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Totally Legit Scavenger Hunt!

"I'll give you three items to 'obtain'. Any way you can. Any way is legit. Beg, borrow... you could steal but let's not do that. You all are good, upstanding citizens!"

Dramatis Personae

Hawker, Aurore, Kylie, Kilo and KiloST

17 September, 2016

Bored on a Saturday night, Kilo sends her more respectable friends out on a scavenger hunt knowing that all the items will be obtained legitimately. Mostly.


Forbidden Arts Lounge and Fallcoast!

It's Saturday, Hoax is out doing Southside Kings' work, and Kilo is hanging out in the shop lounge being bored; flipping through a copy of INKED magazine as she so often does these days now that she's preggers. Hoax doesn't like Kilo out doing the dangerous stuff anymore because, well, bambino, so she gets stuck at home these days. A lot. It's a little frustrating but she's going to be a mom now and moms have priorities and responsibilities... UGH! Just... eight more short months and she'll be back to being reckless and doing irresponsible things again! In the meantime though, she glances through her magazine and sips her new, responsible beverage of choice; kool-aid of the violent red coloured variety. MmmmMmmm good!

Hawker was going to pop in again, this time prepared for crazy bitches with switch blades. He openly has his .44 in his belt, just in case people didn't understand he was armed last time. Hell, he doesn't even come in yet; he literally opens the door enough to just -peek- in. "Is it safe this time?" He calls out..if a crazy bitch rushes him with a switch blade..so not safe. Very. Not. Safe.

Kylie looks up from her spot in the lounge near Kilo; she's got her sketchbook out and is doing variants on things Kilo shows her, testing some things out. She smiles a wide, lazy smile at Hawker and raises her hand to wave, starting to get to her feet. "Hiiii. Define 'safe'."

"Kylie, it's amazing how good you've gotten. I mean, I look at the stuff you do and it's like you've been doing this all your life. Plus, I mean, just the way you handle clients. Even topless..." Kilo shoots her friend a wicked grin. "And the way you handle Hoax, which is an art in and of itself." The little gangster nods solemnly. When Hawker appears, she smirks at Kylie and the 'safe' comment, nodding her agreement. "Homeboy, it's safe as long as you aren't telling girls to suck $50s out of boy's pants, yeah? Have some fucking common sense! Save that for the Hearts. Or Bella. But don't pull that over here with my friends, they aren't going to respond the same way." With that bit of chastisement out of the way, she beckons him in. "You want a drink? Kylie? You want something? I'm guessing you're not inking?"

Hawker is safe, so he'll come in..wearing, dress slacks, a nice button up shirt, and with his cane. Which honestly he doesn't need right now; he just likes it, because it looks stylish. "Safe as in..what Kilo said." He finally answers to Kylie and grins over at Kilo. "Sure..got iced tea or some thing?" It's to early to be drunk it seems!

"Hoax is silly," Kylie tells Kilo. "And I don't know if I'm inking. Am I inking?" Kylie asks Hawker, eyebrows lofting, still smiling her lazy, lazy smile.

The thrumming rumble of an unusual-sounding motorcycle announces to Kilo, if no one else, the arrival of a particular visitor. It's not as if anyone else around her rides rotary-engined old British imports. The black-and-chrome Norton is brought to a halt in front of the shop before the motor's killed. Kicking down the stand, the rider - all in black, without club tags or gang colours - swings off, removing her helmet and gloves to stow them in the panniers, before locking up and heading for the door.

"Iced Tea. You got it. And Kylie, you're right. Hoax -is- silly. It takes a special kind of person to put up with him. You're a good soul." She says this almost gratefully to Kylie. And it's true - not many people get Hoax or can even handle Hoax, but Kylie seems to have that easy way about her that just sort of smooths the rough edges of him out. Outside she can hear a specific engine note of a specific bike and she knows -just- who is here. "Aurore!" She beams and hands Hawker his tea before heading Aurore off for a big hug. "Hey there you!" She leads her friend in and offer introductions, which she is notoriously bad at. "Do you know Kylie and Hawker? Well? This is Kylie and Hawker! Kylie is our amazing new artist here, and we are so psyched to have her. And Hawker is a new friend to the shop. In fact his fiance is going to come help out and like, mix drinks and stuff when I'm too fat and lazy to get up off the pillows to do it. Which of course is now." She winks at Aurore. "Guys, this is Aurore. She is my best friend -- I knew back from Los Angeles. In fact, I followed her out here to Fallcoast when stuff started getting tough. She's always been there for me."

Hawker blinks a few times as Kilo goes into hyper over drive apparently. "I know Aurore, sure. She was sort of at the party I proposed to Sadie at." Sort of, but didn't stick around for the part where Hawker got nude. "And no..no ink today. Despite Sadie slowly plotting to make me get more, I'm not married, and thus I can -still- make my own decisions right?" He says, grinning at Kylie and then waving to Aurore.

Kylie's smile grows wider as Kilo pronounces her a 'good soul'. It puts a sparkle in her eye, so to speak. The smile fades a little as she regards Aurore, looking the other woman over, then widens again. But not quite as much as before. "Hi," she greets, raising her hand and wriggling her fingers at the newcomer. A little nod to Hawker. "Sure you can," she says, but her tone is teasing.

Aurore is happy to be hugged by Kilo - and indeed hoists the smaller woman off her feet, dancer's muscles able to cope with hoisting the Latina a little way into the air. She even plants a warm kiss on Kilo's brow before setting her down again - but not yet letting go. "Well, 'always' being about... six or seven years? But I try," she says bashfully. "And no, I'd not meet Kylie. Hi! And... yeah. I thought you looked kinda familiar, Hawker. I ran away from the drunken strip poker. But Sadie? She'll be working here? She's lovely, from the little I've seen of her." Not that many people other than Aurore might choose that word to describe a massively-tatttooed hard-drinking biker-chick.

