, one of the local spirit courts has reached out to the Fallcoast consilium. Not the friendliest, court, either. The Tribunal of the Horned Watchers, they are a trio of powerful spirits whom claim hegemony in the reaches to the North of the Crow Hollow woods, and their tendency to butt heads with the local Forsaken is likely the impetus for contacting the mages. The missive was delivered by a rather frail river spirit, and demanded that the consilium attend a convening of the court to explain the meanings of certain encroachments. Of course... the higher ups were not very interested in this development, knowing spirits to be a fickle and capricious lot, and both the lack of urgency and lack of courtesy lead to Kismet, Black, and Milo being dispatched too see what has their ephemeral boxers in a knot, on this occasion. The three have arrived as instructed at a copse to trees to the base of the White Mountains, which form a circle. The ground is covered with red and brown leaves, and the wind rustles barren branches quietly. There doesn't... seem to be anything here.

> Black to Here <=====================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 1 1 1 4 4 4 5 6 7 9 9 10 >

============================> Wits + Occult.Rote + Prime [No Flags] <

> Milo to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 2 Successes 
   < 3 4 6 7 9 9 >

================================> Gnosis + Prime + 2 - 2 [No Flags] <

> Kismet to Here <====================================================

   Rolled 5 Successes for an exceptional success.
   < 1 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 7 8 9 10 10 10 >

==============================> Wits + Occult + Fate + 1 [No Flags] <

Kismet wanders into the clearing and glances about himself, a broad grin forming on his features. Outdoor missions are totally his thing. Playing in the woods is totally his thing. He can paint with all the colours of the wind. Except, not so much with spirits. They have Milo for that, he guesses. The boy is wearing faded blue jeans with a hole in one knee and a bright blue hoodie over a plain white tshirt. He's begrudgingly worn a pair of canvas sneakers, though he hasn't tied them up, stuffing the laces in at the sides. Breezy is perched on his shoulder and twitters curiously away at the boy as he glances about. Looking over at his two companions the boy asks "So is any of you clever with this spirit stuff?" with a bright grin.

Black had come with the others for the time being, dressed in all black. He seems to be hear to observe and be back-up, while he adjusts a coat he has on and looks to the others in thought. He scratches his cheek thoughtfully.

Milo follows Kismet looking around and listening, his head cocked. This twenty-six something man stands 5'11", and is ruggedly handsome with an easy smile and laughing eyes in a heart-shaped face. His hair is sandy brown and wavy. He looks a bit weak, like he is recovering from an illness, and carries a pure titanium walking cane adorned with a metal dragon pommel. He is dressed down today, wearing a wool sweater and casual slacks. A tweed jacket is over this, weighed down as if carrying a number of items. He nods to Kismet, saying "Clever? Perhaps not, I know a little though. I do hear a hissing, serpentin sound from twilight though. Ah, that's why.", he adds, staring in one direction. "There is a tremendous serpent, with wines running across it and scales that look like bark coiled around the trees. It seems to be ignoring us for the moment however."

> Sloucho to Here <===================================================

   Rolled 6 Successes for an exceptional success.
   < 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 6 6 6 6 6 7 7 8 9 9 10 10 10 >

===============================================> 10 + 10 [No Flags] <

The serpent coiled in twilight is, in fact, ignoring them. For the most part, anyways. It slithers a bit, winding around them more, and then its eyes are aglow with a pale yellow. Milo sees this, at least. What all of them see, however, is gnarled roots sprout out of the ground, twisting and intertwining together. Two sets which meet in the middle to form... an archway, about the size of a doorway, actually. Everything on the other side of the door seems to grow in color, slightly, becoming more vibrant, more green, more red, more brown. This is a gateway to the Shadow, a Threshold summoned by some spirit that must be rather nearby. Perhaps the serpent?

Milo peers in the direction he indicated the spirit serpent was, hands moving in the mudras for analyze spirit.

Milo looks at the others, Kismet and Black, and says "It seems to be a strong Jaggling of trees, earth and protection. A guardian of some sort. Blaze, as senior present, do you wish to address the spirit, or do you wish to delegate that to me?" This last is said to Black.

