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Time to Switch to Decaf Part 2: The Italian Connection
Dramatis Personae

Jill, Tomoko, Hugo

4 September, 2017

But what happened after...? Also Tang sucks!


Restaurant - Scaccia Trattoria

Kylee chuckled. "This from the one who be buttin' in ta conversations," she said, taking a sip of her tea. She glanced to Hugo, studying him before she headed for the door and out in to the cooler air.

Jill takes a look at the card, holding it up and putting it into her pocket after glancing over it, "Thanks!" She responds to Izzy before waving, then watching Kylee leave and nodding her head to her for a moment. "What... was all of that about?" She asks the two remaining.

Hugo looks regretfully into his emptyish cup, finishing off the last of it, but salvation is at hand, friend, because he gets up, wandering toward the counder and orders another one. Not quite as big this time. He looks over at Jill and says "She got all smirky about my Pokemon related habits so I made fun of her accent. It didn't go particularly well, as you may or may not have noticed, by having eyes and or ears within a quarter mile radius. I'd blame myself, except that I never would." He stands, hands in his pocket and waiting around the 'done' end of the beverage assembly line.

Jill watches him go up to order another drink. She tries to hold back a laugh but can't, "Pfft." She laughs at his last line. "It.. It sounded rough. I just didn't want anyone to get shot, y'know...?"

Tomoko got a quick glimpse of the card, but that was long enough for it to stick in her mind with her impeccable memory, "Eh, just a lot of posturing is what it looked like but I'm really shit at reading people." She finished one of her cookies and the rest of her orange juice... Still a whole cookie left to go, "But I try not to take shit from anyone. I ended a government contract I had because they just like to feed you bullshit."

Jill has a grin spread widely across her face, "You really stood up for yourself, yeah. That's good on you!" She drums her fingers on the table for a moment and then glances up at Hugo, "Hey, why don't y'come join us over here?"

"I wasn't especially thrilled at the idea of it either, but I also don't always know or do what is good for me." He pauses long enough to accept the new coffee, thanking the barista, and at the invitation he says "Sure." He nods to Tomoko, saying "See, that's good. It's handy to know if someone has you for a mark. If you're not sure, assume yes."

Smirked, these people weren't too bad and then she realized something, "Oh fuck that's right... I haven't introduced myself. I'm Tomoko, I'm actually kinda new to the city. So who are you?" It was always important to introduce yourself.

Jill smiles faintly when Hugo accepts her invite. She slides her hand across the table to Tomoko, offering it to her in a handshake, "Jill."

Hugo pulls up a seat, setting his cup down first, and takes a seat, lifting a hand and tosses his name into the name pile, "Hugo. Thanks." He tries the coffee, but still too hot, and then looks between them, acknowledging, "Inventor slash tinkerer, professional wrestler.." Looking down at himself, he says with a lopsided smile "Agent Provocateur? Sadly, no."

The asian woman would take small bites from her remaining cookie. It looked like it was probably peanut butter flavored. Her free hand went to shake Jill's, "Nice ta meet you Jill... and Hugo. And yeah by now inventing is just a hobby, I make all my money from people using my ideas. If you have a good idea, patent it. I have a patent right now for a Spider robot that basically works as a mobile security camera."

Jill shakes her hand gently, and Hugo's as well if it was offered. "Nice to meet you too. The both of you. Heh, Agent Provocateur eh...? No? Hmm..." Jill pictures that in her head, a little spider robot. "That sounds really cool actually. Could be really useful to have!" She bites her lip, thinking that she could go for another mocha but probably shouldn't. "Man... I think I need some more water..."

Hugo tilts his head, thinking about patents, then says "My family actually did build a better mouse trap a couple of generations back. It sold really well, but those things don't last forever." He shakes Jill's hand when it's put out, and then says "Spider robots are part of that recurring nightmare about the future I have. -THANKS-." He leans heavily on the last word but the grin he flashes indicates he ... probably? doesn't mean it. "Nice to meet you both. Water?"

Tomoko finishes up that cookie, "I probably don't need anything else here, I was going to try and find a good restaurant to go to after this. This was basically a snack for me. But mouse traps, they're always making better ones. My favorite are actually the ones that just capture the mouse in a sort of cage. Ya know... The humane ones."