With all the pleasantries aside and Kilo having been squishled appropriately by Aurore and gotten the nudity and drunk strip poker play-by-plays from Hawker and the strange little looks and signs from Kylie, Kilo sighs and flops down onto the pillows. "OK, who is bored? It's Saturday and we're all sitting in the shop and Hoax is out... committing god knows WHAT crimes and, well, you guys shouldn't be out committing crimes. Just say no to crime!" She laughs. "But you should be out having a good time..." She taps her lip with her index finger, deep in thought. "OK, I have a proposition for you all. Ever been on a scavenger hunt? I send the boys out on these all the time - they're fun! I'll give you three items to 'obtain'. Any way you can. Any way is legit. Beg, borrow... you could steal but let's not do that. You all are good, upstanding citizens! Flirt for them. Intimidate for them. Pay for them. Negotiate for them..." Kilo mentions everything but 'magic' for them, which is possibly what she might do but these are all normal people... right? Right?? "You'll have until 3am. You can choose your favourite two out of the three, and if you get the third there will be a bonus prize, but getting two will get you something fun! Not brilliant but fun. The reward is in the journey." She coughs sarcastically. "You guys interested? Questions?"

Hawker is a good upstanding citizen now? He's been moving up it seems, he even grins at Aurore a bit..no doubt by now even with out her working with him, she has to know he's got a thing for causing mayhem by design or inadvertently. "This isn't going to be some thing caused by crazy preggo hormones and all, right? I'm not going to scour FallCoast for drums of pickles for you Kilo." He teases, but seems to think this -might- be a fun time!

Kylie edges one step back from Hawker when he mentions the hormones. "I suppose I'll miss walk-ins, but... I'm game. I guess I could just do a few more double-price tattoos in my bra. By the way, I'm leaving a bra here, okay, Kilo?"

"You're offering pretty women in their bras as an extra service?", Aurore asks Kilo, shooting her an amusedly disbelieving look, before chuckling and shrugging. "Sure. I might have to bow out if something comes up, but I can give it a go, certainly. Will you be staying here yourself, love?"

"It -will- be fun, I swear! I'll be available by text if there are any emergencies. And I mostly mean if you get arrested. But I'll stay here, as I'm leaving the fun of figuring it all up to you guys and the whole road trip too. And no -- I swear -- now drums of pickles. Especially not with peanut butter. Though that is starting to sound pretty good right about now." She teases. "Yes, definitely leave a bra here Kylie." Kilo laughs and nods to Aurore. "Pretty sweet service, right? I know you're coming in for another tattoo now." She gives Aurore a wink. After some though and scribbles on a pad of paper, Kilo exclaims. "OK! Here it is. 1)Keys to an Audi R8. -- Now, don't bring the damn car here. Just a set of keys that goes to one. And rest assured, the keys can go back where you found them right after they are accounted for. 2)A chihuahua puppy with a diamond OR rhinestone collar. Either works, it just has to be blingy. and 3)A college football trophy. No questions asked on that one." She scoffs, mostly at the third one because Kilo loves to take little shots at the college kids. She's such a brat. Ripping off the sheet of paper, she hands it to Aurore. "When you have to go, Kylie and Hawker can finish up, that shouldn't be a problem. Alright then. Unless there are any questions on the items? See you back here at or before 3am!"

Hawker grunts at the mention of car keys. "So..we can't just buy the car, and bring it here?" He asks Kilo, just making sure he can't do some thing terribly impulsive like that! "Well..I say we go get a dog first, that one is -easy-." He says to Aurore and Kylie, as every one knows..Hawker will collect -any- dog he can.

"Apparently there's a demand for it," Kylie asides to Aurore. Also, she did not know that about Hawker. "If you want to buy a car just to get the keys, you're welcome to," she tells him. "College football trophy should be easy. We just have to hit campus and I'll ask someone nicely!"

Lifting her brows, Aurore laughs. "Given the time out I'd have to take from working, it would need to be a pretty special tattoo," she says dryly to Kilo, before blinking. "Are we working as a team, or in competition against each other? And... we're going to return the dog to its owner, right? It'd be all right if the owner came *with* the dog, in fact?"

"Yup. If you want to go out and buy a 150-200K car? That's fine. You have to find someone who will sell you theirs or find one on a lot, which I understand is a little hard to do." Kilo heard they are somewhat back ordered. Not that there aren't ways... "But anything is possible. You also have to liquify cash if you don't have 200K right there in your account and on a Saturday that might take time. I don't know. there are practical things to think about. The dog can come with the owner, yes, if you can talk them into it." Kilo laughs. "All things are possible!" Kilo laughs and enjoys the enthusiasm anyway. "OK, then, you should get going!"

"This will be easy!" Kylie says, tone bright. "College, then... where would we find someone with an Audi R8? I don't even know what that looks like." She pulls out her phone, biting her bottom lip and tapping away.

Aurore's eyes widen. "...hundred and fifty? Wow." Clearly, she'd had no idea what an Audi R8 might be worth. "Ahhhh. There're a couple of luxury hotels, on the coast or at least one on an island out in the bay. Might be some guests there with one, and we could see if we could talk them into taking a trip to a tattooist...." She shrugs broadly, leathers creaking.

Hawker just grunts about the cost when people mention it and looks at Aurore. "Hey, I got a friend who works at those fancy hotels..I bet she knows some one with one." Hawker -could- in theory afford the Audi, but really..he'd have to explain to Sadie why he got it. "So we go to the college..then we go and buy a Chihuahua?" Blingy collar is so easy! "Or you know; we check the salvage yards or some thing, just find one that got in a wreck and ask for the keys?"

"Maybe," Kylie says, nodding. "Good idea... what's your name, again?" She purses her lips and attempts an apologetic look. It's actually kind of good.

"He's Hakwer, I'm Aurore," the native woman with the side-shaven head explains with a grin, her rich voice warmly amused. "But... yeah. The salvage yard idea's a good one. I'd imagine they're seriously in demand for parts, but a write-off might well have the keys still in place. And we could just keep our eyes open for chihuahuas while we're out and about. We can probably talk an owner into visiting Forbidden Ink. Buy them a collar, if need be."

Hawker blinks his eyes slowly at the two. "But..I want another dog." He just points out as he tries to get them on out of the shop. "So any one here ever actually go to college?" He asks of the two and grins a bit. "Oh..right..Hawker..Hawkeye..Mohawk..Drake. My first name is actually Drake, but Hawker is what most call me." Or A string of swear words. "We can like pick up a keg..bribe a frat boy into letting us heist a trophy, right?"