Kismet grins a little dopily as the archway forms, reaching up to push a few stray strands of hair back away from his face. "Way cool..." he grins, looking aside to Breezy and flashing him a smile fore looking at the other two mages and then on toward the doorway that's appeared. Others might be wary, of course, but not Kismet! The boy has luck on his side, after all, so he just wanders on over towards the archway and looks like he's about to step through when Milo and Black start talking about...plans...and stuff. Huh.

Black nods a bit to Milo, "You can address the spirit," he states, while he offers a small quirked grin, "I don't tend to deal with them as much as I'd like, but I think you're better suited to this," he states.

Milo nods, with a slight bow of deference. He turns and says loudly, looking at the spirit, "We have come seeking audience with the Tribunal of the Horned Watchers, as requested. May we have permission to cross the threshold into Shadow to speak with you? We assume the arch is an invitation, but we would observe the forms and respect a spirit of your rank is due."

> Sloucho to Here <===================================================

   Rolled 11 Successes for an exceptional success.
   < 2 2 3 3 3 3 3 6 6 6 6 7 8 8 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 10 >

===============================================> 10 + 10 [No Flags] <

There is a deep echo in the minds of the three mages, as old and hollow as the mountains themselves. It is an unintelligible susurrus to Black, and Kismet, but to Milo it seems to make perfect sense. "THE TRIBUNAL AWAITS. FACE THE JUDGEMENT OF THE WATCHERS MORTAL MEN." It seems to be. Lovely!

Milo looks to Blaze and Kismet, "You guys ready? If so let's go through."

"... I'm not sure what hee said, can you lay down some tongue on me?" Black asks, not meaning for it sound as it does, as he addresses Milo. He then adjusts his coat, and steps behind the man, meaning to follow him forward.

Kismet doesn't know a lot about spirits, but looking at the other two, he reckons he is probably the youngest here by a pretty good margin too, so he gets a pass on not really knowing what he's doing. When the...well...it's a noise, mostly, echoes about in his head, the boy's mouth falls open a little, his brow furrowing as he tries to make any sense of it...nope! Not happening. Still, once it finishes, Kit looks straight over toward Milo and gives him the double thumbs up, glancing from Milo, to the doorway and back again. He wants to go through. It looks cool through there.

Milo looks surprised, "Ah, I thought it was speaking normally via telepathy. It said "THE TRIBUNAL AWAITS. FACE THE JUDGEMENT OF THE WATCHERS MORTAL MEN.". I can try to cast the spell on you, but I've never cast it on someone else. Milo starts going through the mudras for Spirit Tongue, a runic gesture along with a cupping of his mouth, and then releases his will toward Black.

> Milo to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 3 Successes 
   < 2 2 2 5 5 6 6 6 7 8 8 10 >

=================> Presence + Socialize + Spirit + 1 + 3 [No Flags] <

Black allows the weave to be set into his pattern, then he nods to Milo. He steps up to his flank, but behind him a bit, and steps forward after a moment, as he tilts his head from one side to another, chuckling at Kismet's thumbs upping.

Milo says "Ok, there you go Blaze. That should do the trick.", and he turns, takes a deep breath and steps through the arch, returning to the Shadow once more for the first time since he came back. Once he's through he scans the surroundings and steps forward to give the others space.

> Milo to Here <======================================================

   Rolled 1 Success 
   < 1 3 4 4 5 6 6 7 9 >

=============> Presence + Socialize + Spirit + 1 + 3 - 2 [No Flags] <

Kismet smiles a little brighter when it turns out that they are, indeed, heading on through the archway and into the great unknown. I mean, the spirit didn't exactly sound like it wanted to be best friends with them, granted. But, it will totally be fine, spirits are just weird like that. Little freaks!! Kismet heads on through the doorway with the other two mages, feeling Milo's spell settling upon him and becoming fully aware of the snake spirit for the first time. Awesome! The boy peers at Breezy for a moment, wondering if anything weird will happen to his buddy. He seems fine though! Kismet heads on through the archway.

Once the three walk through, the roots decay and rot into mulch, closing the portal behind them. Around them, however, is... definitely a court. What appears to be a Great Horned Owl, with antlers, and feathers that appear as dead autumn leaves and eyes like the moon is perched on a tree directly ahead. It's a bit larger than a man. Aside it is a proud stag, with antlers and fur that has vines winding through them, twice the size one would anticipate. On the opposite side of the Owl is what appears to be a mountain lion, also sporting impressive antlers. It's eyes burn like fire, and it's hide appears stone-like. On all other sides of the mages are far less impressive spirits, none of them very powerful, and a few of them weak. Water spirits, wind spirits, forest spirits, bird spirits, bear spirits, shadow spirits, death spirits, hunter spirits, wood spirits, and the like. This gallery numbers perhaps two dozen.