Jill nods faintly, "Y-Yeah..." Her leg starts to bounce up and down under the table. She nods faintly at their talk about mouse traps. "Feel like I'm dehydrated or something. I thought I had enough water during my workout earlier but I guess not. Excuse me." She cuts out just after the bit about mouse traps, not having anything to say on it. She asks the barista for some ice water and soon gets it free, coming back to the table with it and drinking it pretty fast.

"I think your early 20th century mouse hunting engineers were mostly focused more on volume. I expect the results were horrifying. The Davenport "fortune" was built on blood money." Hugo says that straight, with a touch of dark humor. Tilting his head a little, he starts thinking about restaurants. "Food is one of my many extremely interesting hobbies. What sort of place?" He looks to Jill, perhaps to check if she's OK. Hydration is important!

"Well sometimes they kinda have to... Australia sometimes gets these huge mouse plagues and they actually end up killing millions of mice by whatever means they can, otherwise they'd eat all the crops." And after that Tomoko gave a shrug, "As for where to eat, I just figured somewhere with plenty of non-meat options... Or maybe sushi."

Jill sets her empty cup down on the table, letting out a bit of a burp after drinking so fast. "... 'scuse me. Uhm..." She suggests, "I know this great Italian place. Oh man I can't remember the exact name. I'd have to look it up on my phone. But it's really good stuff and I imagine they have some non-meat stuff. Gonna be honest though, thinking about rat plagues and the smell of a dead rat isn't making me hungry myself right now." Great, Jill. You probably just ruined their appetites too.

Fish seems like a thing that Hugo can get behind judging by his expression, and he says "See, that's why Australia was the prison colony. It seems all nice, then massive waves of rodents, and raining death frogs, and drop bears and.." he waves his hands, as if warding off the idea. Jill's description of the italian place also seems interesting, though apparently the thought of dead rats isn't particularly a negative for him. Because sometimes people are strange. "That sounds promising. Sorry about the topic."

Dead mice or rats wouldn't really ruin Tomoko's appetite, "Oh Italian... Well if it's italian they might have pizza. Definitely lots of stuff with cheese and pasta though. That sounds kind of good." She gathers up her trash on the table and gets up to go throw it away, "Really, anywhere I haven't been yet would be pretty good, ya know?"

Jill laughs a little bit, "To be honest I forgot how we even got on the topic of rats. Wait, your family sells rat traps right? So you must be loaded or something!" She smirks, and then it starts to fade, "Wow that sounded... I dunno. I mean your finances are your business y'know?" She listens to Tomoko and licks her lips, thinking on it, "I guess I could go for a little something, and I haven't been there in a while... Man... I need to take Wendy there.."

Resolution! Hugo takes his cup, taking a few more sips before rising, and returning it to the handy bin thing by the trash, then picks up his coat. "Loaded? No, not really. I do alright for myself, but it's nothing fancy." He cracks half a smile and slips his arms into the jacket. "This like, American Italian place or Italian Italian place?"

Letting out a short laugh Tomoko would make her comment, "I guess it could make some difference. I'm more used ta Italian-American food like Olive Garden. But right now I'd just like ta get some good food in me." She digs in her jacket pocket to pull out her car key.

Hugo puts his hands in his pockets, following along, then looks down the street, and noticing Tomoko headded for her car saying "I'm parked up the block, I'll meet you there?" Then a glance back, unsure of Jill's transport status, saying "Do you need a lift or you good?"

Heading for the door Tomoko paused, "Yeah if you're gonna go too, I can meet ya there." With that she exited the coffee shop to go to her vehicle.

Jill looks up from her phone and then pockets it, "I just ubered to the gym and around the city. Didn't feel like driving but yeah if you're offering, that sounds cool." She follows the two out of the shop now. "Hope it's still open."

"It'll be fine. I'll just dust off the old B&E skills if they're closed. Not that it helps with getting served cooked food, but it's amazing what sitting in an empty restaurant like you own the place will do for your self esteem." Hugo grins a little, but then nods up the block to a fairly nondescript mid-range but good performance car. You know the kind. The ones people drive when they prefer not to be looked at too closely. At least it's not a Volvo.