"Drake. Aurore. Both your names sound absolutely made up! That's fine, though. And I went to college," Kylie says, waving a hand in a dismissive gesture. "Really." She pauses. "Um. Who has a car?"

Aurore points to her bike - neither an all-American classic nor a rice rocket, it's a hefty black and chrome beast directly modelled on a racing machine. "That's my transport. I'm happy to have a lovely lady ride behind me, but that's as far as I can go with passengers. And... Aurore means 'dawn'. I'm one of the People of the Dawn, broadly speaking," the native says dryly. "As for me... I need to keep good relations with Saint Johns, so I won't be involved in anything that'd piss them off. And I'll have to make sure we get the trophy back. But I'd *imagine* they're the sort of thing some of the frats steal from time to time anyway."

Hawker gestures at his Chevelle when rides are brought up. "I got the Chevelle if we all want to stick together in style?" Just don't open the trunk, right? "So what do we want to tackle first?" He ignores that his name isn't real! It's a real name! "I mean we could just call some junkyards or what not as we go any where to see if any one -has- Audis.."

"Oh, was that racist?" Kylie asks, eyes wide, with a little sigh. "Sorry about that. It's a lovely name. I say college, call junkyards on the way. Maybe call your friend who works at the hotel, too. C'mon!" She smiles brightly and leads the way out of the shop.

"The name's French, so no," Aurore says as she flashes a grin at Kylie. "Dad's over the border to the North, so it was a nod to his side of the family. And it sounds more distinctive than 'Aurora' or 'Dawn' on this side of the frontier. So I'm very happy with it. As for a ride...." She eyes the car. "I'll take my bike, I think. We can conference call easily enough: I've got earbuds for a hands-free option. And being able to split up could make sense."

Hawker grunts when they decide to split up, but grins. "Yah..well that way if we do find a set of keys..we can send the biker after em, like Mad Max." He has back up plans of course as he unlocks his car so Kylie can get in. "There is some thing Kilo failed to mention about the key..she never said it had to be a real key. We can just be jerks and go and print off a picture of a key." He says with a snicker to him self at the idea.

Kylie nods to Aurore, glancing between the motorcycle and the Chevelle. A little sigh and she's climbing into the Chevelle. "Well, if we're going to do that, why not print of a picture of a chihuahua puppy in a sparkly collar and a football trophy at the same time? Entirely missing the point of a scavenger hunt. The prize better be good, though." She starts fussing with her phone, looking up junkyards. Skinner Salvage yard doesn't seem to be answering, so Pick a Part it is. She dials the number up and holds the phone to her ear.

"She specifically said "a set of keys", for an Audi R8. I think that's pretty clearly *not* a picture. Though perhaps I should print off a copy of "This is not a pipe" for you, Hawker." Unlocking her bike's panniers, Aurore retrieves her helmet and gloves... but delays putting them on long enough to arrange for the hands-free option to actually work, poking at her phone and slipping buds into her ears before completing the protective concealment of her bike gear.

Hawker grunts when he gets teased, but at least he thinks Aurore is saying it to tease in a good nature, not to be truly mean. "To the college!" He says to Aurore and then goes to fire up his Chevelle and begin driving across town..like a good, well behaved citizen, and using his phone to set up a conference call to Aurore. Kylie can't really get in on it yet, she's busy trying to find keys!

"Hi!" Kylie chirps into the phone. "I have a weird question! I'm looking for an Audi R8... more specifically, the keys to one. I was wondering if you had anything like that in your junkyard. I mean, that's unlikely, right?" Kylie glances out the window as the scenery goes by. "But that's a scavenger hunt for you. No stone unturned!" Kylie has a low, pleasing voice. And she's friendly.

It's a little odd for Aurore not to be the one providing the warm-voiced telephone search... but she's quite happy to let Kylie have a shot at it and prove her stuff. She tags along behind the car, also surveying their surroundings in hope of spotting a chihuahua.

Hawker is really just planning to -buy- a Chihuahua, he's letting his smart phone do a search in local area for chihuahuas for sale or up for adoption. "Hey Aurore; doesn't Amanda work at some dog place? Maybe we can just go and ask if we can take one for a walk?" He suddenly chirps over the conference call to her!

"I... hrmmmm. Asking shelters to take one for a walk could work, yeah. I know that some began offering Pokemon Go players the chance to take dogs out, so they looked less suspicious and had company while roaming parks and streets," Aurore muses. "Can definitely see if there are any available to come out for a while."

On the phone the guy who has answered the phone at Joe's pauses and then tries not to laugh. "Uhhhh.. what did you say. An R8?" There is a pause. A long pause. Presumably while he waits to see if he's getting punked or not. When no one tells him it's a joke he replies. "That kind of car doesn't generally come through places like this. People buy them at auction and part them out themselves, they're obviously pretty valuable. Wait. Hold on." There is the sound of the phone dropping and some rustling and after a long, long wait, maybe even Kylie thinks she's been forgotten, the gentleman returns. "Yeah, you know... It just so happens the Fallcoast auction is held Wednesday and Saturday nights and, well, you're not going to believe this but... there is an R8 up on the block tonight. I understand it's completely totalled, which isn't unusual for those things. Guys with too much money and not enough driving sense. Am I right?" He laughs. "Anyway. You know where the fairgrounds are? It's held out there."

Kylie can wait patiently. She's okay at it. She just leans back in her seat, crossing one leg over the other, and when the guy finally comes back, she listens to him. And laughs at his joke. "Oh my god. Wouldn't you take care of a car like that if you had it? Thank you soooo much for the auction tip, though! You have a great night!" Once good-byes are said, she announces, "Nothing at that junkyard, but there's an auction with a totalled R8 on the block. Tonight. At the fairgrounds."

Hawker has a feeling he's going to end up buying a junked Audi.. "You know; maybe I'll try to rebuild it." He says to Kylie and grins at her. "Alright..whilst you two sweet talk boys out of trophies..I'll start calling up animal shelters." He says as they get close to the college...and begins to do just that; calling animal shelters! Time to find a chihuahua to walk...or buy!