Milo steps forward, and bows to the Great Horned Owl, as one does to a king - it is after all, his court. He does not address the owl, but waits to be spoken to. He also watches the other spirits for signs of trouble, and strains to catch any talk amongst themselves that may shed additional light on the proceedings.

Black steps forward behind Milo, and continues to follow, as he watches and listens for the time being. He clasps the man on the shoulder.

Kismet doesn't bow to anyone! That's like, totally oppression, or something! Fight the power! Damn hippies! He does however flash peace signs at all the assembled spirits as he comes through the portal and looks them over. He really can;t help but to smile a little dreamily as he does. Man! This is cooooool. He needs to learn him some of this spirit magic. Breezy is hopping about on his shoulder a little nervously at the sight of so many bigger and more powerful spirits (Breezy is only a little bird spirit!) but Kismet doesn't mind him except to give him an encouraging look as they draw a bit nearer to where the spirit court is all assembled together.

The eyes of the three horned spirits flash, and the surrounding spirits chitter amongst themselves excitedly. In unison, the trio speaks. Normally only Milo could parse out whatever eldritch tongue they're communicating with, but with the spell cast, it becomes intelligible to Kismet and Black as well. "The Envoy of the Mortal Mages has arrived as requested. You are in the grove of the Tribunal." There is a pause, and the Owl's eyes dilate and retract. "We have heard tell of you, mortal. A protector to our kin. You are welcome in these woods." The voice speak again, still in unison. Apparently Milo has some kind of reputation, because most of the other spirits are focused on him now as well.

Milo bows again, a recognition. "I am honored, ancient one, and wish to resolve any differences or perceived offense given, so that the spirits of this court know that the Wise of Fallcoast offer the right respect and chiminage due, and observe the protocols.". In a somewhat less formal tone, he adds "You have a magnificent court, and I do wish to visit again."

Milo continues, "I present my companions, whom I trust and hold honorable, “Blaze, Theurgist on the Path of the Mighty, Adept of Prime, Mapmaker of the Tellurians, Acquisitor of the Alae Draconis, Geomancer, Taoist, and Cartomancer. And Kismet."

Kismet sort of hangs back for this bit, since Milo is the resident spirit whisperer. Kismet is here for...well...that doesn't really matter right now!! He is here for moral support. In any case, his training doesn't revolve around charming spirits ans Milo's seems to quite a lot, so he's pretty happy for Milo to do his thing. He glances between Milo and the spirits curiously as he introduces them all and waits for the owl to explain a bit more about what is actually going on.

Black inclines respectfully when introduced, but otherwise does little.

The three spirits speak again. "They are observed by the Tribunal. Little Mortal, we demand the will workers cease their intrusions into your woods. They are not welcome to defile the land as they see fit, but they have warded against our retaliation. We speak to you now to make our request more clear. Cease, or our measures will become more severe." They say, and the gallery all nods and agrees, whispering among themselves at the sagacity of these words.

Milo nods, brows furrowing in thought, "I do not know which will workers are making these intrusions, but we will find out. Not all mages are with the Consilium of Fallcoast, these could be apostates, or even worse, Nephandi. They also might be mages from say Boston, intruding and giving us a bad name at the same time. Is there anything you can tell us, or show us, about those who intruded? If they left any equipment or trash behind, we might be able to use that to track them." He pauses before continuing, "Either way, we will take this to the Consilium and make sure it is known you do not wish mages in this woods."

Kismet doesn't do much! He is waiting for somethnig to happen! He mostly just watches Milo and the Spirits.

"Several mortals... much like yourselves. Willworkers and their kin, have encroached wantonly upon our domain, venturing even here into the Shadow. To the North, they plumb the mines, long forgotten by mortal men, polluting and destroying, abjuring our servants, rejecting our decrees." The voices speak again. "If they are not of your consilium, they are still of your kind, and their intrusion will not be abided by." They add. The Owl's feathers bristle, and the wildcat growls.