==========> Restaurant - Scaccia Trattoria - Fallcoast <==========

This small, intimate Italian restaurants consists of a single room set with about ten tables. Red and white checkered tablecloths adorn the tabletops in classic style, with large wax candles placed in the center of each for nighttime dining. A small, oak bar has seating for three to the side, while a chalkboard lists the house recommendations and daily specials. Double doors toward the back of the establishment lead toward the kitchen.

> Characters <------------------------------------------------------------

Jill 0s (F) Gutter Trash Wrestler. Blue Hair. Got cigs? Tomoko 12s (F) Short, Dark Brown hair, Asian. Hugo 25s (M) Tallish guy with dark hair and eyes.

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Jill blinks, laughing softly, "Heh that sounds like you uhh... you've got some experience with that." She follows him to his car. Would this be a good idea after a joke like that? Yeah. She'll be fine! On the ride to the restaurant, she asks, "So what do you do for a living again? If you don't mind me asking, of course."

Tomoko could be seen parking when they got there, a white VW delivery van seemed to be her vehicle. It was unmarked on both sides... Was that really her personal vehicle? After parking she'd go to head on inside.

Hugo's response is largely to produce a business card that says Davenport Solutions on it, and a single phone number on the back. There's a little logo of a stylized rat trap down in the bottom corner. He is either in pest control or some shady shit, and it's possible that it's both. It's not a long ride, and he finds a space out front, seeing that the van got there before them, and follows Tomoko in, after waiting for Jill.

Jill takes the business card, starting to think she needs to start making her own now to start selling more of her merchandise. She pockets it, "Thanks." Hmm. Davenport Solutions. She wonders what exactly they specialize in. Rat traps but... What else? She unbuckles her seatbelt when the two arrive at the restaurant and gets out of the car. "Davenport Solutions? Interesting..." She comments before heading inside.

Tomoko seems to have already secured a table in that brief time and waves the other two down to join her. Seems there wasn't a wait for a table, thankfully. She's already scanning the menu for what she wants to order.

"It's not the best name, I'll admit. But accurate. Just, you know. Solving stuff. Sometimes dissolving things in liquids. Solutions." He shrugs a little helplessly at Jill, not having much of a better explanation for his thinly veiled professional guise and instead supplies a grin. He lifts a hand, that kind of universal signal of 'our party is already here' and heads toward the table. "That's an unusual model for a delivery van around here."

Jill says in jest, "Like that stuff in Breaking Bad that they used to turn people into slush. Got it." She snickers, shaking her head, "Just joshin ya." Maybe it wasn't the best thing to do, but she didn't want to seem nervous. Who knows what he could be involved in, and the sight of Tomoko's van wasn't exactly reassuring either. Little does she know this restaurant is owned by the mob as well. What's she getting into? As she heads for the table Tomoko got for them, she frowns as she looks at this empty table for two. Her fingers pass over the surface and she shakes her head, finding herself a seat across from Tomoko. "I've been here once before... I'd say the Spaghetti & Meatballs are good but you... yeah... Don't want meat.."

She didn't look up from the menu as the two sat down, "Yeah, it's a recent model of the van, managed to get one shipped in from out of the states for cheap. I just like how they look and there is plenty of room in the back for some of my projects." And she found what she wanted on the Menu, "Eggplant Parmesan should do fine for a meal. There's no meat in that."

Hugo knows his nondescript vehicles, after all! "Nice. I've always found that type reliable, but haven't used any of the newer models." He glances at the menu, but then when the recommendation about the spaghetti and meatballs comes, he says "I eat meat. I will do it. For the team." He settles into his seat more comfortably, then looks around the restaurant, less crowded this late.

Jill doesn't have anything to add to the conversation about cars. She was always an anything that gets her from point a to point b type of person. She snickers over at Hugo. "I was thinking of getting that too, but the eggplant parmesan is good too. Nah, you know what? I'll have the Fettuccini Alfredo. They say that's Macaroni and Cheese for adults!"

Thankfully it didn't take all of them any time at all to order, at least food. Tomoko ended up getting water to drink for whatever reason - even after glancing through the drink menu and the wine menu, "I was pretty sure mac and cheese was mac and cheese for adults."

Hugo seems to be okay with water, not wanting to be 'that guy' and order booze when nobody else is. "That's true. Don't let anyone tell you differently. And if people want to put a fancy thing in it, that's okay too. What's important is cheese. And.. Believing in yourself?" Lost the thread there for a minute and he takes his jacket back off, putting it on the back of the chair.