"I thought that anything that expensive might be something for the over-rich trust fund boy-racers and the midlife crisis types to invest in - then crash," Aurore says over the conference call. "And I'll try to find a collar to suit Kilo's requirements. No one sane is going to give a dog to someone on a bike to ride off with, but I can go shopping easily enough."

Curiously, there seem to be only two big animal rescues of consequence in Fallcoast that Hawker can find. Bower Animal Rescue and Furry Friends. There are a few smaller rescues but those seem to be run out of private homes -- though still viable options!

With a little searching, Aurore will come up with several upscale pet shops that are still open on a Saturday evening. "It's a Dog's Life" seems to be the closest one when searched via google maps.

Hawker will opt to call Furry Friends first; he knows Amanda and he's spoken to Kelsey about donating food and the like to help the place. So thats where the call will go first; to familiar territory! Ring Ring Ring Ring BANNANNA PHONE!

"Furry Friends Adoption Center, may I help you?" comes the volunteers voice from the other side of the line.

Hawker is now busy on the phone him self as he'll park in the college parking lot..or where ever Kylie tells him to park. "Hey! This is Hawker..you know, the guy who donates dog food and all of that? I was wondering if you had any chihuahuas available? A friend of mine wanted to take one for a walk but I told her I don't own one." Yet. He's working on the Corgi Brigade..chihuahua ninjas might be next!

Aurore sticks with the car while she runs through her options for where to go shopping, but intends to swing off and go in search of collars once she has them. An idea has occurred to her, however, so she might wind up making another stop after "It's a Dog's Life".

In the meantime, Kylie hunts up directions for the fairgrounds on her phone. And eyes the little battery icon, which is not all that full. She purses her lips, annoyed, and determines she will see if the others can figure it directions.

"Hi Mr. Hawker! Yeah... No chihuahuas in right now. There is some sort of really jack russell and a pug. But no chihuahua. You want to take one for a walk?" She sounds a little confused. "Uhhh... I think there is a very small Chihuahua rescue in town, some lady runs it out of her house. You just want to take one for a walk? You maybe want to go to the dog park and see if there is one you can play with? Or a pet store or something?" She tries to be helpful.

Hawker listens and considers..no wait, he isn't supposed to detour to buy dogs. "Yah? Do you got the number for that lady?" He says, getting ready to jot it down on his hand if need be. "I might just buy one." He says, mostly to him self.

Search complete, Aurore does indeed now swing away, heading off to buy a collar for the dog. And a surprise for Kilo...

Kylie checks her teeth in the mirror and climbs out of the car, ready to hunt down some likely looking football dude. Perhaps the dorms. Or a frat house.

The volunteer at Furry Friends is incredibly helpful. She gives Hawker the name of the "Little Lovebugs Chihuahua Rescue" as well as the address of the pet store and the Bark Park, just in case.

Aurore finds her store and a chic, middle aged lady with rhinestone-studded glasses is behind the counter. -That- has to be a good sign right. There are lots of upscale dog accoutrament and gifts, certainly she'll have dog collars in here somewhere.

Kyle makes her way onto campus. She'll find right away there is a fork in the road. There is a sign ahead indicating to the right the gymnasium and hall of fame area, no doubt if there is a 'trophy' case, it will be that-a-way. And to the left? The dorms. She can probalby tell by the sound of kids partying and music playing. Maybe even the smell of weed.

Hawker will thank the girl at Furry Friends and then begins to call the new place...the name alone is just so..ugh. Yep. Ugh. Hey hopefully the place is open..and hopefully Kylie isn't going to get in over her head so he has to come punch a Jock!

Kylie considers the dorms, and then considers the gymnasium. Well, maybe she'll start there and then see about conning a student footballer if it doesn't work out. Kylie slips into the building, heels clicking against the floor as she seeks out a trophy case. Tennis... who cares about tennis... track, no... Ah. Football. Kylie clasps her hands behind her back and bends at the waist to peer into the trophy case, smiling. And generally looking approachable.

It is a private residence, but the crazy dog lady has a line dedicated to her little mutt so when she answers the phone, Hawker knows he's found the right place. "Lovebugs Rescue! Where every Chi is a special Chi! Binky speaking." Oh yeah. Hawker is going to love this woman.

As Kylie stands admiring the many football trophies St. Johns has won (in their... less than a year of being a school... <cough>) a faculty member approaches the artist and smiles. A woman with a short, 'academic' sort of hair cut and a messenger bag strapped across her shoulder, she's in a skirt and blouse and very sensible heels. "Seems like we're in line to win another this year, don't you think? The team looks strong!" She tries to make a little small talk. She's not hitting on Kylie in some weird way, is she? No...

Kylie eyes the woman's reflection in the mirror. Her eyes narrow very slightly, but when she turns it's all smiles. "Are we? I don't know much about football, I'll admit. Are you a fan?"

Hawker is -not- going to love this woman, at all. "Hey! I was wondering if you could help me out? A friend of mine is having a birthday soon for their toddler..and they -really- wanted a 'Taco Bell Dog' ... you don't happen to have any who are under a year old available on such short notice would you?" He asks..yep. Bite your tongue Hawker, behave..

"Sure! Isn't everyone a fan? I'm Patty." She woman extends a friendly hand to Kylie. "I student teach. Getting me through grad school." She explains helpfully. "What are you majoring in?" Patty is all about chatty.

Binky, on the other hand is totally silent for a few moments while the 'Taco Bell' comment passes and she takes a deep breath. "Please. No Taco Bell jokes. I mean honestly, that was, what, 19 years ago? I mean really, how old -are- you?" She sniffs indifferently. "Is this a serious call? I only deal with serious calls. This is a serious rescue. These little guys have hopes and dreams and feelings and souls. You don't rent them out for birthday parties. Sir."

Hawker can't believe this lady, really. "I'm not renting him out, I'm trying to buy my friend's kid a puppy that won't end up so big they can't keep it. So this is -quite- serious." Oh god Hawker, just go steal one.