Kismet listens thoughtfully to this and nods understandably when the owl explains about the mines and the disturbance it is obviously causing these spirits. "Dude, that sucks! I'm sorry!" Kismet responds when the owl finishes speaking. He considers this a moment longer before looking to Black and Milo and asking "So some guys are digging in the mines and disturbing these guys, huh?" he asks, since the owl used a lot of pretty big words. He looks hopefully at Milo and Black, eventually suggesting "So, we should find these guys and tell 'em to stop right?" the boy asks. The druid has a pretty big sympathy with the spirits on this one, the desecration of natural places, especially sacred ones, is not cool.

Milo nods, looking at Kismet and smiling before saying "If ours we will make it known that they tempt violent action by their trespasses, If they are not ours then we shall investigate and remove their presence. We will accomplish this median task for you. Will you allow a handful of us that you personally review and sanction, to patrol your woods and these mines to continue to keep them out in return? This also will allow us to secure any dangerous items these mages might have left behind, booby traps or persistent spells."

Milo hastens to add, "Those who patrol will bring chiminage to this court as is proper, of course."

Kismet looks a bit confused when he listens to Milo. I mean, spirits are odd and confusing, but the deal Milo just offered sounded like. Well, it seemed a bit one sided to him! Who knows. Spirits are weird. He is a grasshopper. He has much to learn. Even so, it doesn't /seem/ like a great deal to Kismet. Huh. He shuts up and let's Milo do his thing.

The three voices are loud, echoing one another now and booming. "Destroy the interlopers, as our own magics cannot, and you will be rewarded with passage through our domain, and a boon from this Tribunal!" They exclaim. The stag nods to one side of the crowd, and a small spirit, looking like a sparrow swoops towards the group. It drops in front of Milo a patch of cloth. The logo is an eye with a keyhole instead of a pupil, very minimal. "That was retrieved by the third of our emissaries. Put it to use, mortal mages, in locating these trespassers and administrating justice. Be swift in action, lest they awaken He Who Slumbers."

Milo nods, "Perfect, that should work well. Umm, He Who Slumbers?" Meanwhile Milo takes out a fold of silk sloth, supernal insulator, and wraps the logo'd fabric in the silk before tucking it away.

Kismet was about to make a grab for the little swatch of fabric the bird dropped on the floor and start sc-sc-scrying away, but Milo gets there first and is wrapping it all up neatly in silk. He glances up and scratches his head when the three head honcho spirits start explaining about the deal. He looks a bit uneasy at the idea of 'destroying' since, yaknow...hippie kid and all. Still, maybe they can just ask these guys to stop. That'd probably work just as well. "Don't worry guys, we'll totally help!" he beams at the spirits, before glancing back to Milo and waiting for him to fancy it all up.

The Owl's feathers bristle again, and it's moon-eyes glow bright. The stag's hooves clop a couple of times uneasily, and the back of the mountain lion arches up. All of the other spirits in court are chittering, hissing, and whispering away at one another rather loudly now, but it's impossible to understand what they might be saying. Something about a cave? The Owl flaps its wings a few times, and the three spirits speak once more. "Crushing Chasm, He Who Slumbers, the god of the caves beneath the mines beneath the mountain, once ruler of this domain. It is we three spirits that defeated him last... imprisoning he deep and far below, further than any mortal man might ever go." They explain.

Milo looks thoughtful. "Indeed. We don't want him waking up then. I think we have enough to proceed. May we have your leave, and aid, to return across the gauntlet?"

Kismet looks quietly thoughtful when the Owl explains all about the big bad spirit they obviously don't want to be released and it all sort of falls into place for the boy then. He nods understandingly as he listens to the spirits and then Milo, eventually chiming in himself with "Dude! Don't worry! We'll like, totally send these guys away so they don't wake him up!" he offers reassuringly,since it's pretty obvious these guys are all pretty nervous about this guy waking up and coming back to terrorize them. Looking then to Milo, he follows up with "Dude! I can totally find those guys with that bit of cloth!"

The roots regrow anew, forming the portal behind them, and it opens to the less vibrant, normal world beyond. Where trees aren't as large, and owls don't have antlers, and there's a little less color to the leaves. "Leave now, mortal mages, but before you do... We have a word of advice. You are a protector of our kin, and have earned our faith. When you travel into the depths, bring with you a shield, plated with solid gold. It will protect you from Crushing Chasm." The three voices say in unison.