Jill smirks at Tomoko, "I... I see what you did there... I think..." She starts to laugh now towards Hugo, "W-what? Hahahaha! I guess that's true, man. Those are the keys to life. Believing in yourself... and cheese." She was fine with ice water as well, as she needs more after her workout from earlier. It's evident when she downs most of it after the waitor had already poured it for her.

Tomoko wasn't laughing, what she said wasn't really intended as a joke and she's unsure what that's about. Requesting a straw she sticks it in her water to drink from, "Fun fact about straws. They wouldn't work in space, atomospheric pressure helps push the liquid up through the straw into your mouth."

"But how could they efficiently drink all of that Tang, then? Bags? Geez.." Hugo is clearly crushed by this reveal, but he consoles himself that food will soon be here. He takes a sip of his water, then says "True story, I once had to handle retrieval of something that accidentally got loaded onto a shuttle, before they took off. All kinds of stuff you don't want getting out into space, I guess."

Jill is easily amused, it seems. "Mmmm... feel the pressure!" She remarks before taking a sip of her water. "That's... that's interesting, though." Her eyes light up, "Oh! Tang! I haven't had some of that stuff in a while. Makes me want to go swing by a Costco or something and pick up some!" She leans back in her chair now, "Really? That's pretty cool. So you like... saved the world eh?" grinning like an idiot.

"Tang isn't that great anyway, you're better off with actual fruit juices. Buzz Aldrin is actually on record saying in 2013 that 'Tang Sucks'. Though unlike whatever you had to take off a shuttle, Tang has been sent quite a few times. And... I don't think I've ever been in a Costco." Tomoko took a break from talking to sip from her water, food should be there shortly... right?

Hugo turns his head, saying "I think.. this is us?" Yep! Waitstaff arrive with plates, mercifully. Talking about Tang kind of gives you perspective on where you are in life. "Costco is kind of great," he offers, then says "It has all you could want of the specific things they have. Tarps. Camping gear. Slightly off-brand wine. Couches. You can buy a pack with three poundcakes. Three. Poundcakes." Then he looks at his plate, saying "Okay, yeah, that looks really good. Good call," he says to Jill.

Jill laughs a little at the mention of tang sucking, "Well, I actually have been craving Apple Juice. Orange Juice. So maybe so but there's something about Tang. I dunno. Sometimes it's 'cuz I add like a whole lot and put a bunch of ice cube in it." She snickers, "It's not the greatest but it's cheap and yeah, Costco is great. It's a huge warehouse that sells a lot of stuff on bulk... err IN bulk. Maybe I should get Tang and juice from Costco... but I'd have to reup my membership. It's $50 a year." Their food gets here and her eyes go wide, "Oh wow. This looks so yummy!" She starts to stir her fork into the pasta, "Thanks, and you're gonna love their Spaghetti & Meatballs."

Tomoko quirks an eyebrow, "Just fifty dollars a year? I spend more than that in two days on food. I almost never eat at home, even if I have a really nice rice cooker that can keep me from messing food up." She'd smell her food and go in to take a couple bites, "This is pretty good... Anyway! As I was saying that's pretty cheap for a membership. I spent like six hundred dollars one year on a gym membership I almost never used."

Hugo nods, doing the coil up and stab technique with his dinner and tries it, eyes off and up, then says "Man, that really is good. Mm. Oh! And the Costco membership has side perks, like travel planning services, and they have the best food court." Why is this a thing? Why are they shilling for Costco? Well, he's had stranger nights. "I tell myself that I'll go to the gym, but really I wind up having to run from things and that gets me my cardio, so I figure why bother."

Jill quietly slurps up her noddles as she listens to the two of them. She gives Hugo a glance when he mentions having to run from things, then to Tomoko, "Erruhh, y-yeah. Gyms. I frequent them a lot so if you guys want some like, motivation or whatever... I'd be happy to help! And you know, I forgot about the Costco food court too! It's great! Best pizza..." She looks around. "Well I mean, I imagine this place has some good pizza too." She snickers. Now she's shilling for this place, or covering up in case someone overheard her. "Anyway, I didn't know Costco has side perks like that. I should look into it! I imagine... I'm going to be travelling a lot. Actually, I went to Vegas not too long ago!"