Kylie reaches out and takes Patty's hand to shake. And give a little squeeze. "Nice to meet you! Art," she tells Patty, still smiling as she releases the other woman's hand. "I'm an art major. What are you studying?"

"Woman's Religious Studies." She says without missing a beat, beaming at Kylie, looking quite smitten. "You look like an artist, truth be told. Were you on your way somewhere? Can I walk with you? I don't have anywhere to get to for a couple hours." Ohhh. Lucky Kylie!

"Sir. I am not in the puppy selling business." She tells Hawker flatly. She does, however, have a glutton of puppies unfortunately. Some bitch had 13 of them and the owners couldn't keep them. So... as much as she dislikes this man on the phone, he might be on the market for a puppy. "I do, however, adopt quality Chihuahuas out to loving, forever homes if you can prove to me some specific criteria and I think you're going to be a good candidate."

Hawker remembers -why- he doesn't actually deal with people like this. "I'm sure I can meet your criteria." If not, he'll just go and steal a damn dog. "You need to know my address, finnacials, and that I have access to a certified vet, right?" Thats normal for rescue animals...and he has owned a few over the years.

Kylie pauses, glancing down the hallway furtively. Left. Right. Then she takes a step closer to Patty and leans in. "I have a confession to make," she murmurs, expression turned sly, tone conspiratorial. She's close enough now that Patty can probably get a whiff of the delicious cinnamon scent Kylie always seems to have.

Binky is a little concerned by how cavalier the gentleman is about her requirements. It makes her wonder if he's done this before and he's making small animal sacrifices to his devil gods out of dogs he picks up at rescues. But her friends say she has a wild imagination, so she lets that go. After jotting down Hawkers information, Binky hangs up and gets to work doing a little digging. Turns out Hawker comes up -mostly- ok and she calls him back. She has 13 puppies to move and she's zoned for 4 dogs at a time! "How soon can you be here?"

Kylie is getting a -very- warm reception indeed. Patty is finding the little artist smells absolutely incredible and she can't help but draw closer and closer to her, their spacing becoming more and more intimate. "A confession?" Patty's eyes grow wide with a little wonder, a little naughtiness, a little excitment. "And, what might that be?" Her breath is growing more and more shallow as her eyes rake over Kylie, eyes hungry to take her in.

Kylie touches her pinkie finger to her lips and very briefly bites her nail. "...I really don't like football," she tells Patty, perfectly at ease in close quarters with the young woman. "It's this petty high school thing - my school used to be so in love with football and football players, and I was just looking at those nice, shiny trophies and thinking... I would love to just take one. Isn't that stupid? So petty. They have like twenty. Would they even miss one?"

Hawker will check the time before giving a response; he figures in about an hour! And now he has his -own- plan. "Kilooo is getting a shop chihuahua, for sure." He says to him self once all the phone stuff is taken care of..and he's waiting for Kylie..so much waiting!

"You want to... what?" Patty looks a little surprised. "Just... take one?" She bites her lip and breaths in deeply of Kylie's sent and it's all over from there. "Wow... that's just... So bad. You're like a bad girl!" Patty is out of her mind excited by Kylie. "Well..." Patty looks left then right, up and down the hall and doesn't see anyone. "You know... I can get into the office without a problem and I know where they keep the keys. They're right next to the bathroom keys. I'll just..." She takes in a deep breath. Is she really going to aid and abed this girl? "Will you bring it back? I mean, when you're done? Take your pics with it, so whatever you want with it? But you know... bring it back eventually?"

Kylie nods solemnly, eyes wide, her dark bob of hair swaying with the movement. "I will. I totally will. I wouldn't want you to get in trouble or anything --- are you serious? You'll help? Oh my god, Patty, you are my best friend now!" She bounces in place, full of glee, eyes a-sparkle.

Patty, who likes the sound of 'best friend', nods enthusiastically and quickly disappears off into the office, reappearing with the bathroom key and the small key that opens the trophy case. "I'll stand in front of you. Do you have something to put it in? Here." She grabs the book and papers out of her messenger and gives it to Kylie, along with her phone number. "Just get it back to me, OK?"

Not everybody can pull off a wink, but Kylie seems to be on a roll here, so she tries it. Maybe Patty will swoon. She takes the book and swivels to unlock the trophy case. The trophy is tucked between her chest at the book, and she closes the case quietly again. Kylie turns back to Patty and grazes the woman's cheek with her lips in the barest of kisses, pressing the keys back into Patty's hand. Then she's heading back to the car, smiling smugly.

Hawker will jerk the car door open when Kylie comes back out. "We have to go buy Kilo a chihuahua now." He says and turns the engine over once Kylie is settled in..and off they go! Roaring out into the...well, to a chihuahua rescue. "I hope Aurore is having a better time buying a collar then I was trying to find the damn chihuahua.."

"Maybe a puppy will be good practice for the baby," Kylie tells Hawker, tone bright. She's so pleased with herself. She holds up the trophy. "Look how shiny! I got a phone number, too."

Binky lives in an really upscale neighborhood. On the sort of street where people complain about barking dogs and zoning laws. So she has to be cognisant of the fact that she is over her limit by... a lot. And she is therefor very glad to see Mr. Hawker when he arrives, especially when he begins to sound more like a civilized human being and less like a lunatic wanting to rent a Chihuahua for a Taco Bell children's party.

Kylie leaves her trophy in the car along with Patty's notebook and phone number. She also leaves the car with her arm looped through Hawker's, beaming up at him cheerfully. "What's the story you fed her?" she whispers to him as they approach.

Hawker's car might not fit in..but he has a pretty girl on his arm, and his cane with that silver wolf head motiff on the end. "I told her I was getting one for a friend's toddler as a birthday present.." He murmurs to Kylie and snickers a bit. "Had to go out on a date to steal the trophy Kylie?" He teases as they approach ChiHell

"No, but I might take her home anyway," Kylie tells Hawker in a sweet tone. "I guess I have a toddler now. You're so sweet to help out, you know."