The eggplant parmesan was good, but Tomoko was pretty sure she'd had better before. It happens when you go enough places and end up ordering everything without meat off the menus eventually, "I just go into whatever store I figure will have what I need usually when I buy something....Hmmm..." She sipped her water while thinking, "I like to travel but I don't usually get to pick where I go... My parents live near Chicago and well, home is back in Japan."

"I love Vegas, except that you pretty much need to stay inside. And losing money. I don't like either of those things. You have a show there?" Hugo continues to eat, then says "Chicago's a good time. I mostly travel for work, internationally or domestically. From here, though, and kind of taking some time off from all that. There are some very demanding clients out there who are very particular about how you fix their problems."

Jill seems intrigued. "Ooo, what part of Japan?" She asks, then telling Hugo, "Well... There was this federation that was opening up in Vegas and my buddy Alison and I were going to be new talent there, so we flew out there. I got to wrestle one show elsewhere and the fed we were trying to join ended up closing up shop for whatever reason before we could even have our first show." Her expression darkens in the middle of the explanation. "Other than that, though, I haven't really gotten to travel much except for around the New England area. But hey!" She perks up. "You guys should come out to my show at the end of the month. It's at the Old Fairgrounds! The Old Harvest Fairgrounds!"

"Yeah Chicago is pretty great, I went to highschool there. Can't say I really made any friends though..." She eats some more of her food, it seems like it's almost gone even with all the talking she's doing, "...I'm from the Kanto Region, out near Tokyo. And uhh..." She wasn't sure how to respond to the invitation, "I'll think about going, no promises though."

Hugo tilts his head slightly, maybe listening to something or just an odd mannerism, and then he says "I'll give it a try, what's it called?" He takes a few more bites, and finishing the meatballs before he seems satisfied with what he has eaten, then sits back a little more heavily than when they started.

Tomoko's words get a little smile from Jill. It's all she expects, but she hopes everyone she knows comes. "LONE. Ladies of New England." She answers Hugo. "It's our fourth show that's been recorded in Fallcoast. We call it Supremacy. So the next show will be Supremacy: LONE 4. We're trying to have at least 1 show at the end of each month, so our next show is going to be on the 29th." Jill, while she ate a lot of it, didn't finish it and will probably ask for a box. "It's usually $10 to get in, or $15 for the front row and like... $30 on Internet Pay Per View, but I think they're going to lower the price on that because some people complained, and we want to try and get more viewers y'know?"

Tomoko was so small... Where did all that food go? Well her plate was empty and the others seemed to have leftovers, and she didn't really have less food than them. And this after apple juice and cookies, "Well I don't really know much about wrestling... Maybe I could learn something with this but for now I think I need to head out. I'll pay for your meals."

"I appreciate it," Hugo says, not averse to a free meal here and there, "It was good to meet you, hope we'll cross paths again soon." Hugo scoots his seat back a little and rises, because it's polite when people are going. "Drive safe." He turns his attention to Jill and thinks about that, saying "It is a little weird that the Pay-Per-View is more than the live tickets? Or is that usual. I'm not really sure. Seems like live would be preferable for that sort of thing."

Jill wasn't expecting that, eyes going wide, "R-Really? You don't have to, but it's much appreciated, yeah..." The little yeah echoing Hugo's words. "It was good to meet you guys too." She did indeed ask for a bag and got one to put her food away. "It's a little weird, to be honest, but I guess our promoter figured people were paying for the convenience of not going or something? I dunno, but they want to knock it down to lower. Maybe even $5, like $5 Wrestling! Y'know, I haven't seen one of their shows, but anyway! Yeah... I hope you guys come out!" She pulls out her phone and starts to call an uber. "I'm going to hitch a ride and head out too. Take care!" She looks to Tomoko. "I can't remember if you gave me a way to contact you..."

Tomoko Stopped when it was mentioned she never gave her contact info. Digging out her wallet she gave each of them a business card with just her name and contact info on it, "They don't have an address because I've moved around a lot uhh... Well, see ya." She'd make sure the bill was paid and even leave a sizable tip. With the hurry she was in, she must have had somewhere to be.