Binky invites them in and lo an behold there is a small puppy-pen with 13, nine-week old puppies, climbing and wrestling and chewing and generally being as cute as cute can be. They range in colour from the fawn to the red to the brown to the blonde but they all have one thing in common; so goddamn cute it makes your teeth hurt. "So they're all available at this point, though I have another couple coming in an hour, so you'll want to make your decision soon if you want first choice. This is for you two, correct? Because I won't adopt out unless the person is here that the dog is for." She nods pleasantly as they look through the pups. "How did you two meet? YOu're such a darling couple."

Hawker just can't believe how -tiny- chihuahua puppies are, but he'll go to find the darkest of the females. Why? Because dark colours will fit into an Ink shop right? "Oh yes, this is for her toddler...and we met at her work place. Isn't that right Darling?" He asks, he'll take full advantage of Kylie having to play the role, he might get a kiss out of this even! Also he will need to get one of those bad ass spiky collars for the lil thing eventually, so it looks appropriately terrifying..

"It is!" Kylie says, immediately slipping free of Hawker and moving over to the puppy pen to crouch down beside it. "Oh my gossssssh!" she exclaims, all big eyes. Thrusting her hand into the pen, Kylie waves it gently from side to side, hoping to lure one over to sniff. "Timmy's just going to love having one of these. Our neighbour downstairs had a chihuahua and Timmy loved it so much. He was so careful with Emmett and so gentle."

Binky smiles at the two of them, finding that when she asks these questions she can tell when people are legit. And she is an expert. Obviously! She can sniff out a fake and a liar from miles away. "That's darling... What was your name? I didn't catch your name before. And Timmy sounds just adorbs. I never had children myself. Ovarian issues. You know.. cysts, fallopian tube pregnancies and all." She nods gravely, seemingly not bothered with sharing private information no matter how uncomfortable that might make people feel. One of -those- kinds of people. "Anyway, did you find one you like?"

"Christina," Kylie supplies Binky. One of the puppies has surely wandered over to sniff her curiously by now, and that's the one Kylie scoops up and cuddles. "Ooooh." She holds the puppy up toward Hawker. "What do you think, honey?"

Hawker was already playing with -another- one when he has to be undistracted; legitimately..Hawker and dogs means he spaces out and ignores people. "Ooh..we should get both!" Poor Kilo..poor poor Kilo. "Then they can play with each other too!" He says to Kylie.

"Yours is sweet, too!" Kylie coos at Hawker. "We can just get one. I hope you brought your wallet!" She is not paying for any cute puppies.

Binky looks thrilled. "OH! I tell you what. For today only, I will give you a two-for-one. If you'll just pay for the first round of shots the pups got as that's a hard cost, I'll wave the adoption fee on one. You can get them both for one flat adoption fee. So one for free. How can you pass that up?" She smiles warmly. Maybe Binky isn't so bad after all.

Aurore, meanwhile, might be in more danger of retinal scarring due to the glare of coloured rhinestones (and whatever else the proprietor thinks constitutes good taste or valuable merchandise), but she is at least in a much simpler sales environment. Items are on offer; she has cash; she can exchange the latter for the former and then beat a retreat. She does, however, take the time offered by the others' travels and efforts to add in a little extra browsing and another purchase. Might as well get something for the kind(?) setter of this particular scavenger hunt...

Hawker will slip -both- puppies into Kylie's hands as he goes to draw his billfold out and count off at least eight hundred dollars in fifties and twenties to hand to Binky. "Keep what ever is left, use it to make sure the dogs get high end food and vaccinations." He says and grins at Kylie. "Now we need to totally come up with fitting names for the two girls!" Hawker legitimately will never purchase a male dog. Mostly because he has all females, and that can lead to headaches.

Kylie is left cuddling two squirming little puppies, smiling beatifically. She cannot be blamed for this; she didn't buy the puppies, so to her, this is just funny. And apparently the kind of thing she does randomly now. That's fun, too!

Aurore manages to obtain the ever-elusive 'bling-bling' collar for, well, one of the girls. She had no idea there would be two. Oh no. There is going to be a cat fight now over who gets the collar. Also, she managed to avoid having to buy the ones that said 'SLUT' and 'BITCH'. Which was oh so classy on Aurore's part. And managed a little gifty for Kilo. Wooo!

The new 'power couple' collect their pups and fork over the cash to a bewildered Binky. "Oh, Mr. Hawker... the fee is just $150. You don't have to..." But upon realising this is a wealthy, generous man who seems to want to make a Chi-Difference, she shuts up and pockets the money, ear-marked to do wonderful things and rescue even more Chi-Chis.

Now the kids have to make a big decision. Head back to the shop with their two treasures and collect their prize. Or go for the gold and try for the grand prize and score the R8!

Aurore would normally not be seen anywhere near anything so tacky... but Kilo requested it, and she's willing to splash out a little to amuse her beloved friend. As for the extra... hopefully that will amuse, too. For now, however, she calls to check in with the other pair and get an update on their progress - fully expecting that they'll at least check out the auction, and see what might be required to win the wreck. Or at least its keys.

Once they get out side, Hawker grins to him self a bit. "Alright, lets get Aurore...and uh, let me go try to buy a piece of shit smashed car." Which can't be to hard right? So it's off to meet up with Aurore..with Kylie on puppy cuddling duties, and Hawker having to go the fair grounds after they collect Aurore! "Also don't you dare try to make me keep them. Kilo is keeping both. I own a dog that can eat me, much less those two.." Yah..Miska, about two hundred pounds of angry Soviet Dog.

Kylie shrugs, holding onto the squirming puppies. "I'm not arguing. They're just not coming home with me. Can we just leave them in the back seat while we do this auction thing?" They'll be fine, right? Her attitude toward the chihuahuas has cooled since she doesn't need to impress the puppy purveyor. Which isn't to say she dislikes the puppies... they're just not that interesting.

Aurore is quite willing to meet up - whatever she's bought fitting easily enough into her bike's panniers, she's got no problems with transport, and will head to wherever the other pair tell her to link up...

The fairgrounds have been transformed, as they are twice a week, into a car lovers wet-dream. People come from miles around to drool over cars and 'deals' they are sure are too good to be true, yet that they -must- have. On the block tonight; A jeep wrangler that starts fine but was flipped over in an off-road 'incident'. It -seems- fine but to the trained eye the frame is bent. Insurance has totaled the vehicle and here is where it ended up. In fact there are a lot of 'totalled' cars. Almost as many seized cars. Cars involved in drug deals, DUIs that were towed and never claimed because the impound fees got too high. So lots of sound vehicles. And vehicles with former owners' treasures in them! Things they never got to claim so they are part of the action too.

And then of course there is the 'super car' category. The porshes and the audis and the occassional ferrari that all seem to get wrapped around a telephone pole by a driver whose speed outclassed his or her driving ability. Often the drivers not making it. Tonight is no exceptions. There are three super cars on the block. A Porshe, and Aston Martin and then of course the Audi R8. The Porshe is first, then the R8, so the group have a little time to size up the competition and figure out a game plan. Looks like there are about 4 other bidders interested. All men. They've had to sign in for the auction, just like Hawker did in order to bid.

Kylie waves to Aurore when she spots the other woman. If Hawker doesn't want those puppies in the back seat, he's going to have to carry them. Kylie narrowly avoided getting peed on by a puppy. She sizes up the men sizing up the Audi, touching two fingertips to her lips.

Hawker will make sure Aurore -and- Kylie are on puppy duty. "You do not leave puppies in cars." He says to Kylie, firmly, before waiting for the Audi and steps up to it and the others bidding. "I can make this real easy for you all..I just need the keys from it on a dare I can't find keys to an Audi with out cops getting involved." He says and goes to draw his bill clip out. "So..I'll just pay two hundred now for the keys and if you all agree..I won't have to outbid you." Kylie can make gaga eyes all she wants!

Aurore might look somewhat out of a place - a model-grade striking native woman with a radical undercut hairstyle, clad in full bike leathers... but perhaps people will think that she's someone's better half, bit on the side, or muse. Or she rode here because she needs a new car. In any case, she waves cheerfully to Kylie, striding over to join Kilo's artist... and *two* rat-dog puppies? That's definitely unexpected.

Kylie holds one of the puppies and sulks. It's cramping her style. Gaga eyes are less effective with random puppies. Unless a dude likes Paris Hilton, and even then, she'd need a big bag to stuff the puppy in. "Did you get the collar?" she asks Aurore, shooting Hawker's back a petulant glance.

One of the men seems to have heard Hawker and looks like he's at least curious. "Oh yeah? What are so important about the keys? Have you seen the thing? It is crushed like an accordian. It ain't ever gonna run again my friend. That engine block ain't even salvageable." He shakes his head, perhaps trying to discourage Hawker from bidding against the man.

Aurore finds herself acquiring a puppy... and is glad that she's *in* her leathers, in case it has an accident. "Yeah, I got one... and a surprise for Kilo. Though I think she'll be all the more startled to discover that Hawker bought one of these for himself. I... guess these are bought? Not borrowed? I can't imagine many owners just lending them out."

Hawker will cross his arms over his chest when some one tries to dissuade him. "I just need the keys, not the car it self. It's some silly scavenger hunt thing, like frat boys have, except I get to hang out with those two hotties after wards, you know what I mean?" He says to the man..you know, the whole 'they must be jock types because cars' idea. He'll nod his head to Aurore and Kylie..and -really- hope they don't hit him later.

"He bought them," Kylie confirms, holding her puppy away from her body and eyeing the squirmy little thing. "Kilo's going to be thrilled." That seems to cheer her up some, so at least she's looking pleased when the menfolk glance at her and Aurore.

"Cute puppies girls." A tall, dark haired gentleman - apparently another one of the R8 bidders approaches Kylie and Aurore as they hold the squirming monsters. "I didn't realise it was 'Bring your puppy to the Auction' day." And he snickers, finding himself rather clever and humorous. "Did you two just get those? Are you all here to buy something?"

Meanwhile, the older gentleman in the glasses looks back at Hawker and just sees... dollar signs. Just sees them all over the place. "Well now. Doesn't that sound like a fun game. You all do that a lot?" He chats him up a bit, working the situation. "You know, maybe we can work something out. I like it when I can work things out with a fellow car enthusiast. Right? So, I need the car and you just need the keys. The car is going to cost me a lot though..." the man hedges, feeling Hawker out. "I mean, that's the only way you're going to get your keys, after all. I'll hand the keys over to you for a thousand. Seems about fair to me when you do the math." He nods pleasantly but his smile is a little wolfish.

Hawker's eyes narrow and he tightens his hand on the cane when the guy tries to make him cut a deal, even with a proper button up dress shirt on, one can see Hawker can probably do alot of damage in a hurry. "How about you don't hassle me or my girls? I can outbid all of you, and you already know that." Hawker says and moves the cane he holds a bit. His body langauge is threatening..subtly, but there. Not enough to warrant cops being involved <yet>. "So why don't we just all agree to let me have the keys no one else needs, and I won't start a real bidding war, Yes?" He says..why didn't he bring Miska?

Aurore does her best not to look overly perturbed by the strange little dog in her hand, attempting to convey a cheery demeanour - somewhat aided by Kylie's comment. "He bought two for himself? Heh. I suppose that's commitment to the game..." Then she registers that Hawker appears to be trying to scare rich people in public, and finds her smile becoming rather more fixed.

The man looks -extremely- uncomfortable and starts looking around for security. He wants to make sure he gets out of here alive. "Uh. OK. Sure. Whatever you want." He takes his program and throws it back on the table, heading for the exit. He just lost his interest interest in auctions tonight. The gentleman who is speaking to Aurore and Kylie eyes Hawker. "Wow, what's his deal? He wants keys? Is he for real?"

The auction is starting though and the dark haired gentleman turns and faces the auctioneer. In front of them is a bright blue, mangled sports car. "Who will give me $1000, bids starting at $1000." Everyone is silent as they look over at Hawker.

"Two for Kiki," Kylie elaborates. "But he might end up taking them for..." she trails off. There is a gentleman addressing them. "Oh, the puppies aren't ours," she tells the man with a smile. "They're for a scavenger hunt. I think he's trying to strong arm someone into giving him the keys. I think it would be better to just ask nicely, don't you?" She sidles one step closer to the man, smiling.

Hawker moves to lean back on his cane, one potentional person gone..and the auction begins. "I'll take the damn keys for two hundred." He says to the auctioneer. Who knew Hawker could still some how find a way to make this -weird- with out trying to kill any one? Hawker is Hawker. Though he wishes the car was in better shape; it would have been a good winter hobby!

Aurore fights to avoid shaking her head in disbelief... then offers the puppy-admirer a smile to back up Kylie's. "I'm not sure he understands the 'game' bit so well," she says, her rich voice a low-pitched purr. "But he'll pay a couple of hundred for the keys, yes."

The auctioneer looks around. No one but the Hawker has bid. And not enough at that, as far as he is concerned. "Opening bid... $1000. Who will start us out at $1000." But all three of the other men heard Hawker getting physical with the old guy. Some guy got knifed in the parking lot last Wednesday, this place is getting to be bullshit. So they stay silent and look around, avoiding the auctioneer's gaze.

Hawker would sigh..but it's not worth it, really isn't. He'll just tap his cane to signal he'll open the bid. All of this..for Keys. He could have just like, printed one off on a 3D Printer <assuming Hawker some how didn't start a warehouse on fire trying to make it work>.

The auctioneer beams. "$1000 to the gentleman in the back. Do I hear $2000. $2000?" He waits, trying to work the crowd, getting increasingly frustrated as the R8 group won't bid. "Gentlemen, this is easily worth 8 or 9K in parts alone." He looks at them incredulously. One of them walks out giving Hawker a quick look as he does. With a final frustrated shrug of his shoulders, the auctioneer slams his gavel down. "Sold. $1000. Congratulations, that is quite a prize." He smiles at Hawker.

Kylie's eyebrows arch. "Oh. He actually bought it," she says to Aurore and the other bidder who decided not to bid. "How much money does he have to randomly throw around, anyway?"

Hawker will move to pay for the car..and mostly, expect the keys. "Just the keys. I don't need the parts. I don't like things using computers to control the engine and all of that." He says, waiting patiently..or impatiently, for his keys! Because Then they'll..get..stuff?

"I have *no* idea," Aurore says softly. "But it looks like he's now the proud owner of a once-used deathtrap. But perhaps we can get him away before he buys any more..."

"Ugh. I hope so. I'm tired of puppies," Kylie says, rolling her eyes some.

When they finally make it back to the shop, their prize is quite apparent before they even make it back through the door. They can -smell- it on the street from the parking lot! The smell of amazing, fresh, scrumptious, incredible Mexican food is wafting out through the open shop door. When the team makes their way in, they will find the lounge has been transformed into a massive buffet of the yummiest homemade food; Kilo has been at it since the moment they left! Carne asada and carnitas and pollo, tamales and tacos and enchiladas and burritos and soups and beans and rice and THE most delicious homemade tortillas -ever-. It's absolutely overwhelming. "Just for you guys! I figured you'd be starving after working so hard and this is the best gift I can give you. The one from my heart. And you better of gotten all three things because your bonus gift is dessert! I made fresh, hot, melt-in-your-mouth churros. All doused with cinnamon-sugary goodness. Oh my god, I can't wait to start. I really hope you guys are hungry!"

Hawker blinks a few times, he cooks enough that he is immediately picking out the fact it's entirely home made, no short cuts.. "Kilo! We found all the things!" Hawker sort of went broke doing it, Kylie would have gotten the pleasure of seeing Sadie again when he had her meet him at a drop point <to get dog things to go with puppies..> "Oh and...you got ..two chihuahuas now." He says before just going right on past like that, yep. Kilo gets chihuahuas..he's going to do the normal thing; eat dessert first..alright. So it's -Churros- and those are amazing!

Kylie sniffs a few times as she enters the shop, eyebrows going up. "Smells amazing," she says with a smile, walking toward Kilo and showing her the college football trophy like one of Barker's Beauties on Price is Right would, with the posing and gesturing and the teeth.

One of the puppies is now sporting a Chihuahua-sized rhinestone collar, as per instructions... but Aurore delves into her jacket to come up with another collar. It's also garishly decorated in rhinestones... which spell out the word "BITCH". She holds it out to Kilo. "For you, darling. It seemed appropriate," she says with a fond smile.

"Wait... two chihuahuas? Oh god. Hoax is going to KILL ME." Kilo looks to Kylie for support on that one. Well, really more just reinforcement... that he really will kill her. Because he will. "How did you get two? Did someone forget how to count? Can they go back where they came from?" She admires the trophy. "Very nice Kylie. What jock did you have to bang to get that?" Snarky... as if Kylie would expect anything else from Kilo. But it's Aurore that has Kilo in stitches. "BITCH' Oh my god. That's..." She rolls her eyes and shakes her head at Aurore. "That's too funny. And just wrong. And right, for so many reasons. Hoax is not only going to -love- that, I'm sure he'll insist I wear it. All. The. Time." She laughs.

Hawker is going to end up to blame for all of this. "What? I like bought them, from an adoption group..you know, you have -Shop- Chihuahuas now, you can make them wear outfits, and be all badass when they grow up..and Kylie said it would be like -good- training for being a mom." Hawker wasn't directly pressed on how rich he was..was he?

"Make him take them home," Kylie tells Kilo, jerking her thumb over her shoulder at Hawker. And sticking her tongue out at him, just because. She eyes the 'BITCH' collar with some interest, eyebrows going up.

Aurore lets slip a musical giggle, before shrugging out of her jacket, then moving in to give Kilo a non-roadstained hug. "I figured it fitted the theme of the game, and should also suit you. Hopefully it fits. I made sure it'd go around my own neck, at least. And... I know that you enjoy some types of fooling around, so...." She shrugs amiably. "Happy unbirthday."

Kilo grins at Aurore, Kylie and Hawker. "Thank you for the collar. And the puppies! And for getting the trophy and keys and working so hard at doing all this stuff. It seems like you guys had fun. I had fun cooking for you. Let's eat and we'll think of some names for the shop-pups. And hopefully Hoax won't turn them into zombies!" She's kidding. Right? Right.